1. Maguita says

    A Fox in Sheep clothing.

    Although I abhor those who flip-flop after an obvious and tremendous loss, for the ones working for the likes of Fox “News”, I always try to think “Baby steps here”. We need to encourage those baby steps, and not act like the other side with snide and condemnation by exodus.

  2. ratbastard says

    Lil’ Canadian, AKA Little Kiwi protesting Faux News ‘rhetoric’? Oh, the irony. Lil’ K also has righteous indignation over sleazy tactics used by the far right, Republicans, you name it, which is understandable coming from someone who uses the lowest and sleaziest tactics himself. Kind of like communist whining about fascists or vice-versa, when both have A LOT more in common with each other than they’d like to publicly admit.

  3. Jedi says

    By offering a fair and balanced view, Shepard Smith’s role is to ensure that any disillusioned Fox viewers (especially after the Karl Rove on-air debacle) will stay tuned to the news network before they start “snapping out of it” and see Fox for what it really is.

  4. Jonathan says

    Shep hasn’t been let go becuase he’s been there a long, long time and he knows a lot of dirt about FOX noise. It would be fun though to watch the drama between FOX and their viewers if Shep officially came out. For that reason alone I hope he does.

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Jonathan: LOL You’ve given me hope. I thought I had to recant my model about Faux News being a hermetically closed alternate universe. You’ve just told me that Smith is a mole and not a member of it. Thanks!

  6. Todd says

    Can you imagine Faux pulling their collective heads outta their asses and putting the “Good Sheppard” in a equality hour with Megan Kelley? I’d get just as excited as seeing Maddow:)

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