Gareth Thomas Talks Mickey Rourke, Marriage, and Role Models


A few choice quotes (and a stunning photo by Suki Dhanda) from Gareth Thomas from an interview in The Observer:

Mickey Rourke can almost finish my sentences. He understands where I have been because he has been there, too. There's a lot people don't know about him and it's the same with me. That's why he's the right person to play me [filming on a biopic of Thomas's life starts in April].

Other sportsmen have confided in me that they're gay. The advice I give is that coming out is great for you as a person, but that you also have to remember you're a role model. As a sportsman you take the money and the glory, but you also take the responsibility that comes with it and make sure the stories that follow are positive.

Neither my ex-wife nor I regret getting married. There was so much good in the seven years we spent together. The regret for me is the hurt I caused not just her but my parents, too.

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  1. AG says

    I was disappointed when I learned that Mickey Rourke will be portraying Gareth Thomas.

    Thomas’ comment has me rethinking my opinion.

    Thanks, Andy, for this post… and please update us readers as the filming and release plans proceed.

  2. Seattle Mike says

    I don’t care if Mickey Rourke has Gareth’s brain transplanted into his body, THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE and Rourke is old enough to be Gareth’s father!!! (Thomas = 38, Rourke = 60)

    Cast Jason Statham and move on.

  3. Icebloo says

    Mickey Rourke is a right wing REPUBLICAN. He supports a political part that is the enemy of gay people. Amazing how he will put aside his bigoted, hateful views when he can make money off the gays.

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