1. mtmslg says

    Nice spot but being a North Shore constituent I would have appreciated more ads outlining Tiesi’s platform. All he has done is lambasted his opponents’s wife’s family. Other than being a gay Republican I know NOTHING about Tiesi. The incumbent Tierney has been an advocate for gay rights and he is a Democrat. Being a gay Republican is like being a black member of the KKK. Pretty beach scene aside, I will vote for Tierney because I know where he stands politically.

  2. Jason says

    Tisei is a good guy (I used to live in his district years ago) despite being a Republican but I don’t see what place he’ll have in the US House of Representatives, where there’s not room for much beyond straight party-line votes. If he strays from the Republicans he’ll get shut out… he’d really be much better staying in quirky Massachusetts politics where he’d have a shot at being Governor or something someday.

  3. actual_MA_voter says

    Lifetime MA resident and Dem here, live in the district. I’ve voted for his opponent, John Tierney, every 2 yrs, but I can no longer do that after all the lies.

    I’m voting Obama-Warren-Tisei this time around. He fought for marriage equality in MA, is pro-choice, and has refused to sign Nordquists no tax pledge. Seems reasonable, and a million times better than his opponent.

  4. andrew says

    @Actual Ma Voter: If Tisei is everything you say he is, he sounds like the right choice. However, I can’t imagine that he will have much influence in the Republican House caucus.

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