1. Dev says

    The Maine sketch was homophobic. No surprise that Belonsky, who is filled with internalized homophobia, loved it.

  2. Paul R says

    Her Homeland and Katie Holmes impressions were amazingly spot on. But then at the end she thanked Claire Danes and someone else, neither of whom I noticed being on the show. But I’m awful at recognizing actors or really, anyone in costume.

  3. kiki says

    Rihanna’s first performance seemed off to me. Stilted, low energy, like the was bored and would rather be somewhere else. And what was with the weird screen saver-y background? Could’ve been a neat idea but the execution was off.

    Her second song was better but I’m not sure how it’ll hold up.

  4. Devonasa says

    @Paul R, she thanked Claire Danes and Katie Holmes at the end, because she made fun of them during the show, Claire in the Homeland skit and Katie during the Ellen skit.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    It’s a good thing I’m gay, or Anne would need a restraining order to keep me away.

  6. TonyJazz says

    SNL has a history of homophobic humor.

    Yes, you can make jokes about gay people, as all segments of our society can used in satire.

    However, I would like the writers of SNL to look at each time they do jokes about our community: would you make a similar joke about someone’s race? (If not, don’t do it….)

  7. jason says

    SNL is an example of classic liberal homophobia. It stinks. GLAAD will probably give it a pass because it’s liberals being homophobic, and not conservatives.

  8. Wilberforce says

    This skit didn’t seem homophobic to me. They were just a couple of queens with Maine accepts making eyes at each other. What’s homophobic about that?
    But SNL humor is just too corny and dumbed down for my taste. A couple of queens with Maine accents making eyes at each other. What’s funny about that?

  9. says

    this is only “homophobic” to closet cases who are still afraid the bigots in their lives who crack ‘fag jokes’, that they likely still laugh at, in order to ‘save face’

  10. jason says

    SNL is not a gay-friendly organization. It’s simply a bunch of breeder liberals who use gay men to poke fun at issues.

  11. jason says

    The other thing that should be mentioned is that SNL’s musical guest was Rihanna, she of the known admiration for hugely homophobic singers like Beenie Man from the Caribbean.

  12. jason says

    Also, I have a microscopic penis and that’s why I hate blacks because compared to them it looks even smaller than usual.

  13. jason says

    The “Jason” that referred to my penis size is not the Jason that is controversial on this site. It’s someone with much less intellect by the looks of it.

  14. Dev says

    The running theme in SNL gay jokes is to sexualize all aspects of gay peoples’ lives. Everything they say is a double entendre. Everything they do has some connotation related to fellatio or anal sex. This sketch’s humor is not that different from the Ambiguously Gay Duo or any number of similar sketches. If this were done once in a while, it would be no big deal. But it is all the time. They think this is the way you incorporate gay people into SNL. And Belonsky loves it.

  15. says

    and Conservative gays do the exact opposite – they neuter and desexualize themselves so as to not “worry about offending” ignorant bigots.

    that’s why the SNL-style jokes are made. because it’s ridiculous.

    liberals embrace LGBT people. conservatives don’t. liberals tend to not apologize for being gay. gay conservatives do.

    gay conservatives are the reason straight conservatives don’t embrace and accept LGBT people.

    they keep doing things “their way” and so far it’s not worked. we gay liberals? we do what we do because our straight liberal allies, friends, and family accept us for who and what we are.


  16. UFFDA says

    The scabrous Jason comments are not Jason (or Rick) they are Kiwi who doesn’t have the balls to sign it honestly. He’s skin deep with an underbelly that runs all the way around. Bleh!

  17. UFFDA says

    But then again, what would I know? I’m a cowardly internet troll myself, as ashamed of being gay as my father was to call me his son.

  18. Bob says

    The Maine sketch was another affectionate attempt to show Gays as ordinary folks.
    However, Stephon makes me scream

  19. Mary says

    This person or persons who poses as Rick and/or Jason with these bizarre comments cleary is not the real Jason or the real Rick, but I’m not sure we know who the culprit is. Kiwi is capable of bad behavior, so I can see why people suspect him. But the internet is conducive to this kind of fakery and it really could be anyone. I suppose the moderators of this site could check and see which email address is doing this, but I don’t think we should be assigning blame to anyone without proof. Just sayin……

  20. BETTY says

    When we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves, we’ve lost everything. I hope you guys have the same faux outrage when SNL does parodies of other groups as well, or do you laught at that?. Those complaining have yet to answer the question: did you feel the same when Will & Grace made gay jokes?

  21. jason says

    Will & Grace was just more liberals making gays look like fems. And to add insult to the injury they pathetically made Will date a black man and then a latino, which is stupid because everyone knows that race mixing is just another form of communism.

  22. t says

    snl has always been homophobic, from john belushi as a lisping pirate (pretty humiliating to watch with my parents when i was just coming out as a teen) to the pedophilic scoutmaster alex baldwin sharing a tent with scout adam sandler (all of his movies are homophobic)

    gay blackface at its worst

  23. UFFDA says

    MARY – Kiwi has never denied it,his only honest part. He is unmistakable by, in part, his particularly inventive use of certain words, phrases and themes: balls, low father references, scat and not posting ones own video…many things. He doesn’t sign his own name because he knows he is infected by an inate scum element and he doesn’t want to discredit himself too accurately. Plus he’s having a kind of Marat Sade fun.

    You, of all people, should know this as he has attacked you with notable viciousness in the past.
    You don’t forgive a repeat offender with hundreds of assaults on his record. I see that I am now one of his subjects. Pfft.

  24. Chris says

    I thought it was great that SNL took the time to point out the importance of gay marriage being achieved through popular vote rather than through the courts. My favorite sketch of the night had to be the Mokiki short, and I have had the song suck in my head since last night. I was talking to a coworker at DISH about the show, and he thought that they should have had more political sketches. I am actually glad to be done with politics for a while, so I didn’t mind. I fell asleep last night right after the monologue, but I had it set to record on my Hopper from DISH. I love that I can record the whole season without worrying about storage space on its giant hard drive. This was a really promising move into post-election territory, and I think we may be in for a pretty good season.

  25. UFFDA says

    It’s just so telling that I’m now the target of his rage, as I’ve never pathetically tried to get his attention in my comments. I don’t think some of you regular commenters know what life is like for those of us who insist on commenting anonymously, and while making denigrating comments about those who don’t. Let me spell it out for you – our lives are worthless and anonymously insulting others online is the only think keeping us from offing ourselves.

    So, from now on, kindly let us anonymous folks beg for attention from other commenters in our comments, but do not dare to question our motives. I’ve told you our motives. It could not be more clear.

  26. UFFDA says

    “It could not be more clear” indeed. Unless he signed his real name. But that’s not necessary, it’s pure KIWI at his dissembling best signing on as me. For what on earth purpose?

    Nite nite sugar…it’s me the real

  27. says

    Well, I’m not anonymous and I thought the sketch was okay. Not funny, but not terrible in a somewhat solid episode (opening monologue, Ellen Degeneres/Katie Holmes, The Sloppy Swish all being season best material, with everything else being ho-hum to good). Hader and Armisen have great chemistry together that would have benefited from better writing. But, as a commenter pointed out, SNL spotlighted the fact that voters in the state of Maine passed Marriage Equality. And the sketch in question didn’t portray gay men as gross or somehow alien or subordinate, so I fail to see the homophobia that others do. It’s a comedy show. It’s meant to make people laugh by exaggerating life.

  28. Scott says

    Guys, it wasn’t that it was homophobic…it just wasn’t that funny. And I’m from Maine, those accents were rough. All in all though, it’s SNL, this is what they always do. Calm it down.