Gay Rights Activists Celebrate Pride In New Delhi


For the fifth year in a row, LGBT activists in New Delhi held a gay pride march to counter homophobia in a country where colonial-era homophobia runs deep.

Though the crowd of hundreds was relatively small when compared to other prides around the world, the song remained the same: any society that claims to be modern must embrace its LGBT citizens.

Dozens of demonstrators carried a
nearly 15-meter- (50-foot-) long, rainbow-colored banner and waved
placards demanding that the government extend the scope of
anti-discrimination laws to schools, workplaces and public and private

“Queer and loving it” and “Give us your support” read some of the
placards carried by the activists as they marched to the rhythmic beat
of traditional drums and music. Other supporters distributed badges and
rainbow-colored flags and scarves.

The slow rate of acceptance of LGBT people among Indians could be seen in the masks worn by some participants, but one organizer told IBN that this year’s event drew more people than previous events.


  1. Paul R says

    I didn’t find India to be especially homophobic, and that was in 1998. I didn’t give it much thought because I was with my bosses, but I got hit on quite a bit there.

    The masks might seem sad but also have roots in tradition. Look at the outfits those women are wearing. They wore them in public. Could be a lot worse.

  2. ratbastard says

    I’m repulsed by the snobbishness, rudeness and elitism I’ve found common among most Indians I’ve known and interacted with. Whatever the reasons for it [I of course understand their caste system, and colonial pass] it’s an issue when dealing with many Indians. I’m sorry if I come across as an out and out bigot, I recognize there are many Indians who aren’t like what I described. But take a recent survey to determine who the world’s worse tourist are; top 3 were: Indians, Russians, Chinese. The French, British and Americans along with I think Greeks and Israelis rounded out the list. Well, when a small country like Israel and Greece makes it to this list, you know their bad. The others on the list could all be partially accounted for by their large numbers proportionate to the general tourist and business population.

  3. shane says

    @RATBASTARD I’m glad you apologized once in your post. You do come across as ‘an out and out bigot.’ Continue to apologize more and you may be potentially more pardonable.

  4. Paul R says

    Actually the stereotype of the Ugly American tourist has long since been dismissed. Americans tip more than anyone. They also don’t get nearly as drunk or hire as many prostitutes, among other thing. Their biggest crimes tend to be wearing ugly cargo pants and fanny packs.

    It also matters where you’re visiting and your interpretation and understanding of local customs and rules. But yes, aside from Brazil and Indonesia, it’s hard to count China, India, and Russia given their huge populations. Of course you’re going to see more rudeness from middle- and high-income travelers from among the most populous countries. That’s why Germany and Britain are on the list, and I’m German and British.

  5. Rick says

    @Ratbststard: You know noting about India because all you’ve ever done in your life is to stay inside your mommy’s tw*t and suck your daddy’s little syphilis infected and shrunken w*ener. So, stfu and go f*ck your daddy or mommy or whatever! Better just disappear or die!

  6. Larry says

    The CIA made the AIDS virus after the rise of the gay rights movement in the 1970’s so they could kill off the gay rights movement and gays who were standing up for gay rights and freedoms. So far they are failing, so what will they do next to destroy LGBT people, use psychological warfare to destroy them?

  7. says

    India from what I’ve read actually supports trangendered people with pensions , since they often find discrimination.

    The anti gay in India is a combo of islamic influence and the old buggery laws of England which raped India for centuries.

    its interesting how the catholic western world – eg Europe – was so vicious of other peoples independence, dignity and lives.

    bTW of ccurse the anglican church was catholic but except for not following the madness of Rome.

    AS an interesting example, Anglcian priests are allowed to marry, but they then cant be bishops.

    Right now the idea of women bishops in the church is a continuing struggle – the end of Sexism in the church, and fat chance that sexism wont still reign in Rome.

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Katie Murphy: Anglican priests are allowed to marry and can be bishops anywhere – as long as they are male, with possible problems concerning divorce. It is the Orthodox where you find a tradition of celibate bishops within the context of married priests.

    I am truly saddened that the Church of England recently defeated legislation allowing for women bishops.

  9. says

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  10. Chris says

    @Katie Murphy…Islamism has very little to do with it, especially considering that 80% of the country is Hindu. Only the very wealthy in India ever get to travel outside of the country, most live most of their lives in the villages or cities they were born. Lastly, a history of colonialism, criminalization of homosexuality until 2009, and one of the highest rates of HIV in Asia, not to mention strong cultural morays that place extremely high value on marriage, have led to very slow progress in the LGBTQ community. And as for the TG community I’ve interacted with, face daily discrimination and violence…not so sure about the pension. Btw, I should also mention I am currently living in Jaipur, India–and some of these comments are simply baseless and bigoted.

  11. says

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