1. woodroad34d says

    Actually, I thought Lea looked terrific in that scene, especially doing “Let’s have a KiKi”–she really looked sophisticated and not-Rachel. It was only when Turkey Lurkey came about that she appeared as the old-Rachel. And Chris….well, that song was just for him and he was sassy.

  2. Randy says

    This is the first time I’ve enjoyed that Kiki song, and mashing it with Turkey Lurkey was delightful.

    But I admit Glee has lost a bit this year… it can’t decide whether it’s a show about the original characters, or a show about the original setting. Eventually, it needs to decide.

  3. tommyboy10T says

    queens are such bitches!! we all love KIKI and if you know anything about Broadway showtunes it was appropriate to throw the Turkey Lurkey in … I thought it was fun!!

  4. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Jason, the American nation—well over half of it—is just having some harmless fun. Loosen up and pour yourself a cup of good cheer. Smiling is contagious.

  5. jason says

    You will never ban me, I’ll just use another name :). Ill keep speaking my mind regardless of what you think. And I *always* get a rise out of you rah-rah-all-gay-all-the-time-in-your-face politi-tards – keep it coming, it makes my day :)

    Back on topic…anyone who likes the murder that Glee commits on good songs should seriously have their asses kicked.

  6. mike/ says

    that was fun! i kept thinking about “Rich Man’s Frug” from ‘Sweet Charity’ and the nightclub scene from “Nights of Cabiria” (Le Notti de Cabiria) that Charity is based on – almost Felliniesque as the original…

  7. MaddM@ says


    I like this show pretty much because while singing has come back to TV, the $$ is being used on retainers for high profile judges and not on production value which is why you get an uneven variety show-esque experience with american idol, x factor, etc… I always think of this show as being a successor of Judy Garland’s show when they do bigger musical numbers or their better staged numbers

  8. JAMES says

    Thanks to whoever at Towleroad that posted this clip. I would not have seen it otherwise. I don’t watch Glee but I still love SJP like none other (even though her role choices after Sex and the City haven’t impressed at all) and I love the Scissor Sisters and Let’s Have A Kiki!

    SJP did a marvelous job!

  9. Doyle Tobin says

    I think this is a great extension of where Carrie Bradshaw would be today.

    Isn’t it crystal clear that Kurt and Racheal are going to end up with a spin off???

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