Haley Barbour: Out-Of-Touch GOP Needs Proctology Exam

Haley-BarbourRepublican leaders from coast-to-coast are scrambling as they try to figure out how the GOP, comprised mostly of older white men, can adapt to the nation’s rapidly changing demographics. The simple answer is to stop alienating growing populations, like black, Latino and LGBT Americans.

But Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, however, is suggesting something a bit more complicated: a proctology exam.

Trying to make light of what could be a devastating scenario for his ideological peers, Barbour, speaking before the Republican Governors Association in Las Vegas, said, “The ground game is really important, and we have to be, I mean we’ve got
to give our political organizational activity a very serious…. Proctology exam.
We need to look everywhere.”

Yes, perhaps a political reality that has been staring you in the face for at least 8 years is where the sun don’t shine, rather than on Main Street America.

Barbour went on, according to CNN, “We can catch up in four years doing this. This isn’t rocket
science, but it is hard work that we can’t wait and start in 2016.”

The first step, as Barbour recently pointed out on MSNBC, is don’t have “sh***y” candidates.