1. mike8787 says

    “I use racial slurs to advocate for someone’s death because of their race, but I’m not racist…because I know that’s bad!”

    These mouth-breathers exhaust my patience.

  2. Caliban says

    Yeah, well I’m not a misogynist but she’s a stupid f*cking b*tch who deserved to lose her job.

    If you have a strong stomach, check out this Tumblr blog, which is the dark and nasty flip-side of the White People Mourning Romney blog. It’s chock full of racism and assassination threats, plans to fire liberal employees, etc. etc.

    I suspect some of those brave internet warriors will be getting a visit from the Secret Service soon. I hope so and I hope they sh*t their pants when it happens.

  3. 99% says

    Well, her future career options are most certainly limited now; she can either become a politician for the GOP or a commentator for Fox News. I certainly wold not buy ice cream from this moron.

  4. Den says

    She says she is fed up with the N***er Obama but claims not to be a racist. I’d love to hear her definition of what would actually qualify someone to be a racist.

  5. Sean in Dallas says

    There are a LOT of these people out there and it’s a great reminder that by definition, half the population’s IQ is below average.

    Abstract thinkers they aren’t!

  6. Lucas H says

    If I had a nickel for every person who said something INCREDIBLY offensive during (and after) this election, and then justified it with “Just stating my opinion!!” or better yet “Just exercising my right to Free Speech!!” I could retire early.

  7. e.c. says

    I’d love to see some figures from Facebook about how much de-friending took place in the last few days. I know I had to drop someone who went on a similar hate-filled rant.

  8. ByTheBay says

    She’s a white-trash loser from Turlock (it’s as charming as it sounds) who looks as though she would have eventually been fired from Stone Cold for pilfering.

    I cannot even comprehend how much it must suck to be her.

  9. says

    White trash just can’t keep their low life uneducated anti democratic opinions to themselves.

    “What did i do wrong ?”
    You just disrespected the President of the USA, who has just been re-elected by the people…’s called Democracy, b**ch…

    Now go beg for your job back selling ice cream…….before the tax payer has to shell out for your sorry, pathetic existence on unemployment benefits.

  10. James says

    The Sacramento Fox News affiliate conducted a new interview with her the next day. She says that what she did was wrong, now. It’s up on their website.

    Still doesn’t erase what she did. I’m only informing.

  11. Sean says

    It’s a shame that she’s not alone in this. here are so damn many ignorant racist blobs of white trash out there it’s amazing.

    And best of all she was willing, likely giddy, to go on tv so she could back it all up with juuust a little bit more crazy.


  12. kitty litter says

    Her aspiration is working in an Ice Cream shop at 22. Looks like she ate alot of the profits. What a find for the Republican party since Fox News found this interesting enough to interview her. For the rest of her life this will follow her. Her family and friends must be proud. I am sure she will be given a reality show soon. Aren’t these Republican great when they lose. Who is going to hire her in the future?

  13. jrp says

    Look at her hair…

    By the way, they raise farm fresh turkeys in Turlock. You can barely breathe the air there. Perhaps it was the turkey pooh smell that has depleted her brain and made her crazy, racist, and murderous. The cluelessness is inbred.

  14. BETTY says

    “She says that what she did was wrong, now.”

    Well of course she is…now! After she lost her job, got a public rebuke and probably got a visit from the Secret Service.

    They are always sorry once the consequences of their stupidity sinks in. What a moron!

  15. tinkerbelle says

    Apology or not, she should still be arrested. This is not covered by free speech, as it was a personal threat to the commander in chief.

    Unfortunately, the Republican sour-grapes rants are everywhere. Funny, I don’t ever remember this sort of thing coming from Democrats when the Republicans won. Too much class, I suppose.

  16. says

    Before she spews racist hatred, she should look in the mirror to see if she is a perfect white female human being with no shortcomings. She would see that she looks like a male who has several personal issues and bad hygiene and who needs to transfer his self-hatred onto someone else.

  17. tinkerbelle says

    TREES — these people do not have the ability to look at themselves without seeing only what they want to see. They are uninformed therefore ignorant. This is why Romney-poo lost, he and his advisors were all in their BarbieTM Dream world and truly didn’t see it coming. And as this young… whatever proves, they. Never. Learn.

  18. EchtKultig says

    That’s good to know Zeke…because I already hate the stores and their overpriced, gooey ice cream. And the stupid singing. Now another reason not to like them.

    Such reactions were, of course, not isolated. Some people may not have seen this.

    The irony is they come from the people who would most benefit from Obama’s policies.

  19. Sooz says

    Turlock, CA where this melanin dysfunctional woman lives is a ground zero enclave of white supremacists. She’s “one with her community” as well as blatantly intellectually constipated.

  20. albertam says

    how the hell did the secret service not arrest this crazy woman. what they keeping taps on the haters out there that give threatening opinions on a list. what planet is she from, did she escape area 51 an is now on the loose with her backward opinions to spread around. what an idiot she glad she got fired, what a racist dog she is. ooh im so mad at these kinds of people, just you wait until next year, I predict all the crazies will come out of the wood works with spewing violent behaviors with boneheaded opinions. Id give a blonde joke but too upset to give one.

  21. albertam says

    what cocky attitude she got, watch some news videos of her so much anyone can say about this thing..such a jerk or B*&ch she is. man what kind of a lowlife. She is so uneducated and not the kind of a person you’d hang out with. she gets frustrated and like then makes a threaten free speech on the net like she still doesn’t know what she did wrong…I mean she said it with smile too. total psychopath in the making or the type to join a lone wolf pack of weirdos. I really really hope Facebook blocks her for life.

  22. RobertMckay says

    She doesn’t care if a man is murdered? A father, a brother? Wow. Nice that she doesn’t care if children are made fatherless because of violence. Let’s all hope that she doesn’t come upon someone being attacked – she’ll just say she doesn’t really care and walk away. Wonder if she would feel the same way if it was a white stranger…

  23. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    She calls the man I voted for a n*gger and no doubt calls any man who disagrees with her a f*g. Can I call her an ignorant c*nt? After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Anyone who whines about the lack of civility in public discourse needs to understand that civility in public discourse is a two-way street. Sample exchange with no double standards:

    “Don’t call me a lousy f*g, you ignorant c*nt.”

  24. cando64 says

    Why should she apologize? Like any typical Republican, just deny that you said, that you didn’t really mean what you said, that it was taken out of context….. You fill in the excuse for their lack of humanity.

  25. Chicklets says

    She’s definately not the brightest crayon in the box. She’s straight up racist trash and i am glad she lost her career in ice cream because of it!

  26. Mary says

    Sad that there are still people who express political frustration this way. My guess is that this woman is not really dangerous and probably not racist in the sense of being some kind of Klan memnber, but is just a right-winger who let emotions (and residual prejudice) get the better of her when her side lost an election. If America were still the kind of nation that bred a lot of folks like this Obama never would have been elected in the first place. People like this are more pitiable than dangerous.

  27. Ritchie says

    The sad thing is that I’m seeing MANY of these type of comments after this election. Not just about the president, but about gay marriage, and other people elected in. Call me naive, but I thought we were a little further along than this…

  28. Dan says

    What’s so ironic about this horrible person’s tirade is that since she is now unemployed she may end up receiving entitlement checks that the GOP hates so very much. She’ll now be one of the “47 percent”.

  29. Bill says

    I hate to point this out, but her firing could be grounds for a lawsuit that she might win – California has very strong laws protecting the rights to free speech that limit the ability of an employer to fire someone for writing something that the employer finds offensive. This can work in our favor – if, for example, you worked for a company run by a fundamentalist Christian, firing you for writing letters to the editor supporting gay rights is not legal under state law. The intention, of course, is to allow citizens to be able to express legitimate political views without fear of being fired, as long as they are not using company resources. Those rules conceivably could protect this woman. I hope her employer checked with a lawyer first to make sure that firing her was OK – I’d hate to see her take home a bundle of cash after a lawsuit.

  30. JCF says

    “I’m not actually murdering you, I’m ***just stating my opinion*** that I will point this gun at you and pull the trigger”

    Good Lord, is “just stating my opinion” supposed to be a Get Out of Jail card for EVERYTHING?!

  31. JCF says

    “I’m not actually murdering you, I’m ***just stating my opinion*** that I will point this gun at you and pull the trigger”

    Good Lord, is “just stating my opinion” supposed to be a Get Out of Jail card for EVERYTHING?!

  32. Bill says

    No doubt the recipient of a charter school, “voucher,” Christian/Republican education. (Did she get her Masters at Fox News Tech?)
    No shame, no responsibility for her actions – nothing but repulsive self-entitlement. Newsflash little ugly bigot person from Turlock – NOBODY ACTUALLY CARES WHAT COMES FROM YOUR TINY, DIMINISHED MIND!

  33. ratbastard says

    Oh please. There are 320 MILLION people in this country, OF COURSE there are some crazies OF ALL SIZES, SHAPES, GENDERS, RACES, ETHNICITIES, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, etc. I can only imagine the number of threats all presidents, and many public figure and celebrities receive.

    TR is guilty of the SIN OF OMISSION. You blog stuff that may be absolutely accurate and true, but omit many other news stories that counter and balance. This is a classic propaganda technique. The ‘radical’ right and the left [and the paid shills who operate on the left and right] both do it.

  34. ratbastard says


    WTF is up with leftist and their obsessive disdain for white people of a lower socioeconomic status? I thought ‘Progressives’ were all about ‘Empowerment’ of those oppressed and of lower socioeconomic status? Everybody EXCEPT white? I’m phuking serious. ‘White Trash’ [do you call ignorant blacks the N-word, too? Do you call ignorant latinos the S-word?] have no more power or influence than any other ‘Race’ or similar socioeconomic status, less actually [except for females] because they don’t qualify for any special affirmative action or quotas, which are based on skin pigmentation and ethnicity, not socioeconomic status.

  35. Shawn says

    Next thing you know, she’ll blame her lack of employment on Obama too, overlooking how nuclear radioactive she’s now made herself publicly, making her a liability to any employer that would hire her in that location. Maybe she can get a job working for Fox News or some other conservative….thing.

    She does, however, prove how the American education system needs some retooling because the fact she didn’t know making a public threat against the well being of the U.S. president (regardless of who it is) is a major NO NO,is maybe the saddest part. And yeah, she’s not races, she calls all her black friends the N-word, because she’s all down like that.

  36. James says

    She wouldn’t care one bit if he was assassinated? Does this idiotic crazy woman not realize President Obama has two daughters… and a wife… and a family?! Regardless of how you lean politically you should care about a president with two young daughters being left fatherless because of an assassination you want to happen. I hope this lady is given absolute hell by her family and her community for her awful choice of words.

    I also love how she says she’s not racist but called President Obama the N word.

    We hear the same thing from homophobes. They make homophobic remarks and claim they’re not homophobic.

  37. jhr459 says

    ‘I don’t hate fags, some of my best friends are fags and just because I use the word fags doesn’t make me a fag hater-in fact, I love fags. Fags, fags, fags. Just love em.’
    Would anyone believe this BS? Does anyone believe that crazy beyotch?

  38. Homer says

    “I’m not racist – just stating my opinion.” –

    Getting fired from her job is probably the right thing for her to realize that words like her actions have consequences. Aside from being a racist though I think she’s also a coward to try to cloak herself with the freedom of speech to hide the negativity of her racism. We’re all a little bit racist as the Avenue Q song goes but she crossed that line and tried to dissemble as well.

  39. says

    Yeah, ignorance and racism is excusable on socio economic grounds…..nice one.

    well, she does have friends of “other nationalities”……ha ha ha , right, she must mix a lot of “foreign nationals”……ha ha ha……now where has she met these “froeign nationals” ?

    Ant who the phuck call them “foreign nationals” ?
    we are obsessed with white lowersocio economic people only when they are bigoted white trash

  40. ratbastard says


    Where did I justify her hate? Where? I DIDN’T…you’re just are twisting what I said to conform with your narrative.

    Do you call ignorant blacks the N-word, Jack? I doubt it, at least not publicly.

    For every ignorant ‘white trash’ like this women, I can show an equal number of ignorant and hateful blacks, ‘Hispanics’, etc., THIS is my main point. Yet, white [whites because lets face it. whites are still the majority in this society, and basically run everything, this includes the ‘progressive’ movement] ‘progressives’ have no problem using mean-spirited and hateful language WHEN IT CONCERNS WHITES OF A LOW SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS, but would not do likewise concerning similar blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc., This is primarily because the ‘progressive’ movement is controlled and propagated mostly by priviledged whites with an upper socioeconomic status, and they OBSESS over ‘racial inequality’. The irony is it’s people like them, not low socioeconomic status whites, who are primarily responsible for any inequality in this society, yet they demonize whites of low socioeconomic status to deflect attention away from the fact they [the privileged whites who run the progressive movement] are The Man, the oppressor.

  41. ratbastard says

    I hate blacks because they killed my dad. And then I went to a psychic and she said that he was glad to not be around to be embarrassed by me anymore, and the psychic was also black so now I have two reasons to hate blacks.

  42. david brown says

    It is not a feloney to hope obamma gets shot or dies morons. It is only illegal to threaten or attempt to carry it out. Read the law assholes. And by the way, I also hope he dies.

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