It’s Official: Washington Voters Approve R-74, Marriage Equality

This morning I reported that it was likely that Washington's Referendum 74 would pass, and moments ago Washington United for Marriage declared victory, calling it a "clear win".

WAAfter crunching numbers throughout the night, Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the broad coalition which built an historic statewide campaign, from a record-setting donor base to an unprecedented GOTV effort, all to defend the freedom to marry, today announced that Referendum 74 will be approved by voters.
“This is a clear win,” said WUM campaign manager Zach Silk. “We have run the numbers every which way, and we can now confidently say that we have won. This is an historic day for Washington, an historic day for our country and, most of all, for families across the state who have dreamed of this day and the wedding celebrations to come.”
With 60 percent of the vote counted, R74 already has the support of 65% of King County and is performing well in key Eastern Washington counties.  Simply put, it’s now impossible for opponents to overcome the 52-48% spread for R74.
WUM built on a broad legislative effort that led to passage of the bipartisan marriage law in February.  Nonetheless, essentially starting from scratch in June, the campaign built a $12.3 war chest with over 27,000 donors, 80% of whom hailed from the Evergreen State.  The most common donation? Twenty-five-dollars, given over and over again.
Ten-thousand, three-hour volunteer shifts for a total of 30,000 hours in direct voter outreach.  Just in the last week, 100,000 doors were knocked and nearly 200,000 phone calls were logged on Monday and Tuesday.
“We made history in so many ways,” said Silk.  “Our volunteers were engaged, fired up and delivered.  There has never been a ballot campaign in Washington that had this kind of breath and depth, from field to fundraising. We have much to celebrate and much to be proud of.  With so much at stake, we challenged ourselves to do big things, and it made all the difference.”


  1. Mark Hogendobler says

    Please fix the error in the title. It is NOT official. It is projected. All sorts of media outlets are picking this up as “official.” You need to issue a correction.

  2. melvin says

    “Unacceptable”? Give me a break. As our Secretary of State said when it took a while to declare the governor results a few years ago, what matters is that we count the votes and get it right. It will still be news tomorrow or the next day.

    FYI, almost none of the results in any state are “official” until certifired by the state officiials responsible for overseeing the election.

  3. bbdrvr says

    It’s not official – you’re misleading people with this headline. Only 50-60% of the votes have even been counted. In case you’re unaware, Washington State has an all mail-in ballot system, and ballots only have to be postmarked by election day. (Which is incredibly annoying, since we tend to have a lot of very close races.)

    Assuming the trends stay the same in the later votes, R-74 will pass, but it’s not a sure thing yet, and the other side has not yet conceded. Please correct your mistake to avoid causing further confusion. It’s embarrassing.

  4. pParkerT says

    King County has issued a press release that states that the referendum has passed and their homepage has a link to instructions on obtaining a license which they say they’ll start issuing 12-6-12.

    I was waiting for the AP or what have you; I guess that this is it!

    And that makes me engaged! YAY!

  5. Joseph Singer says

    @EchtKultig: All voting is done by mail. You had til 8 pm PT to put your ballot in the mail. I voted three weeks ago, but many people for whatever reason don’t put their ballot in the mail til “voting” day. In point of actual fact, if other states did vote by mail it would cut down on a lot of problems especially with electronic vote machine tampering.

  6. Benny says

    LOL look at all the NOM trolls on here losing their sh*t over how WE WON EVERY STATE BALLOT, we won every gay seat in senate and house, we won ALLLLLLL issues and we sweeped you mother f-ckers. The gay movement is sooooooooooo strong, sooo power, sooo galvanized that you have NO CLUE what you’re up against. BRING IT ON! We will take names in every state. It’s our fight and our movement.


  7. Steve-ATL says

    @ Gee

    We’re not only going to win in every state, we’re not only going to take marriage equality nation wide, but our next goal as an LGBT is to piss your crowd off as much as we can….and that’s by making gay and gay couples and gay relationships go mainstream. Our next goal as a community is by making ourselves visible. Partially because we deserve to have our relationships as visible as heterosexuals and partially so it can cause bigots like you enough stress to cause a heart attack and stroke. We know our advancement is killing you all one illness at a time due to stress, and I for one smile knowing YOU all are going extinct.

  8. says

    HAHAHAH Homophobes you are OFFICIALLY in the minority. Get ready to be treated like such. Maybe now you’ll know what we felt all these years.

    Tides have OFFICIALLY turned.

  9. says

    It isn’t official yet. There are still 800,000 votes to be accounted for. We will most likely win based on the where the unaccounted votes come from, but I want to see the facts before I claim victory.

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