1. Wilberforce says

    No word about actual strategies to stop the spread. No mention of the US gay community. Just a few vague abstractions and emotional piano, 30 years after the fact.
    Please Mary. This must be what’s call gay leadership.

  2. Icebloo says

    RIDICULOUS ! Colin Farrell is famous for saying he never uses condoms when having sex – even when he has one night stands with strangers ! What a TERRIBLE idea to allow such an arrogant and irresponsible moron to record a video for a HIV/AIDS organization !!!!!

    WHEN will people do more research !?!? This makes us all look STUPID.

  3. Wilberforce says

    Kiwi, I’ve made stronger and more direct messages for thirty years, in the Universities, in gay journals, and all over the net. They’ve been ignored.
    But I see. You’ll use the fact that I work in business and have to have to stay anonymous to change the subject. Nice.
    I thought I’d seen all the avoidance tactics. But that’s a new one for me.

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