Josh Cutler Responds To GOP Mailer Smearing His LGBT Allies


Josh Cutler, a Democratic candidate for the Massachusetts state house, has responded to the Republican Party's mailer trying to smear him for the fact that MassEquality endorsed his campaign.

That mailer implied Cutler supported tax-funded transitions for transgender inmates, as MassEquality has; it was to that detail that Cutler, obviously feeling threatened by being associated with transgender inmates, responded in an email to supporters.

From that email:

Yesterday, my young son came home to find this mailing from my opponent falsely claiming that I am supporting taxpayer funded sex-change operations for prisoners!
I want to tell you unequivocally — that's false. In fact, it is a blatant lie.
The truth is, I am already working with folks in the legislature to fight this outrageous ruling and make sure that taxpayers never pay one cent.
What's just as outrageous is that my Tea Party Republican opponents would go to this extreme spreading lies about me just days before the election, expecting that I'd have no time to set the record straight.


  1. John says

    Hopefully there is some good third party candidate to vote for. It’s a shame to see pro-LGB candidates so proudly flaunt their anti-trans viewpoints.

    Besides that, he is also apparently actively undermine 8th Amendment protections. As the Supreme Court has held, states must provide medically necessary treatment to inmates. Refusing to do so is cruel and unusual punishment. Lower courts have ruled on this issue as it relates to sexual reassignment surgeries. If the treating physicians indicate that the sexual reassignment surgery is medically necessary, states must provide the treatment.

    This guy is not only against the transgender community, but also our constitutional protections.

  2. andrew says

    I agree with Josh Cutler: taxpayer’s money should not be used to pay for sex change surgery for prison inmates. These convicted criminals are already costing taxpayers way too much.

  3. TheDrDonna says

    Andrew, I’m curious: would you agree then that prisoners shouldn’t get treatment for cancer? What about antibiotics for an infected cut? The eighth amendment has been shown to cover medical treatment for prisoners.

  4. andrew says

    @Thedrdonna: Cancer and infections are life threatening and medical treatment is essential. Sex change surgery is an elective proceedure and not medically necessary. Let them get the surgery on their own dime when they get out of prison.

  5. TheDrDonna says

    By labeling it as elective you are either proving yourself to be ignorant of most medical organizations and literature’s stance on the subject, or an anti-trans bigot. I’m curious, do you think antipsychotics should be prescribed?

  6. says

    it was deemed medically necessary as it contributes immensely, vitally, the psychological and physical wellbeing of those who seek to transition.

    in canada.

    i think some gay people on here need to get out and meet other members of our beautiful and diverse communities. get to know lesbians. get to know other gay people. get to know bisexuals. and for the love of God get off your @ss and get to actually know those who’ve transitioned, or are transitioning, gender.

    prepare to meet some of the most resilient human beings you will ever be fortunate enough to meet.

  7. DRJUSTINO says

    There is more going on here, that only those in Massachusetts understand. This attack about transgender / sex changes was mentioned in the flyer because a judge recently ruled that a convicted murderer, pictured on the left in the flyer, should be allowed to have the state pay for anything and everything related to a sex change, which is controversial here in Massachusetts. Even die-hard liberals are not for this position.

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