Lance Armstrong Flips the Bird at the International Cycling Union: PHOTO


Lance Armstrong clearly has no shame about the doping scandal that stripped him of his Tour de France titles, posting this photo to his Twitter account in what Yahoo Sports calls "a finely-honed troll move."

Tweets Armstrong: "Back in Austin and just layin' around … "

Writes Yahoo!:

Now, obviously the UCI wasn't going to come into Armstrong's house and yank the jerseys off his walls. (The International Olympic Committee could be a different story. They have ordered disgraced medalists to surrender their medals in the past.) But even though Armstrong has removed the Tour de France victories from his Twitter profile, he's clearly not relinquishing the titles in the public eye.


  1. RJP3 says

    He is a pathetic sad man — and anyone who did not see that and wore those silly yellow bracelets got scammed by a scam artist.

    He low however will always be when the man who made a career out of surviving cancer could not support and ended a relationship with his girlfriend when she was diagnosed with cancer – and walked away. Poor Cheryl Crow.

  2. endo says

    The money people spent on those “silly yellow bracelets” still went to cancer research. How is that a scam?

  3. jamal49 says

    Why should he have any shame? The USADA has never proven he took steroids. They have no laboratory or other evidence. They only have innuendo and hearsay. Until the USADA comes up with concrete evidence, Armstrong is innocent until proven guilty. If the USADA has the proof, they should file criminal fraud charges against Armstrong. They don’t because they don’t have the proof. The USADA are who should be investigated in all this.

  4. WebHybrid says

    He might, though, consider being ashamed of that yellow and dried-blood-color decor. Really awful.

  5. J Y says

    Yawn. He helped more people with this “scam” and those bracelets than ANY complainer EVER will. Unless someone else has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to help those people, they really should shut up because they feel misled by Lance. Were they only helping him because he was a cycling winner? If that’s the case, then they are trash.

  6. unruly says

    NONE of that money for those “silly yellow bracelets” went to cancer research! Live Strong is an awareness charity. They spend/donate no money to actual research. They are upfront about that, but like you, many assume that money is going to research.

  7. Critifur says

    I completely agree with Jamal49. No one has proven Lance’s guilt. He just decided to stop fighting. He still claims his innocence. Now I was never a fan of his generally speaking, and I do not like what I think I know about how he treated Ms. Crow, nor did I support his Livestrong organization, I am not a fan of corporate charities. I am only interested because that I dressed up as Lance for Halloween on year in New Orleans, complete with a jar containing a testicle…

    Again, innocent until proven guilty. The cornerstone of our judicial system.

  8. endo says

    Unruly, you are absolutely incorrect. Livestrong distributes its money to a variety of cancer causes including awareness, education, grants, advocacy, and helping individual families deal with cancer.

    And yes, they have given money directly to research. The foundation gave out a total of $20 million in research grants between 1998 and 2005.


  9. Disgusted American says

    I actually feel bad for Lance Amrstrong – people turned on him like Wild rabies dogs…..Unless there is actual EVIDENCE ie: Blood test …anyoone caould say anything (until there is a actual machine that can 100% predict honesty)

  10. terry says

    Just show me the results of one drug test he failed. Please. I coached cycling and don’t care about the politics but I do know you don’t win 7 tours without incredible strength, will and committment. Must we always attack our heros?

  11. anon says

    He was always a jerk, but the doping scandal and the way it was handled, with other riders ratting him out to save their own skins does seem a bit like a scalping.

  12. BEAHBEAH says

    Should he be punished by the cycling community? Yeah. But he is NOT a villain. They can’t even reward his titles to anyone else because performance enhancing drugs were so rampant. If you look at it that way, he won on an even playing field. People need to stop being so overdramatic. Punish him and move on.

    The man has done a ton of good in regards to cancer. And that to me far overshadows any doping scandal. As for his breakup with Sheryl Crow, people need to stop making assumptions about their breakup. We don’t know what ended their relationship or why they split.

  13. ratbastard says

    By most accounts I’ve seen, from a wide variety of people, Armstrong is not a particularly nice man. Livestrong does some good, and I respect that. People should of course also be aware ‘charities’ can and are often used for tax purposes.

    As for the scandal, I believe ALL the top players in competitive bicycling do nefarious things, as do many professional, semi-pro and even college and some HS athletes. Armstrong competed against others who were in all likelihood not clean themselves, and he won. He won seven times…which is an accomplishment. He is without question a fine athlete. But nice guy? Probably not. Many men and women in similar positions as him are not nice people in private.

  14. scott x says

    All his boosters on here fail to remember that he bullied and villified his prior accusers–easy to do with a huge corporate sponsor and legal machine behind you. He also made huge amounts of personal money by lying about his use, including collecting from sponsor insurers who didn’t want to pay out when accusations about his use arose. He committed perjury about his use and likely violated financial contracts by his use. He’s a cheat who has always represented himself as morally superior and incorruptible, which is the most distasteful.

    Read the articles that explain how he avoided testing positive given the drug tests of the day, colluded with teammates and trainers to avoid surprise tests, and switched to emerging enhancers for which tests weren’t yet widely available. He frequently fell back on the same statements of “haven’t tested positive” rather than “absolutely don’t use enhancers.”

  15. says

    The hardest work he did in his life was finding ways to pass drug tests. Now that testing is more advanced, he refuses to have his old samples tested.
    And he gave up on defending himself. If you were wrongly accused of doing something, wouldn’t you spend all of your effort defending yourself?
    Why did the charity stop funding research? There still isn’t a cure yet. Or is there just more business and promotion of the cult of Armstrong in “awareness?”

  16. endo says

    “he refuses to have his old samples tested.”

    Uh, hilariously retarded. You do know they didn’t give him back his pee? He has no say in what the USADA does with his blood and urine samples.

    If you believe the case against Armstrong, fine. But don’t just make crap up!

    And Livestrong stopped funding research in favor of providing support to people with cancer because they found it was an area not being served.

  17. epic says

    is it really that unclear what lance did?!?, he used methods of cheating that could not be detected at the time(baring the samples of his blood used to develop the actual EPO test used today, yes they used samples of lance’s blood to research how to detect EPO)…nearly everyone on his team has come forward saying how they did it, and how they didn’t get caught…ABC(aus) and CNN aired nearly everything used to come to the conclusion, and he was dirty, his team was dirty, and the truth is the sport is mostly a sham.

    I think the biggest part of what made lance famous was THE DRUGS WERE PROBABLY THE CAUSE OF HIS CANCER…all of the things he took(EPO, HGH, Testosterone, corticosteroids) are all significant risk factors in androgenic cancers AND HE TOOK THEM ALL FOR YEARS before he was diagnosed.

    the USADA doesn’t need to have a positive sample at this point(the french have vials of lance’s blood laced with EPO if you are still in doubt) there is enough evidence outside of samples that it is enough to know with certainty that he cheated, encouraged/coerced others to cheat, and profited immensely from not only his wins but the endorsements, and from the livestrong foundation that funded his celebrity(BY CANCER HE MOST LIKELY CAUSED TAKING PEDs)

  18. says

    I guess I was wrong, Endo, the samples were retested and found to be positive.

    That is so much better. He is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud.

    And Livestrong couldn’t fund both research and “awareness?”

  19. Hubert says

    One thing is certain, he won those jerseys, that’s why he has ’em. Most people who scoff at that will never even try.

  20. Mark says

    It’s amazing how many people choose to spew vitriol without knowledge of facts. Also a reason reading Internet comments is usually an enormous waste of time.

  21. Bill says

    Regarding the testing, Armstrong’s Wikipedia page indicates a 1999 sample was claimed to have tested positive in 2005, but that claim was retracted with a statement that ‘tests on urine samples were conducted improperly and fell so short of scientific standards that it was “completely irresponsible” to suggest they “constitute evidence of anything.” (single quotes delimit the Wikipedia quote, which used double quotes to quote the actual report).

    In 2009, Michael Ashenden claimed the only way a test could turn out positive was if EPO was actually used or if the laboratory “spiked” the samples. This guy has obviously never done any scientific research – if he had, he’d know that there are lots of ways to get erroneous results and its the ones you haven’t thought of that you should really worry about. You don’t have to “spike” samples to accidentally have some cross contamination or for a technician to record data incorrectly. In a 2001 incident (not clear who was tested), they found four urine samples “suspicious” of EPO use but could not produce definitive results.

    There were allegations from teammates – who were probably under a lot of pressure from the USADA and just might have a motive to say something to save their own skins. The French Cycling Federation supposedly claimed that a failure to contest sounded like an admission of guilt.

    A Wall Street Journal article from late August of this year also indicates a very weak case based on physical evidence – mostly the charges rely on testimony from others.
    One positive test was reversed due to a prescription for saddle sores (if you absorb trace amounts of an ointment, a sensitive test might find something). Meanwhile the USADA’s case was apparently largely based on what the Wall Street Journal called “a mechanism called a “non-analytical positive.” I get skeptical when I see terms like “non-analytical” – it sounds like hand waving. Meanwhile, the U.S. government dropped its investigation even after interviewing the same witnesses – which suggests something about their reliability or credibility.

    I’ll make an assessment of a “definite maybe” – nobody really knows for sure.

  22. Glenn says

    Sure he helped a lot of people through LiveStrong but here’s a question: if he hadn’t won the Tour de France (where he cheated), would it have been as big or would it even exist in the first place?

    Chicken or the egg?

  23. Rob says

    I read both of his autobiographical hagiographies. I think he has a gay side. And I do believe that he and Matthew McConnaughey were more than friends. Just sayin’. I think when he has nothing left to lose we may hear more about it.

    Not saying I condone what he has done and the people I met in his foundation are TOTAL jerks, as well.

  24. EchtKultig says

    I’m sorry, anybody heard of Occam’s Razor. WHY would so many multiple parties attest to having doped with him? (Which, by the way, does not constitute “hearsay”) Are they all haterz? Is some shadowy entity paying them off? The preponderance of evidence suggests he broke the rules. It’s as simple as that. The fact it had become obvious to everyone who wasn’t a sycophant of Armstrong and/or is outside the world of cycling is why they had to strip him of his medals; it was a face-saving gesture to try to preserve what little credibility the sport still has. Believe me, they would rather have been able to sweep it under the rug. They have almost as much to lose as he does.

  25. UFFDA says

    EPIC – wow that’s powerful and compelling speculation, along with a lot of other actual information here. So his jerseys signify the apex of drug use and its cancerous results, as well as of lying. Professional biking no longer interests me at all.

  26. Lucien Mancini says

    I am a cyclist and a cancer survivor. To ANYONE who is bitching about the livestrong bracelets I have one thing to say… ” shut the f..k up if you’ve never had cancer.” I bought 500 of those bracelets to give to people and families who were suffering and still suffering from the effects of this horrible disease. You simple minded sub human f..ks don’t even know why. It’s called H–O–P–E !!! The only hope you f..ks know is how to destroy something good and genuine. I pray for all of you You are the true losers. Yeah YOU!! I don’t care what lance did or didn’t do. He gave and continues to give HOPE!! I wish him the best and he will always be my hero in many ways

    All the best Lance

  27. Lucien Mancini says

    By the way. For all those people bitching about the bracelets and the Livestrong foundation I have a question for you. ” do you believe in a higher power??”. If you do then you know what faith and hope are all about. I say.. Shut the up!! I say to all those people who don’t believe in a higher power. Shut the up!!

    I’m buying 500 more bracelets tomorrow to give to people children and families suffering from cancer because I know what they are going
    through and what they need. That is FAITH&HOPE so I say to
    All of those people who have neither of these…

    SHUT THE F..CK UP!!!

  28. Bill says

    Regarding the comment, “I’m sorry, anybody heard of Occam’s Razor. WHY would so many multiple parties attest to having doped with him?” …. check out (dated August 20, 2012). It states, “Texas district court judge Sam Sparks may have sided with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) by agreeing to dismiss the case against it by Lance Armstrong’s attorneys, but in his full decision Sparks was highly critical of the agency and the lack of cooperation between the various bodies tasked with running the sport of cycling.” The judge also stated, “if Armstrong’s allegations are true, and USADA is promising lesser sanctions against other allegedly offending riders in exchange for their testimony against Armstrong, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that USADA is motivated more by politics and a desire for media attention than faithful adherence to its obligations to USOC.”

    The USADA (according to that article) admitted that it kept the identity of witnesses testifying against Armstrong secret, which sounds kind of un-american given our normal legal standards.

    I think one has to ask if the USADA is populated by “drug warrior” types who don’t care if there is any “collateral damage” as they try to stamp out some threat, real or imagined, and whether the “witnesses” were coerced into testifying the way the USADA wanted under a threat of being treated the same way as Armstrong. Face it, when questioned by the Grand Inquisitor, you are expected to grovel, and if you don’t grovel, you’re guilty regardless.

    Now, it wouldn’t surprise me if Armstrong “cheated” as nearly everyone apparently was. If he did, though, it is unlikely to have given him an unfair advantage, and there aren’t records such as the best time for an event in which you compare people who participated in different years. It’s more how well you did compared to your peers. You can’t meaningfully compare times from one year to the next because these races are more like a team sport (each team works as a group because “drafting” saves energy) and speed is impacted significantly by external factors such as headwinds or tailwinds.

    You also have to wonder about them going after a guy years after he stopped racing professionally.

    I think the evidence is not conclusive.

  29. Ryon says

    Good for Mr. Armstrong, this whole stripping of the titles thing is ridiculous! It’s quite petty, in my opinion.

  30. Jerry6 says

    If Armstrong used drugs, and was able to prevent tests from finding them, he has the potential to be a multi, multi millionaire selling his method to all of those bike riders that are complaining about him. Where did Armstrong get his chemistry education to be that smart?