Libyan Militia Posts Alleged Photos of 12 Men It Says It Plans to Mutilate and Execute for Being Gay


A Salafist militia has posted photos on Facebook allegedly of 12 men it says it captured in Libya and says it plans to torture and kill them for being gay, Gay Star News reports:

Libya2The twelve men were, apparently, having a private party in Ain Zara, a suburb of Tripoli, the country's capital, when the militia captured them, late on Thursday night (22 November).

The group boasted by posting the pictures of the men on Facebook, describing them as the ‘third sex’ (a term used in the Arab Gulf area to denote ‘queers’) including one of the men who had a henna ‘tattoo’ on his back.

One of the pictures was accompanied by the Quranic call 'there is no power but the power of Allah!'

At the time of writing, the picture of the men received 121 likes, 118 shares, and mainly violent comments such as ‘flog them hard!', ‘let them see bullets!’, ‘free Libya! [ie from gays]’, ‘ride them like camels’ and so on.

Human Rights Watch Libya also shared the photos, identifying the group as the Al-Nawasi militia.

 A Libyan LGBT activist nicknamed Khaleed told GSN: "Many of us fear that some of the militias [there are over 250 of them in the country], which are extreme Islamists who are very well armed and financed, will focus on the LGBT community and hunt us down. The police is largely absent or powerless so Libyan civil society has a real problem; the militias often take the law onto their own hands. ‘That the Al Nawasi militia claims they are now part of the Ministry of Interior is very worrying; this move should be unacceptable to the public and to civil society groups."


  1. yonkersconquers says

    That’s terrifying. There’s nothing more deadly than a bunch of thugs who believe they’re doing their God’s work.

    What can be done to help these men immediately?

  2. Quest says

    Absolutely nothing can be done for these men…America needs to get out of the Muslim world and leave them to their own devices. It will take another 200-1000 years for these people to come to grips with reality! The best thing is to leave them to their devices. The West had it’s orgy of violence from before the Middle Ages…up through the first half of the 20th century. These people need to bleed themselves dry and then they will come around in a millennia or so. The same goes for Africa…Let them have as much bloodletting as they want…until they are satiated.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Islam = LGBT murder. With this latest report from Libya, what else is one to think about this “great world religion” and its use to murder fellow human beings? It’s another disgusting religious justification to control the populous. So, Christians, WWJD under these circumstances??

  4. Bill says

    Why don’t these LGBT people in Libya form their own militias if there is no law and order in Libya and fight back. There must be some LGBT people who are military trained or police trained who could teach others to fight and with all the wars going on there must be plenty of guns and weapons they can acquire. If there is no protection or law and order and if people are to fend for themselves then they need to make their own security force or militias to combat criminal groups such as those who take the law into their own hands like vigilantes. The price of freedom is you have to fight back if you want to be free, sorry but that is the truth. America has their own vigilantes here we need to watch, it is the anti-gay Christians who want to kill gays in America and we need to arm ourselves and train to be ready to fight back if and when we need to. Recently I was in Los Angeles California and I overheard some thugs talking about how somebody told them transexuals in West Los Angeles carried thousands of dollars on them and that they were going to beat them up to get their money. You know gay people are attacked and killed and we need to make our own security force for our protection. There are many anti-gay christian/Muslim police in the world who will not stop vigilantes from killing or harming LGBT people so we need to seriously think about getting security to protect our selves.

  5. Tod says

    One of the ways you can you tell if an anti-gay Christian troll post something here or any gay post site is, anti-gay Christians pretend to be gay and post anti-religious things to attack religion to make it look as if the gay community in general are anti-religion. Thus giving a bad name to the gay community. The truth is not all gay people are anti-religion. The Christians pretend to be gay and post anti-religious stuff to make LGBT people look bad and this plays into the propaganda that all gays are anti-religious which is what they want the general population to think so they can turn people against LGBT people. Anti-gay Christians are fighting their psychological war against LGBT people by using fake gay Christians to make gays look bad and to turn people against gays. Evil anti-gay Christians want to destroy LGBT people.
    There are many gay Christians and allies of gay Christians and gay friendly churches and a lot of gay religious people who are accepted for being gay and who know that God loves them for who they are.
    Don’t be fooled by people who try to make gays look bad.

  6. andrew says

    This is the face of Islam. IF there are any decent and humane and tolerant muslims in the world they should be shouting from the rooftops in condemnation of the barbarism that is committed in the name of their primitive religion. Oh listen to the silence!!!

  7. says

    “America needs to get out of the Muslim world and leave them to their own devices.”

    It would be nice if it were that easy; however over the past half century (and perversely only increasing post-911) millions of Muslims have immigrated into our world. Increasingly (and no reversal of this process is in sight), the Muslim world is merging into our world. So there isn’t a Muslim world “over there”.

    And if you think that American Muslims are magically somehow different from their brothers in places where they can show their true feelings, I have some swampland to sell you!

  8. Francis says

    Let us be realistic now. The way things like this end is if countries around the world punish these Middle Eastern/African/East Asian countries that seek out and kill gay persons. Heavy sanctions, deletion of funds to these countries. A gay militia isn’t going to get off the ground. It’s a good though but not realistic. There needs to be something that makes these hateful savages think twice about going after the gay community. Because for them, it’s easy to use gays as a scapegoat so that’s what they do, that’s why they’re so actively hateful, that and as a message to Westerners who they see as too pro-gay.

    We need to punish these countries for human rights violations and we need to set up an asylum program designed to save the LGBT persons in these unsafe countries.

  9. says

    “Punishing” them through sanctions doesn’t just hurt the people responsible, it causes real harm to the common people and only gives them more reason to hate. Isolating and starving someone (let alone a nation), to coerce agreement with your point of view is as barbaric and an affront to human rights.

    We can’t win the religious angle, but we can build secular understanding. There are resolutions regarding human rights as well as protection from torture and execution, the problem as always is developing and enforcing them, while providing means for asylum for those who need it.

  10. shak says

    first American money is not and will never be needed in Libya and for those who say get out of middle east I say you get out as American are the ones that are in needs of the middle east and kissing ass. as for as for your Christian religion if you are all clever as you claim you will see that your book tells you gay is not good but its OK i do not expect to see any of you to be of any brain any way. so soooo long cowboys. mooooooo

  11. Francis says

    Thanks for exposing your bigotry for all to see, Shak.

    If a country is going out of it’s way to go after and destroy an entire community, extreme measures must be taken in response. That is the bottom line.

  12. shak says

    i think if you are American , you should look into how many insistent people you executed in your country and of these how many insistent people have gone, as for the as for the distraction of community why not look into how many communities have been destroyed in the name of fighting so called terror but this is not the point, the point is gay is wrong and should not be accepted this is not in Islam only its in Jewish , Christian also.

  13. Francis says

    We’re not talking about American human rights violations. But there are many, without doubt. A whole lot, throughout history. However, in this country, there are not government sanctioned executions of gays.

    Plus, your religious defense of homophobia is irrelevant, Shak, because at the end of the day, common sense tells us it’s wrong to kill someone solely because of their orientation. The LGBT community isn’t involved in any terror activity. We’re just gay. It’s a natural sexual orientation. We do not deserve to be killed for who we are. That’s how it is. What your religion says means nothing.

  14. Mycroft says

    Islam, which once carried Greco-Roman civilization through the western dark ages and contributed much of beauty and reason to the world, has degenerated into religious fundamentalism and barbarity. Allah, the merciful? Where is He here? I can’t believe we’ve wasted money freeing these barbarians from the equally brutal dictator Gaddafi. They deserved him.

  15. Todd says

    I have to wonder what it will take for gays to start to fight back? If there are over 250 militias then arms are readily available. If things are that bad why not group together for the protection of the whole? This is easier said then done, I do understand, but, if it is going to be a hunt what else can be their choice.

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