1. LincolnLounger says

    So everyone who believes that government shouldn’t be paying for inmates’ gender transformation is automatically a bigot, huh? Well capitalize Bigot when you call me that. It’s crap like that that gives credence to “radical homosexual agenda” that the kooks throw at us. Outrageous.

  2. disgusted american says

    well IF the defendant did something illegal to be incarcerated while in the mindset/look of a person in transition..then I say…go for it… basically, you’re saying….too bad you’re Transgendered but we’re gonna lock you up with men…Is basically torture to that person. I dont pretend to Understand Transgenderism..but I know its a REAL condition that for some reason I know someone who transitioned from M2F..and is happier now then they ever were as a man.

  3. BETTY says

    So, Mass Equality endorses this candidate. They also endorsed a law that would have allowed state-funded reassignment surgery for transgender inmates. One has nothing to do with another. Unless he as also come out in favor of the law, I don’t see why they are trying to put these two things together? Itt’s win at all costs for the GOP isn’t it? Sick.

  4. jason says

    I also don’t like this GLBT nonsense. Since when are we all linked? Who says we’re all linked? Besides, it’s flawed. Why is there G for gay and L for lesbian? Who decided that G stands for men only and that L needed to be there? Was it women? I certainly don’t want a sex-specific term like “lesbian” in there that props up the egos of some women. Kick it out.

    If anything, and seeing that it was mainly men who were victimized by anti-sodomy laws historically, it’s men who should assume the primacy of victimhood, not women. I completely and unequivocally oppose the false equivalence suggested by GLBT.

  5. Bob says

    You don’t have to be a bigot to think that spending a million dollars (including legal fees and State expenses) to please some one who is is jail for the brutal murder of his wife, mother of his son — is NUTS!!!
    He or she is a crazed sociopathic manipulator who cannot be trusted, and has unknown real motives.
    Call me old fashioned for thinking that murdering someone might mean you forfeit privileges

  6. Francis says

    This will hopefully backfire in a state like Massachusetts. Hopefully Mr. Culter and Mass Equality call this bigot to the floor and explain their reasoning of supporting reassignment surgery for trans inmates. Do not allow this bigot win the message war.

  7. Jay in SF says

    Bob – its a shame that the above is considered elective surgery rather than primary health care. While you may agree with the death penalty, while an individual is alive and in prison, do you sanction lack of access to other forms of health care?

    And just what “unknown real motive” in your worst possible nightmares can you imagine an sociopathic individual with a penis would want to have it removed? What can it possibly gain that person? Unless it is a way to achieve balance within a life that is out of balance (possibly contributing to the sociopathic behavior…and I want to be clear, I’m not saying transgender individuals are sociopathic but individuals who repress themselves can tend towards sociopathic behavior…look at Catholic priests and conservative “straight” men who have sex with other men). If the state can rehabilitate an individual by providing appropriate care for them…wouldn’t that be worth it? And in case you think I am a soft lib without a clue, my sister was murdered by her husband 30 years ago and while I wish he was still in prison (he only served 3 years for her death), I do not wish the death penalty on him.

    And Jason…you are reprehensible. There…is that enough attention for you sorry butt?

  8. Dana says

    The extreme right often uses pictures of people that create the emotional ‘ick’ factor when LGBT issues come up. Two men kissing, Fetish porn, a ‘homosexual’ child molestor, a transgendered murderer, etc… I hope that one day posters like Jason and Lincoln and Bob will come to understand that excluding the trans community will make us no better than the AFA and FRC and MASSresistance. The same mentality that creates the feelings of disgust for LGB people is the same that creates it for the “t” people. Women and men have their ‘place’ in society, gender is always determined at birth, sexual deviancy is evil, marriage has always been 1 man and 1 woman, etc etc.. Trans people are people just like LGB people are people. why is that so hard for some people?

  9. TheDrDonna says

    You’re right, Jason. When some bible-thumping bigot decides he wants to go out and “stomp a mudhole in some queer”, I’m sure he stops to ask whether they are homosexual or transgendered (or, gasp! Both!). Get with the picture, and get your head out of someone’s ass.

  10. thedrdonna says

    Oh, also, to the world at large:
    I’ve decided that, distasteful as it may be, I’m in favor of this person getting her treatment. My logic is as follows:
    1. The state is required to provide all necessary medical treatment for incarcerated people, regardless of the severity of their crimes.
    2. Most medical and psychiatric organizations agree that medical interventions such as surgery are not elective in the treatment of those who suffer from gender dysphoria, and thus anyone whose doctor prescribes such treatments should receive them as they are medically necessary.

    Can anyone poke a hole in that?

  11. Bob says

    @ JAY IN SF ……….. OH, PLEASE!!!!!!!!
    Read what I wrote – lumping VERY expensive sex change surgery for some one in his sixties who murdered and gives evidence of being a crazed liar with ordinary basic healthcare makes you a potential subject of a tea party ad. Look up the huge fees his lawyer is demanding the State pay.

    This person MAY be more comfortable as a woman in a womens prison, but if he had not murdered, he would have to EARN the cost of the surgery. Thousands of transgender who are law abiding would love free surgery

  12. andrew says

    If I were Josh Cutler, I would thank MassEquality for their endorsement and then also announce that I oppose state funded sex reassignment surgery for inmates (assuming that he does).

  13. jason says

    You cannot change ypur sex no matter how much money you spend. Fake vaginas do not a woman make. Fake penises do not a man make.

    Transgenderism is basically a form of fetish.

  14. kipp says

    How many transgender people don’t have surgery ever? Or have only some precedures like breast reduction? I support the freedom of transgender people to live however they choose and to pursue whatever medical remedies they desire. Had he not killed his wife, he’d be free to work and save money for a transition. That’s a freedom he forfeited when he killed his wife. The guy is a poster child for a reason (though I do not support the anti-gay motivation behind the political ad).

  15. TheDrDonna says

    Kipp, most medical professionals agree that, when prescribed by doctors, surgical therapy for trans folks is medically necessary. The eighth amendment provides medically necessary treatment to prisoners, as has been proven in court. A prisoner forfeits their freedom of motion when they commit a crime, not their freedom to avoid torture or death from a treatable medical condition.

    Also, yes, trans people outside of prison deserve medical coverage of their dysphoria. That’s a separate issue that is also very important, but not particularly related.

  16. dcinsider says

    Jason may be a bit off here, but his larger point is shared by many, many gay men I know. Not everyone thinks LGBTQILMNOP is the correct acronym for the gay community. His view is not bigoted even if he’s not as articulate as he could be.

  17. TheDrDonna says

    DCinsider, Jason has in the past not only advocated against trans folk, but also effeminate gay men, lesbians, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a hyper masculine gay man. The queer community gains strength via the inclusion of many groups, all of whom challenge the “normal” understanding of what it means to be a certain gender, whether that is who you are or who you’re attracted to. I’m trans and lesbian, and I haven’t met anyone IRL who was a member of the queer community but was against the inclusion of “other” groups with their particular brand. We’re all minorities here, fighting against the system, and the most appropriate phrase I can think of is “a house divided…”

  18. ArkArk says

    @DCINSIDER, JASON is fairly articulate and very clear about his views. His analyses are fairly superficial and broad (and vile) but you get a pretty good idea of who this person is if you’ve read a lot of his comments.

    And to say he isn’t bigoted is a bit of an understatement. Most of his comments here reveal a lot of his hatred, indifference, cruelty and an amazing lack of compassion for his fellow man. I honestly thought JASON was a fake and just trying push people’s buttons but he isn’t. He is one sad and pathetic individual. It really is best just to ignore JASON. He doesn’t bring anything useful to most discussions.

    I wish Towleroad would block his awful comments. Amazon blocks hateful comments and no doubt if JASON posted vile hatred like he does here on Amazon, his comments wouldn’t be online for very long.

    Towleroad should simply block JASON from commenting.

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