Mass State Senate Candidate Implies Gay ‘Lifestyle’ Is ‘Sad, Meaningless’


In 2004, when she hosted a public access show called Speak Out!, Sandi Martinez claimed to know people who had been "cured" of gay desires and now realize that their gay "lifestyles" were empty.

"We've seen former homosexuals come out, who've been saved out of the lifestyle, who will tell you it was the love of God, that their lives were sad and empty and meaningless," said Martinez, currently a GOP candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate, during a 2004 Speak Out! episode in which she also slammed Halloween "not something that Christians should be involved in" and called it "a pagan invasion."

Martinez also implied in that episode that LGBT people don't deserve civil rights, saying, "They want to follow the same avenue of civil rights that many groups have done… The homosexual community has quite often used, 'we have our rights to do this, we have our rights to do that, and you're discriminating against us, etc.'"

Asked about the remarks, Martinez's campaign manager, Tom Firth, accused Lowell Sun reporter Grant Welker of "hav[ing] an agenda" and denied those comments were ever made. "There was no such remarks on the video. To suggest otherwise is a clear distortion and biased reporting."

Martinez, who told Welker "I don't consider what you're doing reporting," claimed she would take time to review the tapes and provide a longer comment but never called him back. Firth meanwhile insisted "[Martinez] doesn't have any anger toward homosexuals or cultists."


  1. kipp says

    I’m going to guess there are backward conservative candidates running for State senate in all 50 states who have said inflammatory things. Why is T’road now covering Mass state senate races?

  2. says

    well, she’s right – THEIR lives were empty. THEIR lives were filled with family and community that didnt accept them or love them as gay people.

    but the solution isn’t that they need to adopt a lie and pretend to be straight, but for those people to work on their anti-gay prejudices.

    the gays didn’t need ex-gay therapies. their families needed PFLAG.

  3. Gary says

    She makes some good points — especially with the “right” business.
    NYC will soon be Atlantis and it won’t matter. Don’t you know that storm was punishment?

  4. Drew says

    In a way she’s right, our lives are/would be more empty IF she had her way and we couldn’t adopt, marry, or get equal state/federal rights. Oh wait, those things are NOT available to us everywhere, so yeah, my life is empty versus the straight guy/gal who can have the same things.

  5. johnny says

    Wow, I guess I should just hang up my successful career, my relationship of 18 years, my amazing friendships, my life’s accomplishments, my writing, creative pursuits, teaching, mentoring, go ahead and negate all those whose lives I’ve touched, donations I’ve made, people I’ve helped, etc…

    Apparently, they’re sad and meaningless.

    I think NOT.

    What a superior c*nt this woman is.

  6. Tim says

    I have read this and can understand the confusion, however Ms Martinez is a mother, christian and helps in the community. Sh has stated she supports gays rights in raising children, unlike some of her opponents. The article was in 2004 and 8 years later a lot has changed like laws to protect and advocate gay rights. She has been labeled unfairly by the reporter, talk to her se is totally not that way. Some of these comments are from assholes who dont take the time but bashing a straight person is just as bad, what makes you think we are the bad people here. We all need to work together before this country falls apart, and yes she is freinds with Richard Tisei and he knows she is not like that.

  7. Tanoka says

    Tim, if she’s so gay friendly, don’t you think she should make a statement about how she was wrong for saying those things?

    Next you’re gonna claim she has many gay friends…

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Little Kiwi: “the gays didn’t need ex-gay therapies. their families needed PFLAG.”


    @Tim: I hope you are right. The handling of the inquiry, however, is very highly problematic. If she really supports LGBT people, she shouldn’t have said I’ll get back to you, she should have come right out and said, ‘whatever I may have said in the past, this is what I stand for now’. Moreover, for her campaign manager to have said, “[Martinez] doesn’t have any anger toward homosexuals or cultists.” is at best an ignorant repetition of the usual Religious Right line of hate the sin and not the sinner, let alone an offensive implied linkage of LGBT people and cultists.

  9. millerbeach says

    Backtracking, flip-flopping, whatever you call it, she is phony as a $3. She hates gays, their lifestyles, and says so. Let her hate all she wants. Let her go down in flames on 11/6. I sure hope she does. The only thing sad and meaningless is that ugly mop of hair and wrinkled-up thing called her face. Yeah, she got real sad when she got a good look at herself in the mirror. Petty on my part? You betcha. Ugly women who hate gays need to go away.

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