Mitt Romney, The Saddest Man In The World


How do you think Mitt Romney's feeling right now? Probably not so great. Not only did he lose his last chance to win the White House, his campaign wasted about $25,000 for a fireworks display that never was, and his supporters' fair-weather qualities are more apparent than ever:

By the end of his campaign, Romney seemed to have a sense of peace
about the type of race he had run. But the man who loves data also has
to accept that he was rejected by young voters, by minorities of every
kind, and even by his home town of Belmont and his home state of

By the time he addressed his supporters on Tuesday night — in a
massive convention hall that opened when he was governor, in the same
building where he staged the national call day for his first campaign —
the crowd had thinned.

They chanted “Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!” and attempted
to sing “God Bless America.” But it was lackluster and half-hearted.
Some donors, who were vital to making sure his campaign was flush with
cash, had left the convention hall when the result had become clear.

It is unclear what Romney, 65, will do next, but those close to him
expect it could be non-profit work, becoming more active in the Mormon
Church, or, for the time being, becoming a full-time grandfather.

Meanwhile, some are suggesting that Obama should offer Romney a cabinet seat, but would Romney even want something he can't buy?