More Than 460,000 Urge Macy’s to Dump Donald Trump

A petition urging Macy's to dump Donald Trump has gathered nearly a half million signatures.

TrumpMacy's: Donald Trump does not reflect the "magic of Macy's." We urge you to sever ties with him. Macy's says it has a strong obligation to be "socially responsible" and that "actions speak louder than words." Indeed. It's time to act.

Write the petition's creators:

Macy's has a special deal with Donald Trump. They invest in developing Trump's brand and sell his clothing line and fragrance at their locations. To this end, they have had major events at Macy's Herald Square location and they often feature and promote Trump in advertisements designed to celebrate the magic of Macy's. Recently, Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren sent Donald Trump a letter touting how excited Macy's was to be working with Trump and promising to expand Trump's brand even further than it already is. But, why is Macy's celebrating Trump?

The creators cite Trump's sexist behavior, his hypocrisy about overseas jobs, his denial of climate change, and his birther conspiracy obsession as examples of his socially irresponsible behavior.

Sign the petition here.


  1. dattexas says

    Went shopping at the La Cantera outdoor shopping center in San Antonio, Texas. I saw Macy’s, but decided to go to another place to buy some excessively priced underwear. I only spent $28.00, so I’m sure Macy’s won’t even notice.

  2. says

    amen the man is a racist scumbag.

    the birthers are sack-of-s**t racists, and by pandering to them he’s just as bad, if not worse.

    and lest we not forget , he favours “traditional marriage”

    and by tradition he means you fly your mistress to the same place you’re vacationing with your family, so you can boff her AND your wife in the same day, and then you marry her but divorce her before the 10 year mark, and then marry someone else who kinda looks like your own daughter.


  3. ByTheBay says

    I don’t understand why anyone shops at Macy’s. It’s just piles and piles of crap you can get more easily somewhere else, except for “exclusives” like Trump’s Chinese trash.

    There’s no magic at Macy’s. The magic’s at Bloomies.

  4. gr8guya says

    Awhile back, I saw a “Trump Collection” tie at Marshall’s. It was marked down to $5.99. Very fitting.

    I already signed the petition. It’s actually a scandal that Macy’s is associated with this birther/media whore. His current behavior is finally beginning to infect his brand appeal. I would not buy an apartment in a Trump building or stay in a Trump Hotel. And who would want to smell like Trump?

  5. RikinLA says

    I don’t watch the Apprentice, and I would never buy Donald’s products at Macy’s, but we’re on a very slippery slope here with trying to silence someone that we don’t agree with.

    When we keep trying to close doors on opinions we don’t like, obviously doors will close on us. I’m certainly not saying anything profound, but as a group of minority individuals that has suffered tremendous discrimination, we should be tolerant of opinions we don’t care for, rather than trying to silence them.

    If you don’t care for Donald Trump, don’t buy his products. But I’m sure most self respecting gay men don’t look for the tacky Trump logo when making purchases. Don’t watch his show, instead we should inform members of our community like George Takei and Clay Aiken that we would like them to stand with us rather than chase a dollar and to cling a bit of fame. That’s the real crime here.

    If we don’t continue to add fuel to the fire, his flame will just burn out.

  6. he's become irrelevant says

    When Obama burned Trump at the correspondent’s dinner last spring he never got over it. Since then Trump has been dumping all over himself trying to get even.

  7. Rey says

    ByTheBay: You do realize that the entity that owns Macy’s also owns Bloomie’s? That is why over the past few years they have started to resemble one another more and more.

    And to the naysayers: this isn’t mainly about his products being sold in stores. This is about giving a cad like Trump a featured spot in your holiday commercials. When I saw the one where Trump challenges Santa in the way a birther would, I almost dropped my Macy’s platinum card in the shredder. It’s still not too late…

  8. Luke says

    I love Macy’s. I will continue to shop there. I hate Donald Trump with a passion, like most other people, but come on, just because you don’t agree with his politics doesn’t mean Macy’s should stop selling his stuff. He’s a business man. Let him do his business. At least he isn’t running for president.

  9. Paul R says

    @Joe in CT: Umm, did you know that you can enter a fake email address?

    @Luke: your logic is a bit weak. Sure, he’s allowed to pursue profit. But people are allowed to protest him.

  10. jamal49 says

    @JOE IN CT: I signed and opted out from the extra emails. I checked the “opt out” box. It was pretty easy. Even if you do receive them, they are required by law to offer you the option to stop receiving emails when you receive one.

    As for the free speech argument, there is a case to be made, I suppose. Donald Troll, I mean, Trump has a right to speak his mind about the important issues of the day. We all do. But, if you are a public figure with the decades-long prominence that Donald Troll, I mean, Trump has, then at least speak your mind responsibly, which The Donald has not done.

    The petition is simply to bring to Macy’s attention that such free but wildly irresponsible speech might piss off enough people that they might not wish to shop at Macys.

  11. ratbastard says

    S.U. Lil’ K; you’re a one trick pony, always bring the same sh*t to the table, usually neurotic and insane political correctness. WTF does ‘racism’ have to do with effing story? Just had to squeeze it in because it’s one of the talking points and narrative you’ve been indoctrinated with?

  12. Icebloo says

    Macy’s score 100% on the Human Rights Campaign equality scorecard so I have supported them but I have never bought any of Trump’s products and I honestly didn’t even know they existed or that Macy’s stocked them.

    However I do agree that Macy’s cannot say they are a responsible business if they choose to associate with a known racist. This is not fair to their non-white employees and customers. It’s either Trump or us – they need to make a choice. This is all tied together. More and more people are becoming socially aware so these companies have to ACT and not just TALK about treating everyone fairly.

  13. Slim K says

    Dump Trump and MACY will do a lot better .
    That will prove that MACY is with and encourages only Socially responsible people . World Over there must me a movement and effort to trounce racist douchebags like DONALD Trump.

  14. Slim K says

    If Macy do not act responsibly , then every one will have to dump MACY and trump collectively. Wall mart and others may be better off if then. If not that will give room to grow a Chain that is socially responsible. Arrogance cannot and must not be tolerated. Her is should not be because trump is truly a disrespectful racist and his arrogance is RICH spoilt child like . Some one tell him to grow up. or get lost to china or cayman islands or India . He may like Singapore better

  15. Icebloo says

    The problem goes MUCH deeper than this.

    The CEO of Macy’s is a personal friend of Trumps and both he and Trump have been lobbying Congress to cut funding for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    I stopped shopping at Macy’s months ago when I heard about this. We need the CEO to be dumped as well as idiot Trump.

    These people are EVIL. I will not give my money to them.

  16. Randy says

    Why are you shopping Macy’s?

    When I called to close my account last year, the CS rep asked why. When I told her it’s because they treat her like trash while their CEO pulls in more than $14,000,000 in annual compensation, she was momentarily speechless.

    Costco’s more fun anyway.

  17. Randy says


    What on Earth is there to love about Macy’s? Their stores are shabby and crammed full of junk. The employees behave the way you’d expect underpaid, disposable drudges to act. Even their website is a disaster.

    There’s no “magic” at Macy’s, whether you’re on Union Square, Herald Square or some crummy mall in South Dakota.

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