NOM’s Anti-Defamation Spokesperson Calls Obama a Terrorist


Who's the defamer?

Jeremy Hooper points out a recent statement from NOM anti-defamation spokesperson Damian Goddard:

"You live in the freest country ever known to mankind.  As the anthem states, America is the land of the free but freedom comes with bravery, not running and hiding.   Your job is to stay.  And fight.  For the battle is still ongoing.

You leave, the terrorists win.  And heck, isn’t that what the Terrorist-in-Chief wants, anyway?"


  1. Jonathan says

    This same guy was refused entry into the US the last time he tried to cross the border. Doesn’t look as if he’s coming to the US anytime soon.

  2. says

    EVER know to mankind? really?

    at what specific point was it the freest nation ever? after slavery? after segregation? after Loving VS Virginia? when a few states legalized marriage equality?

    you can still be fired for being gay in most states. you’re not the freest country ever known to mankind. you’re wonderful, in so many ways, but let’s not be willfully ignorant about the facts, eh?

  3. mike8787 says

    These people crack me up. Someone should make a dictionary of all the new definitions they’ve given words. Family, freedom, tradition, values, the list goes on. The irony that they do this while complaining we’re “redefining” marriage…hilarious.

  4. Eric says

    Uh, the United States, is way down on the list of countries with the most freedoms and protections of civil liberties, and sinking all the time. We’re also not the richest, or the most educated, etc.

  5. Jack M says

    This guy would probably turn right around and complain he was being persecuted if anyone criticized him for his words. What a coward.

  6. says

    he was fired from Sportsnet due to his unapologetic stance over his anti-gay tweets.

    Canadians dont’ take kindly to bigots like this pig. This is why NOM has adopted him. Nobody up here will give him the time of day.

  7. says

    You have to love morons that don’t realize fighting terrorism, especially by force, is a lose-lose battle. You go around and kill all the terrorist, and you get labelled a terrorist yourself; you stop before you kill all the “terrorist,” you get morons trying to provoke you into continuing your genocide. Two words: lose-lose!

  8. SoLeftImRight says

    Has this guy ever served in the military? What in the world is he talking about? This is sick stuff. What does this guy know about bravery? I’m guessing his anti-gay stance indicates he’s much more familiar with running and hiding…from what, we may never know.

  9. The Polar Beast says

    If our President was a terrorist, Mr. Hooper would already be disappeared. Until that happens, I think he is being hyperbolic.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    I’m amazed that NOM has an anti-defamation spokesperson. There can’t be that many lies told about NOM – and it’s not defamation to tell the truth. He certainly has too much time on his hands – hence his failing attempt at humor.

  11. Bernie says

    His comments are so twisted, but very scary. Even though I believe in the freedom of speech, sometimes I wish these wingnut types could be arrested for their speech, but I know that is wrong and playing into their crazy schema. Calling our president a terroist just rubs me in the wrongest way possible. It is again the total disrespect some folks show for President Obama that stinks of racism. George W. Bush was a total moron, but no one ever questioned his going to Yale University and disrepected him like some people do to Obama.