NOM’s Brian Brown Will Never Stop Fighting Equality, Sadly


BuzzFeed's Chris Geidner spent some of his Friday doing something many of us could only dream — or nightmare — of: interviewing National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown, arguably one of the nation's most well-connected and enthusiastic anti-gay activists.

The men covered a lot of ground during their conversation — the Supreme Court's potential decisions on marriage equality and Mitt Romney's historically homophobic policies — and though Brown feigns confidence that his hateful side will win its battles in the four states voting on equality-related measures next week, Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota, it appears he's not entirely sure of himself.

An excerpt:

BuzzFeed posed the question to him on Friday, asking what he would say on Wednesday if his cause succeeded in all four states.

“This makes clear that the people of this country know that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, and all of this talk about somehow the country turning is absolutely false, and that protecting marriage is a winning issue,” he answered, quickly adding, “If we lose one, that would still be the same.”

Then, Brown went a step further, suggesting a level of doubt that is uncharacteristic for the unflappable leader of a cause quickly losing favor among elites of both parties.

“It becomes harder if it’s two, three or four, but I don’t think that’s going to happen," he said.

His answer — and the early hedging — suggest that Brown is aware that the ground on which he is fighting is widely seen as shifting beneath his feet.

Brown was also asked about the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay GOP group that supports Mitt Romney and faithfully ignore his support for a Federal Marriage Amendment. Not surprisingly, Brown is not a fan of the organization.

"They’re trying to do what they can to subvert the party," he told Geidner. "Clearly a part of the party is the party platform and the party platform is very strong. They don’t like that, and they’re trying to push Republicans to abandon their principles." With Republicans like Romney, that's a fairly easy task.

Even if he and his hateful cronies do lose their electoral battles next week, Brown promised to Geidner, or maybe threatened, that NOM will never give up their discriminatory fight: "There’s no reason we can’t go back. This is never over. We’re not giving up any ground. Ever."


  1. ChrisQ says

    I’m sure it’ll take 50 years or so for Alabama, MISS, LA and all their pals down there to come around. He can keep fighting there. #Pig

  2. Rafael says

    Hate is an enterprise, it appeals to the worse in people and drive them to fund irrational causes like NOM. I don’t blame NOM, they would be idiots to forgo that cash.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Right, Jake. He draws a salary from his *fight*, and he’s too repellent to be hired by anyone else.

  4. disgusted american says

    well Brown will go down in history along the same lines as george Wallace…..what a legacy to leave his 7 kids ( I think he has)- the chances of 1 of them being gay is HIGH,maybe even 2…..what a pathetic man….tho, you notice – you never hear from Anita bryants kids, or Wallaces…? Wonder why…….sad.

  5. Brian Brown is Nona Hendryx's B!tch. says

    “Are you experienced?” is what the man said.
    Not with your body, not with your head.

    They say do it like this, do it like that,
    If you want the money.

    I do it like this, I do it like that,
    ‘Cause I want the money!

    I sweat, goin’ through the motions
    Goin’ through the motions, I sweat.

  6. Just a Matter of Time says

    Just a matter of time until Brian Brown ends up on someone’s smartphone with his mouth around a big black c*ck in some roadside rest area. Mark my words.

  7. says

    d.a. – exactly. he has 8 kids, i believe.

    santorum has 7.

    and we’re to believe these bigots are immune from having gay children?

    wake up, brian, before you bury a son.

  8. jamal49 says

    RE: Brian Brown. Anyone up for a little straight-bashing? Man sure does bring out the dark side of my personality. I have a baseball bat inscribed with “This Bat Bashes Bigots”. I’m itching to use it.

  9. Rick says

    NOM’s Brian Brown is a Nazi, he was the guy who killed millions of Jews and homosexuals in Nazi Germany by throwing gassed Jews and homosexuals dead bodies in the ovens to be cooked to get rid of the evidence of murder on a scale never before seen. Today he is the Popes right hand man on the attack on minorities, LGBT people and women. In Nazi Germany he would have been Hitlers right hand man in charge of the murder of millions of Jews and homosexuals. They both wanted to do the same thing, destroy as many people as possible and get away with it. That is what mad men like Hitler and those who helped him murder millions of minorities did because they are insane. This is what Brian Brown and the anti-gay Christian propaganda is all about, turning people against gays and their allies and minorities so they can destroy them. Hitler did the same thing with his brown shirts and ministers of propaganda.

  10. dattexas says

    We’ll never give up either, Brian. The LGBT community is more than a movement. We and those who support us are neighbors, babysitters, attorneys, doctors, teachers, nurses, business owners, cashiers, salesmen, waiters, politicians, judges, etc…, and we number in the hundreds of thousands. You will lose the fight. You’ve probably already lost it. For you, it’s a paycheck. For us, it’s life. You will be defeated.

  11. says

    We’re winning on this issue and have been for quite a long time. In fact I daresay the appearance of creatures like Maggie (with her “illegitimate” gay son) and Brownshirt (visible from space)it was obvious where this was going.

    They’re just hucksters choking on their own bile.

  12. Sargon Bighorn says

    DATTEXAS Well said! Gay America is not going away, nor will Gay America stop fighting for Civil Equality.

  13. Oliver says

    If he buries a son he will simply toss if off as “Gods will”.
    Meanwhile it’s also gods will that the tides are changing in our favor.

  14. Michael says

    Tell you what, Brian and or Tony, you pass a Peter meter test and I will do nothing but muff dive for the rest of my life.

  15. Rob says

    As Anna Quindlen said in a famous editorial when the tide firmly changed in our favor, “It’s over. Love won.”

  16. andrew says

    @Rick: Your post about Brian Brown being a Nazi etc is absolute rubbish. Why not argue the issues and not try to demonize the opposition?

  17. Jim says

    He’ll quit when the money dries up. After marriage equality victories on Tuesday, the sugar daddies who fund NOM are going to be rethinking their positions. No point underwriting losers. What happens in SCOTUS with DOMA and Prop 8 will be the clincher. If Prop 8 dies and DOMA is ruled unconstitutional, the game’s up. Next year Delaware and Rhode Island go for marriage equality. Others will follow. Of all people, sugar daddies know when it’s time to dump a tacky loser and start looking for a cuter squeeze. Money’s the only thing keeping the gay haters in business.

  18. says

    i’m sure millions are thanking their lucky stars that their family’s Total Embarrassments existed in an earlier age where their every bit of bigoted idiocy wasn’t digitally recorded for all time.

    family trees, going back a few generations, have (until recently) required incredible research, the reading of parchments, actual in-paper handwritten documentations.

    the next generations will be able to trace the evolution( if any) of their family’s bigotry on youtube and twitter.

    the Future Browns and Santorums and Palins face a real challenge – do they accept that the current crop are embarrassments to humanity, or play a game of Willful Ignorance and pass the buck onto the next?

    either way, it aint gonna be pretty.