1. says

    This is terrific news! As long as GOP-bobbleheads continue to think this way, we’ll see another Democrat victory in 2016.

    I mean, it should be obvious – romney lost because he pandered to the stupidest and most bigoted people in America. He lost the moderates. His own party went into crazytalk about immigrants, grown men who couldnt’ stop talking about rape as a”God’s plan”, and millions (MILLIONS) spent trying to convince America that the gay community are planning to get married in their church while they give your sons AIDS. or something.

    that’s why Obama won.

    the GOP, once again, firmly cemented itself on the wrong side of history on NUMEROUS positions.

    the GOP hoped that America was as bigoted and unintelligent as their base – and America proved them wrong. Again.

    and they’re too arrogant to see it. oh, darn.

    Elizabeth Warren in 2016

  2. johnny says

    Let’s just keep in mind that this is the guy that had ALL republicans literally sign onto his agenda or warned them that he’d work to get them ousted if they didn’t.

    Basic blackmail.

    Very sinister man and probably the biggest poopy-head of all.

  3. rdiac says

    Having used that phrase several times, generally in the context of children and dogs, I really never thought I would hear it come out of someone else’s mouth. Sooo weird.

  4. Demian says

    1. Grubby is reversing the facts: Romney totally ran as not-Obama.

    2. Grubby brains have turned to poop.

  5. jamal49 says

    Not only are Republicans idiots, they’re infantile idiots. Poopy head? No, Grover, honey, Romney lost because he was a bad candidate, ran a bad campaign and failed to gain the confidence of the majority of voters. Flip that assessment to a positive note and you have why Mr. Obama won reelection.

    Grover, honey, you are a nasty, mean, coercive, subversive prick. The country is facing financial crises because of the GOP and because of your fear-mongering and electoral blackmail.

    We shouldn’t even be having a conversation about raising taxes on those who make a million dollars or more by 1% or even 5%. That should be not even up for discussion. It should be done. Period.

    But, the GOP is still held hostage by reprobates like you and the radical religious extremists (aka as the American Taliban) and We The People just ain’t about that, Grover.

    We are a sane, sensible, fair-minded, tolerant people. We understand what needs to be done to turn this country around after nearly three decades of failed Republican economic, social and governing philosophies.

    Your side lost, Grover, because, bluntly, frankly, and to keep it as adolescent as your comment about “poopy head”, your side sucks.

  6. Fahd says

    He’s determined to get back at everyone who’s ever made fun of him for being named “Grover Norquist”. These wingnuts are really sore losers.

    The more you appear to come from an alternative universe the more likely you are to be interviewed on TV.

    It seems the Democratic goal has to be to pin the failure to compromise on the Republicans – doesn’t seem that it will be that hard to do. Taking Herr Norquist as an example, the Republicans are not very likeable.

  7. just_a_guy says

    Grover Norquist practices voodoo economics. There is no sound economic thinking that supports his refusal to raise taxes on the rich under ANY circumstances. It’s basic elasticity/inelasticity. Generally, most taxes on the richest rich are already SOOO low that to raise them even substantially would not affect the economy negatively. Meanwhile, giving continued handouts to the richest rich (via artificially-low taxes) is an OUTRAGEOUS expenditure in light of the national budgetary deficit.

    Further, Romney lost this election BECAUSE OF Grover Norquist. Romney’s late-game moderate face would have sold the American people had Romney not been so obviously lying, having in fact VERY PUBLICLY SOLD HIS SOUL to Grover Norquist and cronies bent on handing even MORE of the country to the richest rich on a silver platter, licked clean by Republican lapdogs. The 47% tape anyone?!!

    I’m with little Kiwi: Good, let these fools believe that Romney lost because he’s just a “poopyhead.” If they REALLY believe that, the Republican party might just crumble within the decade. :—).

  8. John Freeman says

    OMG – leaving aside the crap that he spouts, that voice rivals that of Truman Capote’s for gay sound!

  9. $$$$$$$$$ says

    If the Republicans are so smart about the economy why did they fail so spectacularly during the Bush/Cheney years???

    And what was the difference between Romney and Bush’s economic plan? No difference, just don’t tax the rich and everything will be fine (for the rich, who are the only ones who matter).

    I guess the voters heard that last part even though it was whispered at a private meeting when Romney addressed the rich.

  10. gr8guya says

    Grover has always been one of my favorite Muppets.

    He is guided by the unseen hand of the plutocrats.

    He sounds like he is making sense, but he isn’t.

    He, like his economics, is very fuzzy.

    But shouldn’t he be red, like Elmo, and not blue?

  11. Bernie says

    this wingnut missed his real calling of a comedian because Romney did NOT need any help being a “poopy head” He was quite successful by his stupid, backwards, hateful and thoughtless statements way too numerous to mention

  12. andrew says

    The same can be said of Rick, Jason, Little Kiwi, Jackfkntwist, Betty, Francis and all the authoritarian ideological types who post on this site.

  13. Mary says

    “Poopy head”?


    Did he get his brain swapped with a 5 year old or something?

    Actually, no. He was just trying to rival Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell for the title of “most undignified Republican of them all.” And as you can see, the field is pretty crowded. He was going to claim Romney was portrayed as “someone in deep doo-doo,” but then the first George Bush had already used that term.

    When I read the title of this entry I was sure that it was an Onion spoof. Things have gotten so ridiculous with the Republicans that we can no longer be sure what is too outlandish to be true and what is not.

    GOP. Grand Old Poopy-heads?

  14. andrew says

    The most important concepts in democratic governance are: Compromise, Concessions, cooperation and consensus. These are foreign concepts to purists and ideologues.

  15. says

    @ ANDREW :

    Thanks Andrew ! And if we ,named posters, have no place in your democracy, who would you allow ?

    Well we still have some freedoms to post our opinions, without being “authoritarian”……you, on the other hand, are a little bit of a tyrant.

  16. jamal49 says

    Hey, Andrew, lay off @JACKFKNTWIST. He is never as ridiculous as Rick or Jason and most times posts some interesting comments.

    As for the others, I kinda like their “Flame Wars”. I just gotta keep reminding myself to duck whenever they go at each other.