1. says

    Chase is an incredible young man.

    His composure in these interviews and ability to get these people to just show their true colours is remarkable.

    And for all the folks who’d wanna say “he’s only showing the bad interviews!” – well, he’s previously aired his unedited footage he takes from these events.

    GOP rallies, the insanity of a sarah palin booklaunch signing – he’s not picking the “bad ones” – there aren’t any “good” ones to show!

    Check out the B-roll he’s also got on youtube from this same event. it’s freaking astounding how sad it is.

    btw, why are folks still bringing up Obama’s “involvement” with that church and ignoring that Mittens did MISSIONARY WORK before God had His great big change of mindset about black people? Mitt has yet to say “my church was wrong about its racist stances”.

  2. Drew says

    This is akin to Pelosi’s daughter filming for Bill Maher’s show down in the South. Every person she filmed was a misinformed citizen who never watches the news and never seeks out more information; they just settle for and utilize the judgmental life skills they’ve always known: racism, sexism and religion.

  3. kode says

    Speaking as a European I don’t understand why some people say that Obama has made US the laughing stock of the world. If I remember correctly, according to a recent poll, most Europeans like Obama and prefer him absolutely over Romney.

    But I’ve read enough of the tactics and the propaganda of the right wing in the US, and elsewhere too, to know that truth is the first victim in a rush to power.

  4. nick says

    Sadly- this is a true representation of the Ohioans who will vote for Rob-me and Lyin Ryan.
    As a life-long resident of the state -it saddens me to see this state consistently vote against its own interests. The GOPTP in Ahia (learn how to pronounce it like the lower 2/3rds of the state who wished they lived in the Confederacy) have a stranglehold on state politics that you cannot imagine. The few progressives left in this state hope that Cuyahoga, Lucas and other democratic counties can turn out the numbers and combined with a sliver of Franklin County in Central Ohio makes the difference. Don’t be surprised either way on Tuesday.

  5. Steve says

    Have any of these people graduated from high school? I find this horrifying – obviously missing the ability to apply clear thought to assess a political candidate’s credentials.

  6. AZEXPAT says

    I feel like I’m hearing the South Carolina teen pagent contestant’s infamous answer in its extended play form. Like the Iraq and the Buddhists and such as.

  7. io says

    it is wild how the far right are operating within an echo chamber of misinformation. i hear it every time i have a political conversation with my father. when you march this lack of logic into the light of day it just falls apart.

    apparently emotions in particular anger are the force behind their thinking. i just don’t understand where the anger comes from. are they really being followed by drones like that one woman said when she discussed her perception of having freedoms taking away? that is some wild stuff.

  8. Bill says

    The obvious question is how many people had to be interviewed before finding these “gems”.

    Some years ago a national TV show (60 Minutes?) did a hit piece on Marin County, just north of San Francisco, which started with a naked person (nothing objectionable shown) surrounded by members of the opposite sex tickling him or her with peacock feathers. That scene apparently was actually filmed in San Francisco. They beat the bushes and found a sample of the weirdest 0.1% of Marin County residents – generally self-absorbed new-age types – and passed them off as typical of the area.

    There was a not-politically-correct joke going around that they were going to put up a sign at the county line saying, “You are leaving San Francisco County, fruit and nut capital of the world, and entering Marin County, famous for its hot tubs and peacock feathers” – right by the tunnel you enter just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, the tunnel with the rainbow painted around it. The target of the joke was supposed to be the news media, of course,

  9. Caliban says

    Old people in particular are receptive to fear tactics and the Right, aided by the GOP’s propaganda wing Fox News, has been creating the Kenya born, socialist, Muslim Obama fantasy for 4 years. Even longer if you include their pre-election coverage. This fantasy Obama is a Death Panel promoting FAR Left liberal who’s going to take away their guns and religion then dump granny in a ditch somewhere.

    Never mind that it doesn’t even slightly resemble the actual Obama, a center-slightly-left politician who has done NONE of those things, and that if the elderly have anyone to fear it’s people like Romney and Ryan who want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare in favor of a VOUCHER system.

    The Dems trade in fear too, but unlike with the Republicans there is some basis in fact for that fear. If you are gay or love someone who is, there is plenty to legitimately fear. If you are a woman then the rhetoric surrounding rape, birth control, and reproductive rights should make you legitimately fearful.

  10. says

    Seriously, check out his interviews with people who were lined up to get copies of Sarah Palin’s autobiography.

    it’s the exact same thing as you see here – oh sure, they love her! she’d be a GREAT president! why?

    “because, Jesus. good judgment. CHANGE! she’s just good people. she’s not Obama. ”

    um, those aren’t reasons.

    they can’t cite a policy of Obama’s they object to. it’s all fox news styled fear-based baseless nonsense.

    this isn’t a case of “how many republicans did they have to interview before they found these idiots” but a case of “republican voters are idiots”


    it’s harder to find an intellectually-honest republican voter.

  11. says

    This is a perfect example of the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. These old white people were born and raised in a time when discrimination and segregation was not only legal, it was encouraged by those in power. It was also a time of closed mindedness and simplistic reasoning.

    It’s sad, but you can’t really expect a more worldly or enlightened view from these people, they’re simply not going to hear it!

    Also a sad statement of fact (but yet good) is these people are a dying breed, and the world will be a better place when folks like this are no longer with us. We will always have people who hate, but it will be because they hate, not because they are just plain ignorant!

  12. MaddM@ says

    seeing a whooooole lot of white people on here…..

    I don’t know if people are getting dumber, issues are more complex nowadays and harder to grasp, or if we just have more media nowadays to record more people and there isn’t more ignorance but just better observation of it, but man- this is (from my experiences living in a usually red state that went blue last election surprisingly) more the rule rather than the exception with Romney supporters.

    I like how all that needs to be done to completely throw them is just asking them to go into particulars about who the straw men in their arguments actually are. Who exactly is forcing you to change your religion? are you sure you’re not confusing that with not letting you prosthelytize in the middle of congress?

    And that woman from the still shot looks like a female Reverend Kane from Poltergeist 2… creepy.

  13. tom says

    I spent allot of time and money educating myself, it seems like these people didn’t even graduate high school. I can only surmise that they must be racist and homophobic, period. They make no sense whatsoever!

  14. Milt says

    Put a folk in Obama, he’s done! He has been exposed, as being inept and clueless. He couldn’t talk to kindergarten children without his teleprompter! So get used to the words: “President Romney”

  15. Milt says

    The facts about Barack Obama’s record are simply indisputable — and disastrous!
    —23 Million Unemployed or Underemployed
    —49 Million on Food Stamps
    —5.5 Million Homes in Crisis/Foreclosure
    —$4500 Drop in Household Income
    —$5.5 Trillion of New Debt
    —$716 Billion in Medicare Cuts
    —$2.6 Trillion for Obamacare
    —$1.9 Trillion in New Taxes in Obama’s Budget
    —100% Increase in Gas Prices
    “Four more years of this?
    “You’ve got to be kidding!”

  16. Milt says

    The facts about Barack Obama’s record are simply indisputable — and disastrous!
    —23 Million Unemployed or Underemployed
    —49 Million on Food Stamps
    —5.5 Million Homes in Crisis/Foreclosure
    —$4500 Drop in Household Income
    —$5.5 Trillion of New Debt
    —$716 Billion in Medicare Cuts
    —$2.6 Trillion for Obamacare
    —$1.9 Trillion in New Taxes in Obama’s Budget
    —100% Increase in Gas Prices
    “Four more years of this?
    “You’ve got to be kidding!”

  17. George says

    Here are some real world numbers of the past 3.8 years that the president can’t spin:
    •Women in poverty has skyrocketed to 17,000,000, up 800,000
    •7,500,000 women are in extreme poverty,
    •25% of Hispanic women are in poverty
    •2,500,000 women over 65 are in poverty
    •Most of the job losses under Obama have been women (780,000), who have now left the workforce
    •Official black unemployment rates are 14.4 (actually much higher)
    •Official black youth unemployment rates are 40%
    •Official Hispanic unemployment rates are 11 (actually much higher)
    American Blacks and Hispanics have been led down a dangerous path by the Pied Pipers of the left. Their only hope for a brighter future is to reject the new plantation bosses of the Democratic Party and to move to traditional American values and politics, which provide personal liberty and economic freedom for all.

  18. George says

    because you’ll be needing them!
    Democrats have so much respect for minorities: Democrats fought Abe Lincoln when he freed black people from slavery. A Democrat drove the “Trail of Tears”. Democrats came up with Jim Crow laws. Democrats opposed women’s suffrage. Democrats developed abortion and birth control as a way to lower the population of minorities. A Democrat threw the Japanese in internment camps. A Democrat ordered the Tuskegee experiments. Democrats filibusters civil rights bills in the 1960s. And today, Democrats keep blacks and other minorities from reaching their potential by enslaving them in economic disparity and government dependence. Need I say more, it’s easy to see who the real racists in this country are!

  19. George says

    And my family of Klan members who vote republican are great. Sure, they hate me for being gay, but not as much as they’d hate me for being a liberal.

    So I say things against the Democrats and my dad pretends to be less-ashamed of me. At least for an hour or so. Then I get the hose again.

  20. kp05 says

    The Republican reliance on ‘snapshot-facts’ (see Milt and George’s posts for examples) should be enough to discredit them.

    My mother will say something like, “well, unemployment was 7.8% when he took office and it’s 7.9% now. Does that sound better to you?”

    And, if only known in its snapshot form, she’d be right. 7.9 > 7.8.

    But to simply use data points as topics of discussion without also analyzing the macro trends in play is dishonesty bordering outright lying. Unemployment was above 10%. Thank who you wish for its decline, but things have most certainly gotten better under this President.

    Fox News is truly causing people to regress mentally. This may be a movie of cherry-picked spokespeople, but I know this regression firsthand.

    My parents aren’t stupid people, but that news network has gotten them to become climate deniers. It’s gotten them to think Libya is the biggest conspiracy and foreign policy failure in the history of this country. Fast and Furious used to be a big deal, but now they’re over it, since neither black guy could be ultimately blamed. This network has taken all their rational and critical thinking, all the history they were ever taught in school, and morphed it into some pre-packaged, rabid-dog, always emotional, think the country is going to end of O is reelected, zealotry infused talking points that they believe are their own (but unfortunately, they sound like every angry old white person with a blog).

    It’s downright terrifying to think a news network can create a population of terrified, irrational people.

  21. Dearcomrade says

    I have every confidence and am greatly looking forward to gloating after President Obama is re-elected. All while sipping a nicely chilled glass of sweet conservative tears.

  22. PAUL B. says

    @KP0S…you and I are in the same situation and my parents have done the exact same thing.
    The only thing I might point out to you is that you imply Fox is a “news network”…and it’s not. It’s “political commentary”, nothing more….and when it comes from the extreme right…it’s actually hate speech. In Canada…Kiwi said…this is not even legal programming.

  23. Strepsi says

    @MILT & GEORGE: the historical pasts of the Republicans and Democrats is true — what is more telling, however, that NO ONE has been able to provide an example of something the Republicans have done for minorities in the last FORTY FIVE years !

    Even the

    All you’re doing is showing just how far the Republican party has drifted from its genuine progressive roots, into racist Christianist Tea-bag land.

  24. NwYrkr says

    Ok Milt, troll that you are
    – 30 plus months of steady job growth, unemplyment is about 25% lower than the last Republican President
    -49 Million on foodstamps a direct result of the economic crisi caused by the last Republican administration
    -5.5 million homes in foreclsouse again a direct result of the policies implemented during the last 2 Republican administrations
    -$4,500 drop in househod income, is a sympton of the great rescession that was caused by the policies of the last Republican administrations
    $5.5 trillion dollar in new ddebt a direct result of the tea party and Republican pledges to Grover Norquist and their refusal to consider taxing the wealthy at marginally higher rates, 38.5% instead of 35% on income over several hundred thousand dollars
    -$716 billion in medicare cuts 100% false, that is an out and out lie, that money was shifted to benefits and the medicare trust fund so it will be solvent through 2024
    -$1.9 trillion dollars in new taxes is the result of the Bush tax cuts expiring; those tax cuts never should have been put in place in the first part, particularly when Bush & Co were plotting and planning lies to get us in to the longest and costliest war in our history that has only incfeased our exposure to terrorsits groups.
    – The President has zero impact on gasoline prices, unless of course you want to see a return to the socialist policies of the great republican standard bearer Richard Nixon and the wages and price controls of the early 70’s

    You are right Bush didn’t build it, Bush wrecked it and drove it into the ground.
    Romney can’t deliver on any of his promises except to reduce taxes for people like him and screw over people like you so bend over and grab your ankles Milt, Romney’s and Ryan are goin’ in dry

  25. Seattle Mike says

    When Obama wins, that woman is going to say that Satan did it. Mark my words. It will never occur to her to realize that what’s she will be saying is that Satan is more powerful than (her) God.

  26. DANA says

    Whatever happens on Tuesday, the Mormon church clearly came out ahead in this campaign. Their church has been reviled as satanic by evangelicals and conservative protestants since it’s inception and now they’re suddenly embraced as “christian”- even removed from Billy Graham’s list of cults- simply because of politics. The religious right does not see the irony in deriding Obama (a protestant) as evil while embracing Romney (A Mormon) as a fellow believer.

  27. Alexx says

    I heard about this first on AMERICAblog, and it freaked me out. I never felt such disbelief and dread from a 9 minute video in all my life. Take, I have never and will never watch 2 girls 1 cup though.

  28. andrew says

    If you need proof that the USA is a Center-Right nation, look at the fact that a flip flopping empty suit on the right is running neck in neck with a competent president who inhereted a bad situation and has been making it better every day. The problem many liberals/progressives make is that we push our candidates too far to the left and cause their defeat. This agnostic “prays” that will not happen this time. However, I am old enough to have voted for: Presidents Humphrey, McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry and weren’t they all good progressive presidents?

  29. Andy says

    This is very one-sided. Why does this guy not go and interview black people and ask them why they are voting for Obama? And if they say because they are voting for him because he is black “Chase” does not have a problem with that?

    Why doesn’t everyone vote for who they want to vote for and shut up and leave everyone else alone? Damn.

  30. John in Bend says

    Milt, those number you present are the legacy of the Bush administration. You are suffering from Romnesia.

    I grew up in Ohio and these folks are a pretty accurate representation of working class Republicans there. The woman raving on about Romney being a good Christian could be my drug-addled step-mother. Seriously, I had to do a double take.

  31. andrew says

    @George: you may know some of the past sad history of the democratic party. You don’t know history since 1948 when the national democratic party decided to end its support of the southern segregationists. After that the democratic party under the leadership of Harry Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton and Obama has become the champion of equal rights for racial minorities, women and today gay people. The Republican party has gone in the opposite direction adopting the Southern Strategy to appeal to Whites at the expense of Blacks.

  32. says

    Hey “Andy”, ya wimpy wee troll, calling your bluff.

    I like how you said “why doesn’t he interview black people”…

    …why not interview demoracts? You interview a democrat and you tend to get specifics. specifics about Obamas policies, and specifics about Romney’s policies.

    you interview a republican? you get a whole lot of Stupid. “He’s an unChristian socialist muslim who hates America!

    sorry. i know this video hurts because it’s pretty much about your family, but you need to grow some balls and realize they’re full of crap.

  33. Andy says

    Yeah, a lot of these people are ignorant, but there is ignorance on both sides.

    A lot of Democrats are hypocrites and support policies that hold America back. When you have lived in a mixed income building where you pay $1500 and the people next door pay $300 and trash the place and don’t appreciate it, you start to see a problem. When you see how Muslims treat women AND gays across the globe, you don’t exactly get excited about that kind of diversity. When you see a NY Times article about poverty and every subject is a single mother with not one, not two, but THREE kids and people are not questioning if these women know how they got to that point, there is a problem (and condoms are not that expensive, birth control IS out there).

    So both sides are effed up.

    It is not like Obama was the most experienced and intelligent man on the Earth to do the job.

    Its like – whatever, everyone vote and stop fighting about it. Everyone has their pet issues anyway. Christians, Latinos, blacks, gays…that is why nothing gets done. They all ahve their own agendas. It’s all about special interests. This world is more complex than it ever was.

  34. Martin says

    Chase, God Bless you… You didn’t instigate or give anyone ammunition to say that this was anything else, but a fair interview…. I truly LOVE the Romney supporters… They had NO idea what his plans were…. They didn’t know Basic Questions about how to PROVE their claims… is the same old RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC BS… they are just people who Hate Black Men and Homosexuals and throw the same BS about Birth Certificates, his “supposed” Muslim beliefs… These people are sad, bitter people who after Tuesday will remain Bitter until 2017, when Hilary Clinton gets her First term…LOL

  35. jamal49 says

    Seeing this makes me fear that Romney might just win on Tuesday. I don’t think I can live in a country with a man like Romney as president. Good God! Everyone! Please get out and vote on Tuesday and don’t, please don’t, vote for Romney.

  36. says

    Andy, it’s so amazing for you to grace us with your presence!

    For those who couldn’t tell, Andy was the one for whom the hashtag

    “#WhiteGirlProblems” was invented.

    what an hilarious unimpressive white-boy rant that was. thanks for sharing. now go sip a juicebox, your crankiness might be due to low blood sugar.

  37. jamal49 says

    @ANDREW: Bullsh*t. This progressive only asked that Mr. Obama do something to salvage the wreckage of the 8 years of G.W. Bush. And he has and needs 4 more years to right the Ship of State.

    I’m old enough to remember all those Democratic candidates, too. McGovern was my first vote. I emphatically reject your assertion that somehow progressives “push” the Democratic candidates to the left.

    Save George McGovern, none of the Democratic candidates for President were even remotely progressive or leftist. Pretty damned centrist they were. To me, they were “left” enought. They only SEEM “leftist” because the republicon candidates were so extreme right-wing.

    Romney just might win on Tuesday but not because Obama is “leftist”. He’s pretty much a Reagan-type president. Center-right, actually. His policies have been pro-business, including the Affordable Care Act which basically is a sop to the insurance industries. They’ll make out like bandits.

    No, Mr. Obama is not “leftist”. Romney, however, is a political whore and he will say and do anything to not just get elected but to stay elected. If Romney wins on Tuesday, you’d better get your passport ready. This ain’t gonna be any country for old men, get it?

  38. D. W. Skinner says

    I think the one thing that I find most repulsive about the Republican party is that their platform of hate has made the crazies, the bigots and racists, and the criminal aspects of the country feel comfortable and assured that they have a legitimate place among us.

  39. snightsp says

    I was born and raised in ohio …. I am so glad I left this backwoods state as soon as humanly possible. The people in this state have no real idea what the hell is going on they only see what they want to see. I should know I still have family who live there. They are still angry cause a black man got into office and blame it on everything else under the sun. They watch Faux News and believe it like it’s real. I keep trying to convince my mom to move away because the longer she lives there the more IQ points she loses.

  40. Michaelandfred says

    So many jokes come to mind….but honestly it just makes me sad for our country. We’ve finally come to the point in our country that the founding fathers knew might happen. These people are exactly why the Electoral College system was created. Imagine a country where 50+% are this ignorant and in control.

  41. Tom says

    I ashamed to say that I’m from Ohio after listening to the idiots in this clip. If it weren’t for Mr. Obama many of them would be amoung the so called 23 Million Unemployed if he did not bail out the auto industry. They never think of that, and Romney said to just let them go bankrupt, put everyone out of work for a very long time. The one time Romney speaks the truth, is when his mouth is closed.

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