1. EchtKultig says

    Indeed it is. We were overdue for another scandal revealing what a sham the ex-gay and anti-gay movements are. If we’re lucky, a Republican congressman or NOM staffer will be so freaked out about Obama being reelected that he will have to find a male prostitute somewhere, and won’t be as careful as he usually is.

  2. Sylvatica says

    We all know that these “ex-gay” Pastors are getting their jollies fondling other guys. NARTH meetings are just one big orgy. Anyone need help lifting their luggage?

  3. says

    Not really funny, sorry. I feel awful for the victims who are trying (albeit needlessly) to change something for their churches or families who find their innate sexual orientation disgusting – but what this man did also feeds into the myth that gay men are predatory. The victims are going to end up more broken than when they went in. This practice needs to deemed as quackery by the major psychological and psychiatric associations and there needs to be regulations and consequences if it continues. I don’t care if it being used in a church or “ministry”, there has to be some way that this can abuse can be stopped.

  4. Joel says

    Both funny and pathetic. What kind of idiot allows a cleric to do that sort of thing? Sounds like everybody involved is pretty well wacked.

  5. kdknyc says

    To Joel: Yes, everybody involved sounds pretty whacked, but we shouldn’t blame the victims. The victims felt they needed help, and therefore were in a vulnerable place. This whack job sold himself as the one to help them. He abused their trust, and inflicted more harm on them. That’s the crime here.

    That said, I am engaging in a little schadenfreude–another closeted churchy type exposed.

    And yes, this kind of quackery needs to be roundly denounced and prosecuted for the abuse it is.

  6. Jonathan says

    How sad for the kids – how rotten for this shyster of a “counselor”. They make a laughingstock of themselves.

  7. Oz in OK says

    I feel badly for the victims – but this comes as no surprise. I actually applaud the victims for coming forward at all.

  8. Tre says

    Why am I not even the least bit surprised? So these evil religious bastards tell gay adolescents that “God hates you” and for years they feel horrible about themselves. Still vulnerable, they are talked into getting ex-gay therapy, where they get sexually assaulted by probably the same evil religious bastards. Jesus H. Christ.
    What does that do to a person?

  9. RyanInWyo says

    I think it’s time to admit that the whole “ex-gay” thing is actually just a scene for people who fetishize the closet and the taboo of homosexuality. They throw in the quasi-religious rituals to spice things up a bit more.

    That said, when someone seeks therapy, whatever their issues may be, they should be able to trust their therapist. This fellow should not be allowed to practice any kind of therapy let alone the sham that is “ex-gay” therapy. He should be in jail.

  10. Bill says

    This is proof that the ex gay therapy Christians and ex gay therapy psychotherapist are all criminals who need to be arrested for the crimes they have committed against LGBT people.

  11. jamal49 says

    No sympathy for the victims here. They were adults. Sad that they would seek out a quack but they were adults. How do you let someone convince you to allow him to “cup your genitals” in a counseling session to remove “homosexual tendencies” without alarm bells going off? Is denial of one’s true self that strong that one would not think this odd? I feel for them that they were deluded but they consented. As for the “ex-gay counselor”, may he rot and burn in hell at the same time.

  12. anon says

    A fool and his money… This does not happen in an information vacuum anymore like 40 years ago. These guys should have been researching this stuff up the wazoo online before venturing out. As for the legality, technically, the “therapists” can’t perform sexual acts for money without it being prostitution, but you’d need some sort of precedent for onanistic prostitution (not a huge stretch). Otherwise, it would be sexual assault. That’s the catch-22 for the therapists here, otherwise they could claim it was either consensual or part of the therapy. Interesting case.

  13. Mike Friedman says

    I agree that it’s creepy and gross, but is it sexual assault? I’m assuming both of the complainants were adults….If so, then maybe not. Unethical? Sure. Assault? Probably not.

  14. James Savik says

    How many times does this have to happen before eX-gay ministries is exposed as both a sham and a scam? How twisted do you have to be to try this convoluted method of getting inside somebody else’s pants?

  15. GregV says

    “Ex-gay therapy” already has been vonfirmed ws quackery by all the actual professional bodies of psychology and the social sciences.
    It’s perfectly reasonable thet it was made illegal in CA to influct this sham in minors.
    But I have a hard time seeing this as assault when both parties were willing participants in a cult that supports these practises. Both sides are equally “victims” of a sick anti-gay ideology that has supressed their sexuality and warped them into finding unhealthy outlets for it.

    If an adult consents to “fondling therapy” with a repressed homophobe to “transform” his sexuality or to having an orgy with the High Priestess to summon a volcano or whatever weird and scientifically ridiculous ritual they think their religion commands, then in a free country should they really be able to blame anyone but themselves for getting caught up in it?
    This was not a licensed professional that the plaintiffs went to, and is there anyone in America who is not aware by now that no legitimate professional body suports “conversion therapy?”