President Obama’s Ads Slightly More Negative Than Mitt Romney’s


Politico reports that negative narratives are all the rage this presidential election season, and that President Obama's ads are more on trend than Mitt Romney's, but only by a little:

A full 86 percent of Obama’s television advertising and 79 percent of
Romney’s has been negative, according to the Wesleyan Media Project,
which tracks political advertising. By comparison, Obama and John McCain
had spent an average of 69 percent of their TV budgets on negative ads
by this point in 2008, and George W. Bush and John Kerry had spent 58
percent in 2004.

No wonder little Abby Evans had that breakdown.


  1. Jeff Kurtti says

    If Romney was not so rife with corruption and lies, Obama’s ads would probably not have been tracked as so “negative.”

    It’s like that anecdote about Churchill and Clement Attlee. Churchill’s complaints about Attlee drew the response that “Attlee seems like a modest fellow to me.”

    Churchill supposedly shot back, “He has a lot to be modest about.”

  2. terry says

    this morning on MSNBC the opposite was shown with 99% neg on Romney and around 85% neg for Obama ads. This may have been just Ohio ads. I would perfer statistics on truthfulness of the ads.

  3. Dicky says

    They never define “negative” with respect to ads. From the article itself, it appears that “negative” means that the ad focuses on other persons/things in the race rather than on the sponsoring candidate.
    If that really is the criteria, then given the apparent rise of super PACs and Citizen’s United fallout, a higher rate of “negativity” is expected to occur as damage control and countering.

  4. NeverEclipsed81 says

    Absolutely not true. I live in NE Ohio, and I’ve seen ALL the ads. If it was true, I just wouldn’t say anything. Romney is twice as negative without question.

  5. Bosie says

    what the hell does it mean??? mean because he’s pointing out the truth abotu a candidate who wants the white house..just because he’s white, rich and heterosexual??? crazy this guy and sarah palin go hand on hand.

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