Republican Lesbians Look For Larger Role In Party

ElephantRoomAs liberal lesbians set-up a super PAC to fight for LGBT progress, their counterparts on the right are looking for a place in the GOP.

From a New York Times article called “Lesbian Republicans, Long a Rare Political Breed, Raise Their Profiles“:

“Oh, we’re like unicorns,” said Erin Simpson, 51, who cites “personal liberty” as a fundamental value and teaches firearms safety in Tucson, Ariz. Ms. Simpson, who came out in February, was “very disheartened” by Mitt Romney’s loss — one fueled, in part, by overwhelming gay support for President Obama.

There is no way to measure their true numbers, but gay activists say that in many cases, these “unicorns” began life as Republicans first — driven by conservative upbringings, economic issues and libertarian principles. They often did not acknowledge their sexual orientation, even to themselves, until middle age.

In interviews, these Republicans say they often feel like the odd women out, in their party and among other lesbians. But these women are beginning to make their presence known…

In addition to gaining equal footing in the GOP as a whole, these women face another challenge, one universal for the Republicans at large: convincing younger voters to join their ranks. Good luck with that.


  1. Natamaxxx says

    Thia really saddens me. Gay and Lesbian GOPers stike me as somewhat self-loathing, perhaps on an unconcious level. They convince themselves that they are the “right type” of gay that can easily be accepted by this insidious group of invidials who continually work to deny us our rights and even humilliate us whenever they gat the chance. In their minds, they are the ones who will welcomingly penetrate the tight seal of homophida the GOP is surrounded by. As the saying goes “he/she is one of the “good” ones”, and they infuriatingly devote their time, energy, and other resources into trying to make the GOP think of them as such, when they can instead work towards achieving equal rights for themselves and every other gay person out there. I just hope there will come a day when this will finally seep through. When they realize that the group of people who would truly love and except them are the ones they align themselves against.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    When I first saw the post I liked the picture of the elephant. Then I read the full NYT article. It amazes me that Republicans are Republicans first and f*ck the rest. I calmed myself down by looking at the cute picture again.

    I was raised a Republican. I became a Democrat before I came out. It was much easier being where I could think for myself.

  3. HasSomeoneBeenDrinking? says

    Because Lesbians are sometimes kind of like big fat elephants in close up right in your face, especially if they are Republicans?

    Isn’t that Cheney daughter the only Republican lesbian in the country?

  4. andrew says

    As the Republican party races farther to the right, Lesbian Republicans are looking for their place in the GOP. Unfortunately, their place is right behind the elephants with big shovels.

  5. SoLeftImRight says

    Andrew, best comment ever. Exactly. To be a gay Republican is the most idiotic stance one can take. To be a GLBT person who has different ideas about economic policy is perfectly possible and understandable, but to call oneself a Republican or to work for the vast majority of what that tea party has become makes no sense, whatsoever, as a gay or lesbian person.

  6. BobN says

    Why should anyone take the opinions of someone who just came out in February as representative of the gay community, even the gay GOP community?

  7. MATTL says

    Oh please, the Republicans barely even recognize women. Lesbian women? Yeah,I guess the guys would take notice if the lesbians looked like the hot lez chicks in their straight guy porn fantasies. Otherwise, being gay is wrong to the GOP.

  8. niles says

    What can anyone say to or about a gay republican? There is no need for words – just nod your head knowingly and walk on.

  9. Wilberforce says

    She came out at 51? And for being a republican, she sites a vague reason like personal liberty? Please Mary. She’s a total idiot who should just be ignored.

  10. atomic says

    We often hear gay/lesbian Republicans say that they chose their political affiliation because they considered themselves more aligned with Republican principles, and/or claimed that they are not simply motivated by their sexual orientation. Underneath the latter statement in particular is the implication that gays who are Democrats DO choose that party on the basis of their sexual orientation alone.

    We also often hear the rationale that gay Republicans are a necessary force for ideological change within the GOP–that is, without their existence, GLBT issues would receive no attention at all in the Republican party.

    What these gay Republicans never really explore, however, is the idea that perhaps the best way to promote change and progress is to push for change in the Democratic party toward their economic and political values, rather than trying to appeal to Republicans. What they don’t seem to realize is that the Democratic party as a whole is more open to GLBT voices simply because there is much, much less anti-gay prejudice and bigotry. It’s useless to sit down with the GOP. Even if they give you a seat at the table, ultimately they are not going to budge on GLBT rights. It is much too profitable for them to remain anti-gay.

    So from a purely rational perspective, which party will give you greater representational power? The one that is willing to listen and adapt, or the one that wants you to go away? I find it hard to believe that no member of the LCR or GOProud has done this calculation. Rather, it seems far more plausible that their true motivations for being Republican have to do with something much simpler: money and greed. These people vote Republican because they are promised lower taxes. So when they say they are not “one-issue” voters with respect to their sexual orientation, there’s more than a little bit of hypocrisy going on there.

  11. says

    I don’t think we should pass her off as an idiot, we certainly don’t know her and equating the GOP to idiocy falls into the polarization trap. Parties and real liberalism/conservatism don’t necessarily hold true to ideology. Platforms change with the people, ideas, and the times. Need the pro-slavery Southern Democrats and Secession need to be mentioned?

    What troubles me is the Republicans and conservatives with any power at the moment are often as misogynistic, homophobic, racist, and privileged as ever. There’s the strange assumption on the right that we’ve already achieved equality. What is being achieved now is perceived as an infringement of rights and founding ideals, and in some coldly practical way their policies are an attempt to correct and block that.

    While we have a clear present choice of which parties have our interests at heart, we shouldn’t take that for granted. If we ever achieve full civil rights and equality for ethnic minorities, gender, GLBT, the middle and working class, and the disabled (and so on) the future will be more diverse politically as well. Yes, that means more conservatives too, unless of course they persist in digging their own grave.

  12. "The Gay" says

    It would be very easy to bring these people into the fold, so to speak.

    Just stop hating people who are true independent fiscal conservatives that value libertarian principles.

    It’s really not that difficult, and it would make a stronger, more vibrant, and less corrupt and hypocritical Democratic party…

    Just sayin’…

  13. strange bedfellows all around says

    “true independent fiscal conservatives that value libertarian principles.” Really???

    No one truly “fiscally conservative” could be a Republican. It was Bush/Cheney who created the huge deficits with unfunded wars and social programs. It was Bush who bailed out the banks with government money.

    No one truly “libertarian” could be a Republican with their obsession to get into everyone’s bedroom and claiming state ownership of the contents of every fertile womb.

    Who’s kidding who? Lesbian Republicans are just knee-jerk Republicans suffering from self-delusion.

  14. says

    What is this “true independent fiscal conservative” that you speak of? The government has always increased more under Republican presidents than Democratic ones. I doubt that a true fiscal conservative exists among politicians (due to the very nature of their work and how they get there), but the Democrats are much closer to it than Republicans. Actions matter more than words.

  15. Lymis says

    I’d have a lot more respect for gay Republicans if they actually did what they say they are doing – work for change, make demands, be visible, and support social and financial Republican goals while refusing to compromise on basic equality issues.

    No doubt there are some of them out there, but all of the high visibility gay Republicans do the exact reverse – serve as proof that gay people don’t support equality by supporting even the most bigoted and outspoken anti-gay candidates and policies purely because they are Republican.

  16. RMc says

    There is no such thing as a Lesbian “Republican”, just delusional self-loathing sadomasochistic harpies with a failed education & completely out of touch with reality.

  17. says

    Hey Lady, maybe if you’d been brought up around liberals you’d have Come Out before you hit middle-age. Well, past middle age. It’s unlikely she’s gonna live to be 102.

    “Hi, we’re gay women who support anti-gay and anti-woman legislations! We also come out after menopause! who wants to join us!?”


  18. says

    Any gay person who cites “personal liberty” as a reason why they support the Republican Party should be a unicorn because they are living in a land of make-believe. News Flash to the newly out and/or delusional: a primary goal of the Republican Party is to trample on your personal liberties and treat you as a 3rd class citizen.

  19. Mikey Dallas says

    There was an article about this in the Dallas Morning News today where one was quoted as saying “personl liberty” was the reason she is a Republican. WTF?

  20. Anonymous says

    So much hatred in these comments for gay Republicans. It’s sad.

    Awesome, I wish her luck and hope the GOP drops its anti-gay policies sooner rather than later.

  21. says

    the GOP won’t drop it’s anti-gay and anti-choices polices AT ALL in the next 50 years.

    why? being anti-gay and anti-choice and anti-Brown-People are the only way they can get the votes of their base, the vast majority of whom in no way benefit from the GOP’s fiscal policies.

    do you think top-ranking Republican candidates talk about gays and abortions when they’re speaking to rooms full of millionaires? No. Of course not.

    They only mention that to the people whom they’re going to financially screw over.

    “So, uh, if you vote for us we’ll make sure that gays don’t convert your sons at church and we’ll make sure that Jeebus becomes your new State Bird. Oh by the way, pray your daughter doesn’t get sick. Ever. Our policies won’t help you pay for her treatments.”