1. Quest says

    Hopefully they give these people mental and physical health checks before they subject them to this sort of thing. A person could suffer a heart attack and die…Or the mentally unstable could completely lose their last grip on sanity.

  2. GDHJ says

    you now that these are all staged, right?

    That “Just for laughs” show is often homophobic, usually pretty mean-spirited but the people who “fall for” the pranks are often the same people, often wearing different hats and glasses but it’s easy to spot the same people being pranked over and over again.

  3. kevin says

    I don’t think that these are entirely real…there are a couple of edits where the camera angle couldn’t possibly be from behind the two way mirrors lining the elevator. Especially some of the shots of the young girl, where the camera is shooting from below her…I don’t entirely buy this.

  4. SayTheTruth says

    Not to be dismissive and not like other nations are that much different, but Brazilians are particularly superstitious. Even if Catholicism is the main religion, religious syncretism under the form of part Amerindian part African rites are deeply embedded in the locals.
    I think the strange angles of the girl were completed afterwards in the edition process.

  5. SayTheTruth says

    Lance you should replace ethnocentric by skeptic and atheist. And I’m closer to Brazil than you I bet, and yes, is necessary, bear it in your mind next time you go to Brazil. Also as I said, not like Brazil is alone in the superstition high score though.

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