The OXD Mirror: New Music for 11.30.12












Punks Jump Up x Dubka – 'Feels Good (feat. Saint Saviour)'

If Pizzazz & The Misfits were to make music today I have a feeling it would sound a lot like this new original track by London-based Punks Jump Up and Martin Dubka. The song is a flamboyant homage to 80's disco (hence the Jem & The Holograms reference!) and features vocals by the soulful maven, Saint Saviour. In addition to the spectacular original version, check out the Moonlight Matters and Mighty Mouse remixes and continue to enjoy one of the best disco songs of this year.


Icona Pop – 'I Love It (Solidisco Remix)'

Icona Pop is a Swedish DJ and electro-pop duo comprised of Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt.  'I Love it,' the lead single off of their first EP, Icona EP, features vocals by none other than Charli XCX whose bubbly spirit perfectly matches the song's nonsensical lyrics. Buffalo-based Solidisco has turned the original into another dancefloor filler which is very reminiscent of the classic Armin Van Helden remix of Uffie's 'A.D.D.S.U.V.’ Both remixes use a churning disco beat and sloppy hi-hats to create a frenzied, "dirty disco" sound that is incredibly infectious.


Rihanna – 'Nobody's Business (feat. Chris Brown)'

When Andy first asked me to help him with a music column on Towleroad, I happily agreed but quickly said "don't expect a post on the latest Rihanna track, that's not what we do." Well, the time has come for me to eat my words. 'Nobody's Business,' is a track from Rihanna’s latest, Unapologetic , that features none other than the notoriously  reprehensible Chris Brown. Produced by The Dream, the team has created a song that's true to their form: it's incredibly catchy, somewhat sensational, and delivers a whole lot of attitude. What makes the song worthy of OXD inclusion, however, is that the song has the potential to become a huge house anthem with its slick pianos, spirited synths and fantastic vocal delivery by Rihanna and Brown. It's unfortunate that any buzz this song will actually generate will most likely be due to the artists involved and not because the song is one of the best that either has delivered in quite some time.

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