1. says

    LOVES. Kudos to Groening & Co.

    they’ve done a lot of digs like this. from a “Fox News! Not Racist, But #1 With Racists!” banner to “Merry Christmas but No Other Holidays, from Fox News” on the program. the Simpsons’ crew gets it.

    there’s a beauty to The Simpsons. it has that “Roseanne” quality – at the heart of this animated wacky sitcom is a family that truly loves each other, and a series that has continually been on the right side of history.

    if any haven’t seen it, check out the episode “Homer’s Phobia” – a truly brilliant and hilarious look at homophobia and understanding, featuring John Waters.

  2. Iban4yesu says


    Like all the billionaires, that vile Murdoch is pissed @ Karl Robber because there’s nothing to show for all the illegally contributed dough channeled into the Robme’s shenanigan!

    Just say no to EVERYTHING related to that evil Aussie including Hugh Jackman who had the nerve to be the godfather to the/an heir of that ill gotten fortune, the spawn of that ugly trophy wife of the greatest enemy of democracy everywhere!

  3. Eric says

    I had never thought about it before, but someone recently pointed out to me that Fox News spends all their time criticizing a society that all of the other Fox television and film properties perpetuate. It’s a perfect money machine- if you ignore the effect on society.

  4. johnny says

    @Eric, I’ve often wondered about that very thing myself… there are so many Fox-produced shows that are not in line with FoxNews “family” values, it’s a huge disconnect between the two faces of Fox.

    Why has nobody done an article on this? Vanity Fair? HuffPo? Someone? Anyone?

  5. $$$$$$$$$ says

    Maybe it just has to do with money. There were already several middle of the road, moderate news organizations, so they figured why be just one more, instead stand out by pandering to the same crowd that listens to wacko radio talk shows.

    Marketing. Target market: right wing wackos. Ka-ching.

  6. says

    Just like Homer reading the Gary Larson calendar in the bomb shelter he was checking out: I don’t get it. I have no clue who Karl Rove is. It probably has to do with not having cable. And even if I did, I would never watch cable “news.”

  7. Icebloo says

    Very funny. I am very surprised Fox allowed this. They don’t want to publicly acknowledge that right wing billionaire extremists are dictating their agenda.

  8. Dan says

    As I understand it, Fox actually has very little control over The Simpsons.

    When it first aired Fox was a struggling network trying to attract great shows. This allowed Matt Groening et al. to secure a special clause in their contract that meant that Fox was not allowed input or the ability to edit the show.

    Fox simply puts the show out, it has no creative control whatsoever. This is why they can get away with it.

  9. unruly says

    Jim Brooks and Gracie Films run the Simpsons. You couldn’t find a more die hard democrat/liberal. However, Fox very much realizes how much Jim brings into them and will do anything he asks so he doesn’t even have to worry.