Today’s Anti-Gay March In France Had A Strict Dress Code

FrancebirdAnti-gay activists held marches across France today to protest President Francois Hollande and others’ push for marriage equality, an initiative they’re calling “marriage for everyone.”

Such groups have proven themselves to be into using costume design to make their point (see picture, right), and today’s demonstrations were no exception: pink, blue and white were the colors du jour.

From the Washington Post:

Saturday’s event, entitled “march for everyone,” attracted several thousand people in cities such as Lyon, Marseille and Paris.

There is a dress code of blue, white and pink aimed to put a spin on the French tricolore flag’s traditional colors.

recent survey found that majority of French favor gay marriage, [while] the
support for adoption for gay couples hovers at around 50 percent.

It’s unclear how long it will take for Hollande and company to pass marriage equality. The president and his cabinet approved a draft bill earlier this month, but religious and social conservatives, as well as some of Hollande’s own socialist party, are increasingly vocal in their opposition and threaten to derail the entire process.


  1. nhuixnhuix says

    There is no danger of the process being derailed. The French political system is not like ours. Once the government says something goes, it will pass Parliament easily, no matter the street histrionics and the rearguard attempt from some old-fashioned idiots in halls of power.

  2. Bollux says

    This is what gets a few Frenchoes up in arms? They bent over for the Nottsees with smiling pleasure. But they are taking to the streets to protest love? Idiots.

  3. Maguita says

    So the guys against gays (marriage, equality, etc.) are demonstrating their outrage in the gayest Lycra outfits ever.

    Good thing we weren’t basing our comments on pictures alone, for my first thought was, “oh, another gay parade in SF?”

  4. jjose712 says

    This happened in Spain too. Catholic church was in the head of protesters, and some far right groups emerged back then.
    Seven years later, gay marriage is totally accepted by the majority, back then the polls were in favour of gay marriage too but right nowa lot of people realize that it didn’t happen anything just because gays were allowed to marry.
    Of course the old same people protest from time to time (like now that Constitutinal court fail in favour of gay marriage) but for most people is totally normal (and even a good business).
    In France it will happen the same

  5. simon says

    Party leaders must have counted the votes in their own party before submitting the bill. It goes without saying that the opposition in their own party is not sufficient to derail the process.

  6. Caliban says

    It’s kind of interesting that the reaction in the US has been almost the reverse. Even in states where gays can’t marry they can often adopt. In France adoption is more problematic than marriage.

  7. Ken says

    I wish people who supported marriage equality would be as outspoken. Polls show a clear majority of French people support marriage equality. This is not a done deal, pressure needs to be kept on the government to keep their promise.

  8. Luke says

    even then the opposition within their own party is not to the bill itself, but rather what it includes, those opposed to in within the party think it doesn’t go far enough

  9. GregV says

    “That dress code is itself gay.”
    “…the gayest Lycra outfits ever.”

    @Maguita and @Ryan: As a gay person, I refuse for my people to take credit for every ugly, tacky or ridiculous clothing (or other) choice that anyone makes.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Typical ignorance! They have rallies called “Marriage for everyone”, when it is patently obvious they are denying marriage to LGBT people. They wear blue, white, and PINK. Just like in the US, pink is a gay color in France. (Yes, I’m ignoring breast cancer in the US.) A couple of decades ago, one of the anti-gay factions of The Episcopal Church published its newsletter on pink (!) paper and was called “The Advocate”.

    @AQuestion: LOL

  11. Maguita says

    I hope you understand that my comment was meant as snark. For you understand that “your people” are my people too. I am a sister, niece and a friend to a lot of Lycra-loving-crotch-snugging bodysuit wearing humans (although to so obviously want to outline one’s 10 mm is always beyond my understanding).

    This was my way of ridiculing homophobic idiots, who work so hard on demeaning an important part of the human race, while unintentionally looking like exactly a very-much part of said group of people… In my defense, the dude looks like a creative spermatozoa during an 90s parade looking for his ovum.

  12. Randy says

    So, by including white, specifically not blue or pink, are they admitting that sex is not binary?

    How does this fit in with their “opposites-only”-marriage plan?

  13. simon says

    The situation in France is more or less the same as the US. There are a lot of gay couples adopting children, not as married couples. The French prime minister put it this way :
    “We should tackle this hypocrisy that millions of families already exist with parents who can’t get married…….”

  14. simon says

    These extremists are either deaf and blind or just ignorant. Many gay couples have adopted children already and having families that don’t fit into their narrow view of the World. THe question is you can’t stop them having children even if they are not married.

  15. RexT says

    The Catholic Church, still has quite an interesting grip on much within France and continues it’s squeeze wherever and as often as possible. The current executives of the papal business center in Rome could not resist the global opportunity with equality – marriage equality – as the perfect big dance. Kicking the Gays provides a great diversion of attention as their global crisis of child abuse continue to unfold, numbers in the 1000’s.

    Obviously this ancient religious business has much at stake and can most certainly be trusted to advise world leaders on human sexuality and social moral codes. A stand for all things Ethical these Roman based salesmen are, just keep the kids away.

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