Ugandan Speaker Wants ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Passed by Tuesday

Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, has requested that the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee bring the "kill the gays" bill to the floor imminently, the Monitor reports:

KadagaIn her November 13 letter, the Speaker advised Mr Tashobya to be mindful of what she said was the high demand by the public to address homosexuality.

“I write to reiterate my earlier instruction to your committee to expeditiously handle the review of the report on the Bill. As you are aware, there is high demand by the population to address the escalating problem of promoting and recruiting minors into homosexuality,” the letter reads in part.

“This is therefore to inform you that I shall place the Bill on the Order Paper immediately after conclusion of the Oil Bills,” she wrote. Parliament is concluding consideration of the Petroleum (Exploration, Production and Development) Bill as the House breaks off for Christmas recess on December 15, which suggests that after the Bill is hopefully completed by next Tuesday, MPs can expect to debate and probably pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Kadaga was greeted with a "hero's welcome" at Entebbe airport last week for affirming Uganda's position against homosexuality at the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Canada. Christian clerics asked Kadaga at a subsequent meeting in the Ugandan capital to pass the law as "a Christmas gift."

More on the contents of the bill at Box Turtle Bulletin.


  1. Queenie says

    Disgusting savages, turning against each other like wild animals. No wonder they can’t pull themselves up out of their own filth.

  2. MikeBoston says

    Ignorance and hatred.

    Hitler tried it – didn’t work.

    Catholic church tried it – didn’t work.

    Just how many of us does God have to create before these ‘christians’ believe that He wants us here?

  3. Icebloo says

    All you self-hating idiot gay Republicans take note – this is what would happen here in the US if it wasn’t for the brave gays who come out and speak out against hate.

    I suggest all you Romney-loving freaks move to Uganda and experience this before you ever vote for Republicans again. You’re all so mouthy – let’s see you go and live this life of torture that you want us all to endure here. Go on. We’ll even buy your ticket for you. Not so brave now are you ?

  4. says

    Go ahead, pass the Bill.

    Then watch us wash our hands of your country; watch us shun you at every meeting of every international body; watch us as we withdraw every NGO from your country; watch as Hillary Clinton tells you what she thinks of you; watch as your bigotry rebounds on your people.

    Then get down on your knees and thank the evangelicals and religions that even though you are starving, at least your souls are saved.

    “There is high demand by the population…..” for the Kill the Gays Bill

    See what happens when civil rights are subject to a majority vote. All bigot States take note.

  5. Disgusted American says

    ..I say we get a floatilla of ships and start taking slaves….when a society forgets its own past its destined to fail….who’s next after the gays? Talk about mindless drones, savages….( I call them savages because of thier deeds, I dont care what dammed color they are)

  6. Frank says

    I feel for all the gays stuck there. Let them do what they want to abuse their own people. They are a sovreign nation and obviously don’t need any outside help- except maybe from Scott Lively. They will eventually answer to their god. And let us abandon them and let their god take care of them.

  7. HadenoughBS says

    Disgustingly ignorant people who have no moral compass whatsoever. Whatever country passes such bulls**t laws should become pariah states with no financial or other economic assistance from the US or any international financial organizations.

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    Mme Speaker, Where in the Bible is it written to allow women to have power over men? I’m sure that’s something the missionaries didn’t teach you. On the other hand, you are parroting the teachings of Scott Lively who perpetualy violates the commandment against bearing false witness. What do these behaviors say about you?

  9. John Normile says

    All this Thanks to Scott Lively and his ilk…. We here in the USA have a similar thing with NOM

  10. Rick says

    Take a close look, America. This is what your own demographic future looks like as the deluge of immigration from the Third World proceeds with the blessing of “progressives” and the Democratic Party and their embrace of “multi-culturalism”. This, plus Fundamentalist and devoutly Catholic Guatemalans and Ecuadorians…..and Fundamentalist Islamic Pakistanis.

    Good little gay liberal white boys (95% of the commenters on this site), beware.

    @ICEBLOO No, Icebloo, this is not what Romney voters looked like–it is what Obama voters looked like.

    @JACKFKNTWIST Come on, now, you know that the ANGRY WHITE MALE is the root of all evil–you have pointed it out repeatedly. LOL.

  11. Rick says

    “All this Thanks to Scott Lively and his ilk…. We here in the USA have a similar thing with NOM”

    Yes, it is all the fault of white American fundamentalists because, as we all know, a) Black African culture is not at all homophobic in the absence of outside influences, and b) Black Africans are too stupid to think for themselves and therefore gullibly and docilely do anything that white foreigners want them to do

  12. John Normile says

    Rick, Think of hate as a hit song…. If one pushes it enough the people will buy it…. and you obviously can’t get it out of your head

  13. Rick says

    “Rick, Think of hate as a hit song…. If one pushes it enough the people will buy it…. and you obviously can’t get it out of your head”

    No, John, thanks, but I will think of it as exactly what it is–the endemic and venomous homophobia that characterizes the black race wherever it lives–Africa, the Carribean (no fundamentalist Americans in Jamaica), Alabama, or Oakland, California.

  14. John Normile says

    And Please Rick ….sleep well with the understanding that your hateful vitriol kills HUNDREDS….yes that’s right, HUNDREDS of gay kids each year

  15. African Sexual Minorities Liberation Front says

    LGBT Africans and their allies will organize the resistance globally to the planned genocide. All Ugandan entities and representatives will be subject to disruption in every country where they may be found. This outrage will not proceed unanswered.

  16. Francis says

    Yes, a lot of the comments are very horrible and we all know what they are. With that being said, I send a big middle finger to Ugandan officials. But if this is the game they want to play, two can play at it. In fact, more than two. Have fun destroying your country, Uganda.

  17. simon says

    It is rather cynical about the barbarism under the parliamentary language they learned from their former colonial masters.

  18. Charlie says

    Oh hold on, some of these posters ARE right-wing Nazi Freepers. They don’t let US post on their Stalinist censored, moderated, banned message boards but we let them in and look what they do, spreading their racist garbage all about the place.

    Let them comment but be aware: the enemy is HERE.

  19. simon says

    It is sad. When the British government threatened to cut off financial aids if they enact this kind of barbaric laws, they cry racism and imperialism that reminded them of the colonial past. Superficially the elite has adopted the system of government from the British and even may be proud of it. On the other hand, they have this inferiority complex when people tell them what’s wrong and why they mess up.

  20. andrew says

    @Queenie: Your choice of the words “savages”, “wild animals” and “filth” tells me that your post is motivated more by racism than a genuine concern for the unfortunate homosexuals who live in that country.

  21. jamal49 says

    As ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. That’s what hate will do to a person. Make them repulsively ugly. God help our LGBT family in Uganda. Believe me. Once that bill is approved, there will be rampant violence against gays and lesbians.

  22. simon says

    US has also chimed in and threatened to cut off aids to Uganda.
    “Cables from the US Department of State that were recently published on Wikileaks suggest that the Ugandan government quickly capitulated to pressure from foreign governments and promised to let the ‘kill-the-gays’ bill die in legislative committee,”
    It is likely that the speaker pushed this bill because she has upped the ante and asked for more money.

  23. Diogenes Arktos says

    Everyone should reread Simon’s post on imperialism and colonialism. I have heard repeatedly on the BBC that locals dread outside intervention. The impetus for the bill NOW is a dirct backlash because of the recent IPU meeting in Canada. Mme Speaker took umbrage at a Canadian government official daring to quetion her homophobia – because she felt it was not on the agenda: “The subject under discussion is ‘Citizenship, Identity and Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in a Globalised World’, please stick to it [and not homosexuality].'” It’s sad she doesn’t see how LGBT rights fit those categories. We need to think seriously about our LGBT friends and allies in Africa before opting for a quick, emotional response.

  24. Jaime says

    I cant understand why they are only penalizing the gay men and not the gay women why? because she is a woman?This world needs to be equal through race and sex.

  25. Robin Dulake says

    We surely should support a bill which protects minors from ‘grooming’, but protect adults from ignorant bigotry made law.