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Bill O'Reilly Believes That the 'Gay Rights Agenda' is at the Root of the 'War on Christmas': VIDEO


Bill O'Reilly agreed with Imus in the Morning producer Bernard McGuirk last night after he blamed abortion and gay rights for the so-called 'war on Christmas'.

MCGUIRK: The war on Christmas is very, very real, and if you ask me, in addition to some grouchy misanthropic heathen atheists it has to do - at the root of it - with two things - abortion and the gay rights agenda, because Christianity is against those things. It's subtle but that's why it's so pronounced in recent years.

O'REILLY: Hundred percent agree. I absolutely agree 100% that the diminishment of Christianity is the target and Christmas is the vehicle because the secularists know the opposition to their agenda (legalized drugs is in that as well) comes primarily from the Judeo-Christian traditionalist people.


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'General Hospital' Introduces Lipstick-Wielding Gay Male Nurse


General Hospital debuted a new character this week, a gay nurse played by actor Marc Anthony Samuel. To establish his character as gay, his first scenes involved him pulling out a tube of lipstick and offering to touch up a heterosexual woman. Oy.

UPDATE: A follow-up to this post.

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UC Berkeley Student Government Demands School Ban Salvation Army from Campus for its Bias Against Gays

The UC Berkeley Student Government has passed a resolution demanding that the school ban the Salvation Army from campus over its bias against gays, Campus Reform reports:

SalvationarmyThe resolution, cleared on November 14, accuses the charity of openly discriminating against gay individuals.

“Salvation Army church services, including charity services, are available only to people ‘who accept and abide by the Salvation Army’s doctrine and discipline,’ which excludes homosexuality,” reads the bill, SB 176.

In the resolution, the student body also demands school administrators revoke the Salvation Army’s permit, which currently allows them to collect donations on the Berkeley campus.

“Allowing the Salvation Army to collect donations on campus is a form of financial assistance that empowers the organization to spend the money it raises here in order to discriminate and advocate discrimination against queer people,” it adds.

The Salvation Army denies it is anti-gay:

"The notion that we require those we help to 'accept and abide by the Salvation Army's doctrine and discipline which excludes homosexuality' to receive assistance is totally false," wrote Kathy Lovin, a spokeswoman for the Salvation Army.

In fact, the Salvation Army's bias against gays is well documented, including statements by officials that homosexuality is "an unacceptable urge", its lobbying against same-sex marriage in the UK and Australia, its threat to stop serving NYC if it had to obey an equal benefits ordinance, and its statement by an official just this year that gays should be put to death.

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When Santa Found His First Gray Hair: VIDEO


Father Tiger imagines when Father Christmas was a young dark-bearded stud in their rocking new carol "On Christmas Day". Now who'd rather be naughty than nice?



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Here are the Details on 'Suddenly', Hugh Jackman's New Song in 'Les Miserables': VIDEO


Four new featurettes are out on the upcoming Tom Hooper adaptation of Les Miserables, including one about a newly-added song called "Suddenly", which acknowledges Jean Valjean's paternal awakening upon meeting Cosette.

Check it out, along with three more on hair, make-up, production design, and costume.


And for those of you who can't get enough, two more featurettes on production design, hair and make-up:

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Portland, Maine to Open Early for Midnight Gay Marriages on December 29

Portland, Maine is set to allow same-sex couples in the state to marry at the earliest possible moment, opening at midnight on December 29 for three hours, the Press Herald reports:

METhe city announced Thursday that it will open its municipal offices from 12:01 to 3:01 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29 – the day the state law allowing same-sex marriage takes effect – to issue marriage licenses and perform weddings.

The announcement came a day after Augusta said it would open its offices for the same purpose on that Saturday, during more traditional morning hours.

Portland decided to go a little further and open the minute the law takes effect.

"There was a lot of discussion about logistics, and the feedback from staff and others was that this would work," said city spokeswoman Nicole Clegg.

Maine municipal offices are closed on Saturdays.

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