Atlanta City Council Passes Resolution Supporting Marriage Equality While Mayor Refuses to Do the Same

The Atlanta City Council has passed a resolution supporting marriage equality, Project Q Atlanta reports:

WanGay Atlanta City Council member Alex Wan quietly introduced a resolution supporting gay marriage on Monday. It passed. Crack open the cheap wine! But don’t tell marriage equality wet blanket Mayor Kasim Reed.

Wan developed the resolution out of the public eye, consulting with Georgia Equality and other activists to develop it and present it to the council. But after the vote, Wan announced its passage on Facebook:

Proud to share with everyone that the Atlanta City Council just passed a resolution supporting marriage equality!!!

Reed refuses to publicly back marriage equality, though he will support the right of the Council to pass a resolution.

His office issued a brief statement to the GA Voice after the vote on Monday. “Mayor Reed respects the decision of the Atlanta City Council in passing a resolution supporting marriage equality.”


  1. says

    The best thing the gay community can do is to boycott Atlantic City and let the residents of Atlantic City know it’s because of their bigoted mayor. Spend you money elsewhere but don’t spend it in Atlantic City.

  2. Ben says

    I think OS2 means Atlanta.

    I don’t think a quiet “respects the decision” memo should be answered quietly — you can’t “respect a decision” that would push for equality without actually actively pushing for equality!

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    It’s impossible for Gays to boycott Atlanta. Half the damn city is Gay. Vote for a new mayor.

  4. JP says

    So my question is what does this mean? Is this just a symbolic thing? Sounds to me like it won’t really amount to much since it’s banned int he constitution of Georgia.

  5. Mary says

    I understand the logic in boycotts. But they aren’t always the way to go. If a whole state was uniformly anti-gay (say, Utah, for example) you might want to boycott because trying to change minds there would be too difficult. But in a place like Atlanta (not saying Georgia as a whole, but just this city) you have a more liberal outlook. This is just the place where an increased gay presence would help change opinions and turn the tide in a state-wide battle. Eventually the red states will become pro-equality. It has to start somewhere. Change in the cities and eventually the more socially moderate suburbs can in time outbalance the conservative rural areas. My gut feeling is that Atlanta is one of the last cities where a boycott would bring about good results. Wouldn’t it just make the more moderate or liberal city dwellers feel penalized and hinder their transition to a more gay-friendly value system? Somewhat ambivalent (about gays) but not outright homophobic people need more contact with gays and gay-owned businesses in order to evolve. Boycotts diminish the contact. Just speculating here.

  6. says

    We can bash republicans all we want, but our time should be better devoted to asking WHY democrats in major cities where a big population is gay are refusing to acknowledge our eqaulity.

    WHY is this Atlanta mayor getting a pass from gay rights organizations?

  7. Scott Johanensen says

    Over 200 mayors, of essentially all major cities came out in support of gay marriage..noticeably absent was Atlanta’s mayor. I’m curious to know what LGBT, and there’s a significant number of you, are doing to put pressure and challenge your mayor on that?

    Other LGBT in other cities have put the pressure on their mayors and educated them. It worked. Curious to know if same is being done in Atlanta.

  8. Steve-ATL says

    Atlanta LGBT are way too complacent, and some of them drink wayy too much of the Church Kool Aid. I know. I live here. When a gay young man was attached by a homophobic crowd of thugs, a number of Atlanta LGBT groups said the gay victim needs to calm down, and actually started to help the defense fund of the attackers while writing the judge a note requesting the attackers get off. The Atlanta LGBT community is one of the slowest in terms of making change happen. It’s pathetic.

  9. Duration & Convexity says

    It IS frustrating that a democrat of a city that has such a vast LGBT influence could be so consistently opposed to our civil marriage. Clearly more dialogue needs to be had. I would hope Wan would be the man to do it

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    I had heard that there were a goodly number of Northerners in Atlanta. That should have been a sympathetic Democratic demographic.