1. simon says

    There is indeed a sea change in Boise and the World from the 1950’s. There is a wiki entry “Boise homosexuality scandal” which is about the witch hunt for homosexuals in the 1950’s and a lot of men were sent to prisons.

  2. Gigi says

    How embarrassing that this type of legislation in the United States in the year 2012 is even necessary. People find it acceptable that one can be fired or denied housing simply for being gay? How archaic.

  3. Ken says

    There is a chapter in a book titled “The History of Gay America” about the Boise gay witch hunts in the 1950s about a young man from Boise who moved to Santa Monica, CA and was arrested there and taken back to Boise for trial. He was institutionalized and suffered a treatment plan for his homosexuality that included electroshock therapy. Because he was gay.

    So now there are some equal rights for gays in Boise. Sixty years later. Progress seems so slow.

  4. Jeff Humphreys says

    So in other words, fags can’t be fired or kicked out for any reason, or it will be conflated as anti-gay. Great.

  5. JD says

    A great day to be a Boisean – years ago I was fired because I was gay (yes, that is the reason my boss gave me for my termination). Granted, it was a part-time after-school foodservice job and it was no big loss, but it rattled me for a long time. The majority of Boise businesses don’t need a law to tell them right from wrong but there are still some pretty big employers here that do. Now that we have this ordinance I hope we can attract some more employers to the area – which is good for everyone. Proud to be a Boise native!

  6. andrew says

    WOW. An anti gay discrimination ordance in the redest of states. Times sure are “a changing”.

  7. andrew says

    @Jeff: No a$$hole they just can’t be discriminated against for being gay. If you were able to read you would understand that.

  8. Mary says

    Good news. Maybe this will help change the reputation of Idaho as a bastion of white supremacy and “batshit crazy” conservatism. I have never, even when I was somewhat homophobic, understood the logic in firing people because of their sexual orientation. If you can do the job your sexuality shouldn’t matter – period.

  9. Mary says

    Andrew, I think what Jeff may be worried about is that the firing of any gay person for ANY reason will nnowot be viewed as anti-gay bigotry and be grounds for a lawsuit. However, even if some individuals will abuse anti-discrimination laws by filing bogus lawsuits, this isn’t a case for a lack of legal protection. Any law can potentially be abused. This is still a good day for gay equality. I’m proud of the people in Boise.