1. Mike says

    It’s funny how NOM used to tote the fact that “every time the American people voted on same-sex marriage they voted against it” and every judicial opinion allowing same sex marriage was “judicial activism.” Now they look at the votes that went the other way as “wrongs” to be “righted” by the courts.

    I wonder if they have to work hard at wrapping their minds around all of the contradictions or if it somehow just comes easy to them. I suppose years of being told that God is three entities and at the same time there is only one God makes these kinds of mental gymnastics a piece of cake.

  2. atomic says

    @LittleKiwi: If I knew the ages of his children, I could calculate the relevant probabilities using a life table and some assumptions about the percentage of gay-identified persons in the US population. But a rough estimate might be given by supposing that this latter value is 5%–that would mean approximately a 1 in 3 chance that at least one of his children will be gay. A more precise estimate would involve adjustments to account for the increasing trend of younger people to honestly self-report their sexuality (due to decreased homophobia), as well as the theory that gay male children are more likely to be born to older mothers who have already given birth to other male children.

  3. AJ says

    Came here to say something about Brian Brown being an a55 etc. Realize, I lack the energy. Everyone already knows what a bigot he is, so. Meh. This is one of those “Water’s still wet” posts.

  4. says

    well the reality is that when it comes to being against gay couples marrying, Brian *is* an expert.

    well, as expert one can be about defending and intellectually-indefensible position that holds no weight nor merit.


  5. Joey says

    @ATOMIC & LITTLE KIWI: Unfortunately I don’t think you can really apply statistics to being Gay..
    Im #3, of 12. 7 of us are now over 21. #8 will be 18 within 2 months, and no one else is L,G,B or T. So I have to call BS. Even in the youngest set of my sibs, I don’t suspect any queers..

    Id be more then happy to elaborate on my family dynamics to prove my point some other time, but being Gay is far more an inherited genetic characteristic then it is whatever hormones someone thinks the mother creates, etc. My fabulous Gay comes from both sides of my fathers ancestry, and theres a long line of fabulous Gays to back that up.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “but being Gay is far more an inherited genetic characteristic”

    That’s interesting, Joey, and I think you’re correct. My family is loaded with them…I mean, us.

  7. G says

    “…just like Roe vs Wade did not end the abortion debate”

    This speaks volumes to this bigot’s confidence in his case. How can Brian Brown’s family have any respect for him after watching this?

  8. anon says

    I doubt that if gay marriage is upheld there will be tons of political energy on the right to overturn that the same way they wish to overturn abortion rights. They aren’t trying very hard to get back DADT, so if gay marriage rights happen, it will probably disappear as an issue. Will gay married couples still face discrimination. Of course. But the marriage debate will essentially be over.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    I’m surprised that Faux News didn’t shut Wydra up. It’s probably so they could give Brown his full time.

    @Joey: Yes, you can apply statistics to being gay. Please take a course in probability. You might start with Silver’s book.

  10. Matt says

    Quite honestly, I am astounded at their hubris. They really, honestly, and truly believe this is in the bag for them. Wow, just wow. How can someone honestly be so self-assured?

  11. PeteP says

    It sounds to me like Fox News is shifting its tone on this debate. They did not have to quote the exit polls that showed more Americans in support of same sex marriage, but they did so to weaken Brown’s argument. Let’s see if this continues. I hope so.

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