1. Jeff Kurtti says

    A “Christian Pastor” who “believes the Bible” knows what a bunch of hogwash using the Book as basis for this line of reasoning is. He is a charlatan of the highest order.

  2. bamjaya says

    Chelsea speaks truth to power and Warren shows why the young flee his kind of fundamentalism in every religion. Don’t cry to me when you find out payback’s a dog, honey.

  3. Oliver says

    He tries to make it all sound so sweet and kind and warm and fuzzy except that we’re not talking about liking or not liking rhubarb pie, we’re talking about the fundamental rights of individuals.

  4. Rob Halpin says

    What the good pastor doesn’t understand is that when he and his wife disagree with one another, they still go back to being equal members of society when the disagreement is over.

    How fundamentally obstuse, ignorant and – well – dumb – of him not to understand that. It’s not a difficult concept.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Before I watched the clip, my question was the same as Warren’s, “Why is she asking this?”. What does she expect this guy to say differently than he’s already said? The whole interview had nice production values, but it was indeed a rehash of questions that have been asked and answered.

    Why do people care so much about this particular big shot preacher that they have to hear the same answers over and over again? It would have been much more interesting to interview several small town ministers, both pro and against marriage equality, especially those whose opinions have evolved.

  6. Pete N SFO says

    All these “Nation’s pastors” need to go jump in a lake.

    The next time gov’t invites a “spiritual” person to lead a moment of prayer or meditation, they ought to find someone worthy- obviously outside of the dominant Xtianity.

  7. rapture says

    The Bible also give thumbs up to slavery. (specifically Paul, in the New Testament) Same argument used by “Christian Pastors” to discourage the abolition of slavery in the US of A. As Christian Pastor I must support slavery. “

  8. Michael says

    I’m guessing he doesn’t believe gluttony is still a deadly sin.

    btw, isn’t this the man who is partly responsible for the Kill The Gays bill in Uganda? F*ck him.

  9. jpk says

    Chelsea clinton dropped the ball here. Whether he ‘agrees’ with me or not is moot. He as no right to feel entitled to legislate against my rights. Attack him with his own language. I don’t need/want his Love. Get out of the way of my rights. This guy was wide opened to be taken down. Opportunity missed.

  10. nick says

    This generation’s Elmer Gantry is an affront to thinking men and women everywhere.
    A previous comment was correct. The fraud has been instrumental in bringing his brand of Xtian fundamentalism to Africa-paving the way for the proposed genocide of gay people in Africa. Another wonderful legacy of the odiously pious American theocrats.

  11. you can't be too careful says

    I hope Chelsea washed her hands thoroughly after that meeting, and then took a long, hot shower before putting those clothes in the fire place.

  12. says

    I’d like to hear his opinions on “gays’ in the broader context of his other “Christian” beliefs – how does he feel about Jews?

    How does he feel about the more than 6 million exterminated in the holocaust? are they in Hell for not being “Christians”?

    can jews marry? Atheists? which specific Christian denominations will lead to damnation, and not his planned salvation?

    in those nuances, the emperor reveals himself to be naked.

  13. RC says

    Gay marriage & marijuana being legalized on the same day. It all makes sense now.

    Leviticus 20:13- “If a man lays with another man, he should be stoned.”

    We were just interpreting it wrong.

  14. Goddog says

    Utter garbage. Clinton isn’t a real journalist, but I’ve seen many experienced journalists fail to aggressively question the contradictions and hypocrisies of charlatans like Warren. This gluttonous pig of a man talks about ‘loving a person’ but not agreeing with everything they do. But that’s a complete avoidance of the question. You can’t love a person whose rights you don’t respect. You may try to rationalize your feelings as ‘love’, but it’s really just coercion. And in the case of a religious huckster like Warren, it’s less about love and more about distracting you while he picks your pocket.

    He merits nothing but contempt and disdain.

  15. Mark B says

    The Bible is an indoctrination manual for “Christian” pastors.

    Jesus said he is the alpha and the omega. People can only come to the Father through the Son. Not the Bible.

  16. Scott Amundsen says

    I don’t think Ms Clinton “dropped the ball” here at all. Instead of vivisectioning the guy Mike Wallace style, which admittedly would have been fun to watch, she asked carefully thought out and well-placed questions and in the process gave Warren just enough rope with which to hang himself. By the end of the clip he was drowning in his own religious babble. I say well done, Chelsea Clinton.

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    Obama royally screwed up when he invited Warren to give a prayer at the inauguration. Back in 2008, Warren hosted a debate between Obama and McCain. When he attempted the same this summer, neither wanted any part of it. One can hope Warren has no role at thie inauguration.

    @Mark B: LOL In fact, some Christians believe there are “anonymous Christians”, which are people who really believe in Jesus even though they really don’t know it since they reject Jesus – this way people like Jews can be saved. I much prefer a doctrine with precedent in traditional Christianity that the righteous in everey generation will be saved.

  18. TonyJazz says

    Why was this man on TV?

    Keep these fools on the Fox News Network—they only place they belong!

  19. Randy says

    Rather than expecting an honest answer, perhaps she’s sowing seeds of reason which might have just the tiniest chance of blooming in that stone of a brain.

  20. voet says

    I wish just once one of these conservative Christians would say, “As I understand the Bible, I believe it is wrong.” It is one thing to believe that the Bible is the “infallible word of God,” but it seems to me the epitome of arrogance to say,”my interpretation of the Bible is the correct one.”

    I became immeasurably happier when I stopped caring what these people believe.

  21. Jeff Atwood says

    Why doesn’t some journalist ask “If you believe that the bible is the word of god, then why don’t we stone adulteresses?” Is there any ambiguity there? Warren dances and parries, but his position is indefensible. Same-sex marriages bring good things to society too, like homes for the unwanted children of heterosexual unions. Once this issue is finally past us, Warren will be tossed on the scrap heap of history along with this fellow bible bigots.

  22. SC David says

    Sadly, this faint probing by Chelsea is about the most I’ve ever seen Rick Warren be pressed within an interview. And yet he seems increasingly shrill, condescending and irrelevant. A shame she wasn’t better prepared.

  23. Tarc says

    Any one that confuses their ‘disagreement’ (the fantasy) for ‘abject, aggressive harm’ (reality) needs to be shunned by everyone with a working brain. Warren is a nasty piece of homophobic work.

  24. The Bony Man says

    This man has sooo many false equivalencies… Forcing everyone too get baptized is not the same as allowing everyone to marry who they wish. Calling someone hateful because they actively fight against your civil rights isn’t the same as calling someone hateful because you disagree with their religion. The logic, it is painful.

  25. Diogenes Arktos says

    If nothing else, those who want a theocracy are expecting the courts to rule on Biblical interpretations (God help us) and actual Christian practice. For example, do you baptize infants or only believers?

  26. socalgal says

    There is only one truth. God’s truth. There are behaviors that bring depression, disease,pain, heartache…so because of God’s love He wants to spare mankind this hurt and death He’s told us through the Bible what will hurt us…and the way out.

    Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of sin (yes, all men have sinned!) brings Eternal Life. And this is the only way to God. This is GOOD NEWS!

    Each person makes their own choice…each person will have a consequence in both life and death as to their choice.