‘Dallas Morning News’ Endorses Marriage Equality


In January of 2011, the Dallas Morning News made waves by announcing that it would not publish same-sex marriage announcements because same-sex marriage remains unrecognized in Texas. It was six months before public outrage forced the paper to change their policy.

Today, about two years on, the paper made another big announcement: they’re endorsing marriage equality.

Same-sex marriage has been percolating at the state level for several
years, leading to a patchwork of laws that create more confusion than
clarity. The court can undo that confusion by determining the
constitutional parameters of this issue.

We urge the Supreme Court
to affirm the right of gay couples to marry based upon the fundamental
American ideal of equality before the law. It is critical that the court
also make clear that such a ruling won’t require churches whose
doctrines oppose same-sex marriage to perform such ceremonies.

The paper’s editorial also highlights the broadsheet’s own support for inclusion – they opposed a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage and support non-discrimination policies in their workplace – and concludes, “What’s at stake before the Supreme Court is how a secular society should respond to the growing demand for same-sex marriage.”


  1. Richard Harney says

    No it is not critical that the Supreme Court waste their breath to make such a distinction. Churches do not need a special right to refuse same sex marriages, they already have that special right and the court doesn’t need to say anything to make that exception legal. It is funny that our side uses that as a bargaining chip to make it look like we compromised.

  2. Pete N SFO says

    “What’s at stake before the Supreme Court is how a secular society should respond to the growing demand for same-sex marriage.”

    I think this is very true. I’d also like them to resolve the taking away of rights through ballot initiative.

    In any event, I’m happy people are voicing their support. Ultimately, the Court will need to see there is a consensus for change.

  3. Icebloo says

    I live in Dallas. I hate the right wing Dallas Morning News. They have done nothing to help us and many things to damage us over the years. Despite their change of support I will never buy the newspaper again. Dallas Morning News endorses Republicans. Those Republicans have denied us our rights for years. The newspaper is partly responsible for that.

  4. Casey says

    Wait…are you sure this is the paper’s editorial or is it a GUEST EDITORIAL? The line “– Former Bush solicitor general Ted Olson, who will lead the team arguing in favor of the constitutionality of same-sex marriage” in italics at the bottom makes it appear as if Ted Olson wrote this, not the editor.

  5. Randy says

    The Dallas Morning News opposed Proposition 2 (editorial October 21, 2005) which ultimately was passed overwhelmingly by their readers, and enshrined marriage bigotry into the Texas Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

    So I am not surprised that they also support us in our Supreme Court case. It will have about as much effect on the outcome as their previous positions.

  6. JP says

    @Casey … It is, indeed, an editorial penned by the Editorial Board of The Dallas Morning News.

    The italicized identifier at the end refers to the direct quotation preceding. The quote was probably “pulled” and set into the text of the editorial as a visual element.

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