House GOP Secretly Bumped Anti-Gay Budget To $2 Million

LundgrenHouse Speaker John Boehner and his fellow Republicans are constantly harping on about the national deficit and financial responsibility, yet they're more than happy to pump millions into their ideologically-driven mission to "defend" DOMA, the law barring federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

Roll Call reported today that House GOP leaders secretly upped the cap amount they were allowed in their pursuit of injustice from $1.5 million already spent to $2 million.

The budget bump was given a green light by Rep. Dan Lungren (pictured), the House Administration Chairman, on September 28. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi didn't catch wind of the raise until today.

Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade asked Boehner today, before the $2 million story broke, whether he would ask for more funds, to which Boehner said, “If the Justice Department is not going to enforce the law of the land, then Congress will," even though the Obama administration does indeed still enforce DOMA.

Maybe the topic will came up during Obama and Boehner's conversation today about the so-called "fiscal cliff"?


  1. Icebloo says

    This is what Republicans do – it’s their way of legally taking a pile of taxpayer’s money and putting it in their own and their friend’s pockets. The lawyers they are giving this money to are their family and friends and when election time comes this money will be handed back to the Republican politicians from these lawyers so they can then use it in their campaigns. It’s basically the taxpayer’s funding the Republican Party AGAIN.

  2. Joe in CT says

    These Republicans have backed themselves into an ugly corner. They have no choice but to continue to throw more money to the legal team they hired to litigate these cases. To pull out now would be a sign of weakness. They must pursue it to the bitter end. It’s sad. But not surprising. One day, they will be judged to be as bigoted as the southern Democrats who battled against desegregation.

  3. Bill says

    No surprise that Dan Lungren was involved. At one point, he was California’s attorney general. He was not only pro death penalty, he was pro gas chamber to the point of wanting to “prove” that the use of a gas chamber is humane by torturing rats by “colon balloon distension” and measuring the point at which they squeal, varying whether the rats are exposed to cyanide or not. He didn’t like lethal injection – too wimpy, I guess.

    You can find an on-line article at (search for Lungren, and then note that this web page quotes the San Francisco Examiner, 10/24/1993).

    I remembered it because, at the time, aside from the death-penalty issue, I took it as an indication that this guy is a real loon. The test isn’t even good scientifically – Lungren did not explain how to determine if the cyanide simply made it more difficult for the rats to squeal. It’s not like you can ask them, even if you are one figuratively.

  4. Icebloo says

    The US political system is SO broken and SO corrupt. How the hell can one political party raise a budget like this with no debate and no public knowledge of it ? What else is happening that we aren’t being told ?

    This is OUTRAGEOUS ! The Republicans responsible for this need to be in jail for fraud and corruption. This is no their money to just use as they like – this is TAXPAYER money ! They are a disgrace. The party who claim to be “fiscally conservative” are happy to waste our money on one of their extreme right wing agenda items. Why aren’t they using their OWN money to further their agenda ?

  5. says

    The headline of this story says it all…
    They are willing to spend money on losing causes, but never for working class blue collar or union workers. Even though they are constantly wrong, as long as the right wing controls their money… they will never give in to reality. There is a need in America for a major 3rd political party for unsatisfied middle of the road republicans and independents.

  6. RexT says

    Sounds like they raised their ‘special’ debt ceiling, losing case after case. With case ties to SCOTUS/DOMA – gotta get their ‘we love to discriminate using the law’ legal team back on payroll. Butthead Boehner.

  7. RexT says

    Sounds like they raised their ‘special’ debt ceiling, losing case after case. With case ties to SCOTUS/DOMA – gotta get their ‘we love to discriminate using the law’ legal team back on payroll. Butthead Boehner.

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