How Did The Log Cabin Republicans Buy That Chuck Hagel Attack Ad?

LCRPosterLike so many others, journalist Glenn Greenwald has some lingering questions as to why the Log Cabin Republicans decided to run that full-page New York Times ad against potential Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel.

For example, why did the gay GOP group suddenly decide to take such an ardent stance on Israel, which former Sen. Hagel's opponents claim he doesn't support? "The only mention of [Israel] on its entire website is as part of a laundry list of nations which allow gay and lesbians to serve in the armed forces," he writes at The Guardian

Greenwald is equally perplexed by LCR's sudden interest in Iran, the decision to oppose Hagel's past homophobic comments. They have after all supported anti-gay lawmakers in the past, including Mitt Romney in 2012's presidential election.

And, most importantly, Greenwald wants to know how cash-strapped Log Cabin Republicans paid for an ad space that goes for about $100,000. So, ever the diligent reporter, Greenwald asked R. Clark Cooper, the Log Cabin's outgoing executive director. Cooper, as one can assume, was not forthcoming.

In response, the group's Executive Director, R. Clark Cooper, confirmed that LCR did not pay for the ad out of its existing funds. Rather, he said, the ad campaign "is being funded by a number of donors". But he not only refused to identify any of those donors, but also has thus far refused to say whether those "donors" are from the self-proclaimed "pro-Israel" community and/or are first-time donors to LCR: in other words, whether these donors are simply exploiting gay issues and the LCR to advance an entirely unrelated agenda as a means of attacking Hagel.

Between the lines, Greenwald sees what he says is a "favorite neocon tactic": "cynically exploit liberal causes to generate progressive support for their militaristic agenda." And he thinks the LCR should have the decency to tell us who's working behind our backs: "Gay advocates are the exploited tools in this effort. We should at least have some transparency about that fact."


  1. Alex Parrish says

    Well they are, after all is said and done, republicans. What would you expect? It is part of their mantra to value personal expediency over justice. Otherwise they would just have to call themselves “Log Cabins” Manipulation of causes is typical of their tactics. We should stop thinking of them as Gay republicans and instead see them as republicans who also happen to be self-hating homosexuals.

  2. Bingo says

    We don’t yet have a name for this sort of pink-washing in reverse. It probably doesn’t deserve anything better than toolery. Saps and suckers.

  3. says

    This was the first thing I thought of when I learned of the ad- WHO PAID FOR IT?

    Of course, don’t expect any truth from LCR- they live in a fantasy world where the Republicans are pro-gay and the Democrats are anti-gay.

  4. Rob says

    TYPOS, Andrew, TYPOS! Are you Brendan Thorpe? “The president would like to marriage equality in Illinois.” And what’s with the sentence on Iran in this piece? My eyes, they burn. Make it stop!

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    The article pointed out that R Clark Cooper contradicted a position he enunciated just a few days earlier. I’m so surprised;-)

  6. says

    they paid for it from the money they made blackmailing college kids into performing sex acts on them.

    that’s sorta how gay republicans do anything.

  7. mikemike says

    Nailed. Can’t recall any LC ads against any of the numerous GOP homophobes. Now, when the neocons and AIPAC want to stick it to Obama, the LC are there to, as an above commentator puts it, “reverse pink wash” Hagel. Total shills.

    Greenwald, as always, is spot-on.

  8. Boone68 says

    How, exactly, are Log Cabin Republicans relevant in any national discussion? Really, they are such a freakish niche that I don’t see how they could have any influence over a cockroach much less a cabinet nomination.

  9. jamal49 says

    The Log Cabin Republicans are nothing but a bunch of tongue-wagging butt-boys for their conservative task-masters. Thanks Mr. Greenwald for busting the LCR assholes and exposing them for the lackeys they are.

    Towleroad, could we now just let the LCR and GoProud alone? 98% of the people here DO NOT CARE about the LCR or GoProud (except to deride them mercilessly which I admit is quite entertaining).

  10. MikeH says

    The only positive thing I can think of that the LCR ever did was the lawsuit against DADT… Normally my inclination is to automatically take the opposite position – so if they are against Hagel, I’m for him…

  11. MikeH says

    The only positive thing I can think of that the LCR ever did was the lawsuit against DADT… Normally my inclination is to automatically take the opposite position – so if they are against Hagel, I’m for him…

  12. says

    exactly, MikeH.

    you know that every day gay republicans need to get out their fine-tooth combs to search for things “brown people are connected to” to complain about, rather than the outright bigotry of their fellow white conservatives.

    the irony is galling. criticizing a man for comments made more than a decade ago whilst throwing their support to bigots who say equally incendiary (and WORSE!) things in 2012.


  13. Scotty says

    Oh and FWIW, the LCR would have no problem whatsoever with Hagel if he were appointed to the post by a GOP prez. But they, like others in the GOP, fear that Obama will add a “bipartisan” feather to his cap with the appointment, and that simply must not be allowed. Any GOPer who would agree to work for Obama is therefore a traitor and fair game. This story is all about rigid partisanship and ideological extremism, and nothing to do with Hagel’s personality or views on specific subjects such as Israel or gay rights. The LCR are just being manipulated and used as water carriers for others in the GOP establishment.

  14. John Farmer says

    Does anybody really doubt for a second that had Hagel been nominated for SecDef by a Republican administration, this fight would be played out exactly in reverse? Progressive gay rights groups would be calling Hagel unacceptable and laughing at a 14-year late apology, while Log Cabin types would denounce the whole affair as a tempest in a teapot. The problem, as usual, is partisan hackery.

  15. John Farmer says

    @Scotty: The SecDef for the first 2 1/2 years of Obama’s presidency was a Republican. The Transportation Secretary is also a Republican. There is an obvious partisan angle to this, but I think it’s pretty clear that the GOP establishment is opposing him for primarily ideological reasons.

  16. Jimbo says

    That Pink logo is awful. Looks like two elephants humping… very bad taste. Are you sure it isn’t a prank??????

  17. TonyJazz says

    We should have greater respect for LCR over GOProud.

    For one, LCR is a legitimate organization, whereas GOProud is a handful of people with too much money.

    For two, LCR is not nearly as hypocritical and out-of-touch-with-reality like the GOProud bunch.

    Unfortunately, it is fair to say the GOProud bunch is our equivalent to Westboro Baptist Church… sorry, but true…

  18. says

    But Tony, that would be lauding an anti-slavery yet pro-Segregation group over a group that is still pro-slavery.

    The LCR’s positions may have been admirable if this was 1975. But it aint.

    While one may still have *more* respect for the LCRs over GOProud, that’s still like giving someone a gold star for being the brightest kid in special ed, whilst on the sixth year of high school.

    Like, “good for you. but you’re still a few hundred thousand paces behind everyone else”

  19. EdA says

    And in exchange for prostituting itself further (or at all!!!) LCR has succeeded in getting exactly how many Republicans to cosponsor ENDA?

    Do I need both thumbs??

  20. DC Arnold says

    Like the Homo Robbing Committee (HRC), Licking On Gonads Cabin repugs thinks that any publicity is good publicity as long it keeps the spotlight on the brand so it can ask for more “donations”

  21. Jean says

    Besides accepting an Iranian nuclear weapons program even if Iran obtains ICBMS aimed at America, there are many many reasons besides Israel and Anti Semitism issues that make Chuck Hagel a very poor choice.

    Hagel’s troglodyte record on gay rights is still an issue even though President Obama finds it very inconvenient as he would like to nominate Hagel tomorrow.

    I hope the President will not risk the political cost of loosing the confirmation battle on this terrible choice.

    It’s not only about what he said many years ago, but that he has not come out for any specific or general commitment to equality for gay military families.

    In general for gays to accept Hagel, he must say that he would like to see DOMA overturned at the Supreme Court.

    But there are many ways a Secretary of Defense could help gay military families no matter how DOMA is decided and Hagel has not come out in favor of any of these.

    Reports to the contrary, LGBT equality is not yet a done deal in the military. There is still the matter of partner benefits. There still remain a handful of regulations that could be revised independent of the Defense of Marriage act that could bring some equity of compensation and benefits to gay and lesbian servicemembers. but remain denied due only to Department of Defense foot-dragging:

    Included in the discretionary benefits currently denied are spousal identication cards, cited in the Pentagon’s own Working Group study as not requiring DOMA repeal to deliver.

    Presiident Obama should also condider
    that besides the bad politics of alienating Democrats by not choosing, Flournoy, a great Democratic manager, many people familiar with Hagel say he is a poor manager.

    Hagel has drawn additional heat from insiders who claim he lacks the credentials needed to manage a department as large and essential as the Pentagon.

  22. andrew says

    The LCR are obviously being used by the “chicken hawk” neocons who, while they never served in their nation”s military, just LOVE sending young Americans to risk being wounded or killed in needless wars. They are terrified that team Obama-Kerry and Hagel will make those “fun” wars harder to get involved in.

  23. andrew says

    @Little Kiwi: To compare the kids in Special Ed, who work hard to achieve their “gold stars”, with the LCR is one of the most offensive posts that I have read on Towleroad.