Lady Gaga Thanks Russia’s Medvedev For Opposing Anti-Gay Law


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was asked last night about a spate of anti-gay laws in Russia, including the “gay propaganda” fines enacted in St. Petersburg, where Lady Gaga is performing this evening. Such laws are unnecessary, he said.

“Not all moral issues, behavioral habits and inter-personal
communication patterns have to become legislatures,” said the prime minister. “Because not all
relationships have to be legislatively regulated.”

Pleased by the PM’s stand against his conservative allies, Lady Gaga tweeted him some love, “Thank You Prime Minister Medvedev for not standing by your party’s anti gay propaganda law & instead supporting my show+fans all over Russia.” Madonna of course flouted St. Petersburg’s draconian edict, which led to fines, a failed $10 million lawsuit and a warning from the State Department.


  1. Tony says

    Everybody knows there are a lot of gay Russians and some of them are in top offices like any government, it is time for them to come out and support their LGBT brothers and sisters who want freedom.

    Now why don’t somebody do something about the pedophile Catholic priest who raped and abused children and still get away with it by hiding their names and information. Today in the news the court said that the Catholics needed to release the names and information on their pedophile priest and then the Pope and Catholic Church said they destroyed the names and information about their pedophile priest. They are criminals who break the law not only do they let these pedophiles rape and abuse children now they his them and their records which is also a crime after the courts said to give them the names and information.

  2. ratbastard says

    Teaching profession at all levels

    Clergy [all religions, RC of course is by far the biggest Christian denomination, bigger than all Protestants combined]. And if you live or have lived in places like NYC with an unusually large Jewish population, you’ll know there are a lot of scandals involving Rabbis and kids that rarely make it to the mainstream national news.


    Medical profession

    ANYTHING involved in ‘youth’ activities like coaching, scouting, etc.

    REALLY, any position where a person has some authority over another human being young or old, especially vulnerable people, seems to attract more than their share of sociopaths, psychopaths, those with personality disorders and paraphilias like sadism, pedophilia, etc.


    Of course the president and his hardline party MPs could be playing good cop/bad cop, for external PR purposes.

  3. says

    Those who saw the show in which Medvedev made the statement say there was a lot of hysterical laughter on the part of the journalists AND Medvedev. They found _questioning_ the anti-gay-propaganda law silly.

    And of course Medvedev can say anything he wants and the law can still be adopted.

  4. memelissascott says

    In my own opinion, Lady Gaga is the true and honest artist of the industry today. She write her songs, her music, and produces all her singles.