1. Bobby says

    You know, I’m sick of hearing how Gaga has no talent and is a Madonna copy. Let me tell you, Gaga has a hundred times more musical talent than Madonna and as for the shock value to her shows, that was going on WAY before Madonna ever copied it. Another thing Gaga has going for her is her devotion to equal rights and her tireless efforts to fight bigotry. I don’t recall Madonna EVER doing that. Madonna is fine and has talent but Gaga just does it better with more musicality and a WAY better voice and more focus on righting what’s wrong.

  2. DeeperStill says

    Every time I read a monster comment, I become more and more convinced that fans of Gaga are required to be ignorant of all things not Gaga, and write at least one hateful sentence about Madonna per day.

    Kinda funny to watch the lil moronic monsters make fools of themselves like that. But mostly just sad…

    “Luther Martin”. lol


  3. AJ says

    NEWS FLASH: Some people love them BOTH. Last concert I went to was Madonna. Next one I’m going to is Gaga. They stand on their own merits. Madonna and I have a history that Gaga will not be a part of. And Gaga is always new and fresh and exciting and has such fierce talent and audacity it blows me away. Btt let’s get this straight, kids. There would be no Gaga without Madonna paving the way for her; something that even Gaga admits.

  4. AJ says

    And I’d like to see ANY of you fierce keyboard warriors have the guts to go into a gay-hating country and have the guts to stand up and expose yourself on a stage in front of thousands of people and be an advocate for equality. Let’s be real here. Both Madonna and Gaga have done that and they should both be applauded for it.

  5. Marc Patlan says

    It’s really unfortunate that Madonna and Lady Gaga’s message of equality and unity is ruined by the very people they are standing up for. Not all but some.

    Gay people everywhere are benefitting from either one of their gay rights efforts no matter how small or large their contribution or who did whatever first. If you’re a fan of either, you should carry out the message they preach and come together. Grow up.

  6. Rick says

    “Where’s all my gay kids tonight? Tonight, this is my house, Russia. You can be gay in my house. And if you ever need me, Moscow, I will just be a telephone call away.”

    This is so typical of straight women and their attitudes, especially fag hags. They view gay men as possessions, pets, and children (“my gay kids”). They imagine themselves to be “protectors” of gay men…..when the only reason they can get away with what they do is that they are straight women and therefore beneficiaries of the code of chivalry that straight men apply to them (which they do not apply to gay men).

    They would never reference straight men in such condescending terms, because they actually have respect for them as men.

    And pathetically some gay men–mostly effeminate gay men–are so lacking in courage and self-esteem–or just so foolish–that they actually applaud this kind of condescension and disrespect instead of recognizing it for what it really is.

    The gay men who are fighting for their rights in Russia face very real dangers and are displaying amazing courage every day–and praising this condescending, self-involved little woman who is protected from any consequences for her actions not only by chivalry, but by the fact that she is a celebrity and a foreigner (and an American at that) is truly disgusting

  7. says

    This is typical Caca–making all about HER instead of the cause she is trying to celebrate. Her whole “I love the gay” shtick is a massive marketing campaign. She is trying to deal with a career that is bombing. Her South American dates have bombed and there are THOUSANDS of tickets left for her North American shows.

  8. Icebloo says

    Just another publicity stunt from Gaga. She is pathetic now. She started out very well but she has just become totally self absorbed and too far removed from the real lives of her fans.

    She is always TALKING but not actually DOING anything for the gays. She’s just another straightie who wants our money but she doesn’t actually do a thing for us.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS Gaga !

  9. Ryan says

    Icebloo, that’s a comment I do not understand but hear quite often. It’s a publicity stunt snd she just wants our money. Estimates say that maybe 10% of the population identifies as gay, and that’s being generous according to some trains of thought. How, then, is marketing yourself to such a small demographic in any way profitable or smart from a business standpoint?

    Even if her message is a publicity stunt, it still gets through. Regardless of the motives behind it she has shone a spotlight on the LGBT community and promoted a message of equality and unity. Yes, some of her fans are terrible little jerks, and yes, some of Madonna’s are, too. That doesn’t mean they all are, and it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people of all ages out there who need to hear someone with her popularity and influence say these things. When I was a depressed gay teen growing up in a rural Baptist town in Florida, no one said these things. No one acknowledged gay people in a positive way, let alone went as far as to tell their audience that it was something to celebrate and be proud of. I think 13 year old me would have been over the moon to hear that message, without thinking twice whether it was genuine or not.

  10. jesse says

    @rick ‘This is so typical of straight women and their attitudes, especially fag hags.’
    Gaga is neither a fag hag or a straight woman. she’s bisexual. I understand the anger many people feel toward superficial straight ‘allies’ who just want to be part of the glamor of subculture, but understand that Gaga is not one of them. She is a queer woman standing up for HER OWN community.

  11. Marc says

    What’s with all the catty remarks? Why are people still insisting on some ridiculous war between Gaga and Madonna?
    Come on people, grow up. If you love none, one or both of them…. good for you. Just stop fighting. Life’s way too short for pettiness like this.
    If people spent less time blasting others and instead focused that energy on making themselves better people the world would be better for it.
    Do YOUR thing…. and let Gaga do hers and Madonna do hers.
    People know who THEY are. Do they know who YOU are?
    And honestly, who cares if they do? Just do your thing and quit all this stupid fighting. We are better than that. I love our gay community way too much to see all this bullish*t going on and not say something.
    Respect yourself. Respect others.
    Now go make some art….

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