Lady Gaga’s US Tour To Combat Anti-Gay Bullying

GagabornLady Gaga's upcoming sojourn across the United States will include a "Born Brave Bus Tour" to combat anti-gay and other forms of bullying.

The AP explains:

The singer announced Thursday that the Born Brave Bus Tour will
tailgate outside her upcoming U.S. concerts and provide a space for 13-
to 25-year-olds to learn more about local resources on anti-bullying,
suicide prevention and mental health services. Her foundation focuses on
youth empowerment and self-confidence.

Organizations like The Trevor Project, Campus Pride and the National
Association of School Psychologists will assist on the bus. Participants
will not need a ticket to the show to partake.

The Born Brave Bus will be open a few hours before each show in the tour, which kicks off on January 14 in Tacoma, Washington.

Gaga recently returned home from Russia, where she ruffled anti-gay feathers by speaking out for inclusion and honesty in St. Petersburg, a town where "homosexual propaganda" is prohibited.


  1. ratbastard says

    Oh great. I’m a gay man, and am now strongly associated with Lady GaGa and the type of music she performs [doesn’t create it; someone else is responsible for that].

    Yes, my mp3 player is full of divas, and tween and teen girl, gay men’s pop music.

    *sarcasm off*

  2. brian says

    RATBASTARD, I’m just associating you with an a$$hole. Because anyone criticizing a straight ally with enormous influence who is supporting our cause is a sociopath.

  3. UFFDA says

    Let’s start out with clear definitions: Everyone who doesn’t like Gaga is Bad, everyone who does like her is Good.

    Good will prevail during Gaga’s concert tour because she is REALLY clearly pro-gay (Rick is going to have to rebuild his prejudices around her for sure).

    Now. Choose sides.

  4. danswon says

    I did wonder if all the pro-gay stuff was just pandering to the pink pound. But I really think she is a true ally and a good person after reading this. Well done Gaga!

  5. MaddM@ says

    seriously some people wouldn’t be happy until she finds a way to manifest herself at every attempted gay teen suicide to give a personal performance of “hair”

    and yes to our resident troll ratbastard everyone read that and we all thought it was ever so clever so please shut up now

  6. Matt says

    It’s amazing that she can’t really do right in some gays’ eyes. At what point will you accept that she is not exploiting us and that she could actually really care about queers and bullying. Do I dare say that this effort might be the best unintentional response to our school violence issue?

  7. says

    Matt, there will always be gay men who resent the liberation, freedom and openness of others. In some weird way, they almost don’t want cultural Equality to come, as it will rob them of their excuses for remaining Closeted, as adults.

    blaming lady gaga and the young people she’s empowered for their own inability to live just as openly.

    projection. the musical!

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