1. Emmy says

    Mitt Romney has said more offense things about gay people over the last couple months than Hagel did 14 years ago, yet these morons endorsed Romney, hypocritical much?

  2. Lee says


    So… @LogCabinGOP has an Iran policy? Do they yet have a “don’t endorse anti-LGBT candidates” policy?

  3. cahbf says

    he retracted and apologized. given that the most extreme, far right wing is attempting to scuttle this nomination maybe towleroad ought to do a little homework before jumpin on the anti-hagel bandwagon. many think his nomination is a bellweather of whther reason can ever prevail in the war on terror. its a very complicated topic but moderates should be fighting hard for him to be confirmed. for the lazy, just search hagelon, a he doe a pretty good job explaininig whas going on.

  4. Jack says

    What else do you expect from the most self-loathing group in America??? The Log Cabins have done nothing for Gay Rights.
    And I can’t wait to see some typical Log Cabin guy come on here crying how we on the left hate them, and that Mitt Romney really wasnt a homophobic pig.

  5. Ryan says

    Chuck Hagel is one of the few Republicans who isn’t a crazy, warmongering neoconservative like John McCain and Mitt Romney. Hagel opposed the Iraq War and actually supports slashing US “Defense” spending. So naturally, the dopey Log Cabin republicans oppose his nomination over a comment he made 15 years ago. They probably were hoping for John Bolton as Secretary of Defense.

  6. Wayne says

    He “retracted and apologized” BULLSH*T! Hagel intentionally derailed the first gay Ambassador’s confirmation for no other reason than the ambassador was a gay man. And he NEVER apologized for it for FOURTEEN YEARS and then only after he was called out for his bigotry! This bigot is NOT someone who should be in charge of the continuing repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and it’s an INSULT that Obama would favor a bigot like Hagel for the job.

  7. Jay says

    I agree with Emmy. Hard to take these nuts seriously. I don’t like Hagel, but with the LCR opposing him, I’ll have to reconsider. He certainly never said anything more offensive than the egregious Mitt Romney did during the 2012 campaign.

  8. LincolnLounger says

    Typically short-sighted of the far-left loonies who comment here. If a President McCain had nominated Hagel for dog catcher, the Obama Hallelujah Chorus would scream bloody murder.

    Once again, the gay community and its political agenda are stronger when they have allies in both parties. Knee-jerk Republican hatred is ridiculously short-sighted and doesn’t do any good. If all Democrats are our friends, why isn’t gay marriage legal in Illinois, where Democrats control everything.

    Painting with a broad brush is stupid. Not all gay men are twinks. Not all Democrats are “progressive”. Not all Republicans are the devil.

  9. SoLeftImRight says

    Log Cabin Republicans — always wrong about everything!

    Hagel’s anti-gay BS was offensive and wrong. He has apologized, accept it or not, the target of it accepted it. I’m not sure I’ve seen or heard enough on his current stand, and that is relevant.

    The LCRs are idiotic, of course, because Hagel’s stance on Israel and Iran are just what we need to stir up the lockstep nonsense that goes for Middle East policy in this government. Whether or not he’s the right one, his arguments are valuable and need to be heard. LCR is on the wrong side here, big surprise.

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    I cannot fathom LCR. With their insistance on a Jobs Only policy during the election, which was a successful as Abstinence Only sex ed, I doubt they have any meaningful Mid-East policy. If they want to fault Hagel for his foreign policy positions, they should retroactively fault their ex-standard bearer who had none. I think their opposition to Hagel’s former LGBT stance is similarly pathetic, given Romney’s unequivocal (!) stance – a certain foreign policy advisor notwithstanding. A lot can change in more that a decade. Hagel may very well have done so. My only issue with him: I’m not pleased that the Administration seems to be ceding to the Republicans the defense card.

    @cahbf: How do you get that TR is on some bandwagon? I just see TR covering a national issue. It also has a gay angle.

  11. andrew says

    When your enemies are the Chicken Hawk Neocon Republicans who think war is usually the answer, the Israeli Lobby, which thinks the U.S. should rubber stamp all the positions of the Right Wing Israeli government, and the Log Cabin Republicans who are just pathetic, count me as a friend.

  12. John says

    Had he been running for president 2 months ago, they would’ve given him a full-throated endorsement and explained to us why he was the better man despite everything else.

    Because he’s a potential Obama cabinet member? No way, Jose.

    I hope Obama holds firm and we have Hagel as SoD – we need a final takedown of Neocon thought in the Pentagon. It took Nixon to open Red China and it’ll take a Republican to turn back the tide of the Bush Doctrine once and for all.

  13. antb says

    @Andrew, my thoughts exactly. If the neocons and LCR’s are opposed to Hagel, it’s likely that he deserves my support.

  14. darkmoonman says

    The LCR publicly opposing a Republican because he’s anti-Gay? Hell must have frozen over.

    And to the LCR: you’re welcome (in response to the “thank you” overdue to we liberals who’ve fought for and won the rights that you, as gay citizens, enjoy).

  15. Jean says

    Ambassador Hormel never accepted Hagel’s late and self serving apology.

    He thought the apology for the vicious words were a good thing, but

    What he said was if Hagel is in favor of equal benefits and rights for gay military families, such as housing, pension, insurance and PX, then Hormel would accept his apology.

    Hagel has not and never will accept these conditions.

    Whatever your opinions about Republicans, Log Cabin, Iran or Israel are Hagel has views on Iran and Israel that are very different and actually opposite to President
    Obama’s views and the views of Pro-Israel Americans that form a very large and important part of the base of the Democratic

    Should President Obama nominate him many Democratic Senators and almost all Republican Senators will vote no.

    This would cripple the Obama Administration in its second term exactly the same way Clinton was shot down when he tried to let gays serve openly in the military early in his term.

    I don’t think that would be good for us.

  16. Diogenes Arktos says

    @John: I wish I could agree with you. Yes, it took Nixon to go to China. OTOH, while Hagel is a Republican, he’s too far to the left.