Maggie Gallagher: We’re Going to Lose DOMA and GOP Lawmakers Refuse to Speak Up About It

Politico notes that Republican lawmakers have been completely mute on the Supreme Court's decision to take up DOMA, a law which they've spent close to $2 million  in legal bills defending.

Maggie_gallagherNOM's Maggie Gallagher noticed:

Advocates on both sides of the issue said they’d seen no statements from Republican lawmakers about the court’s decision to take on DOMA and an even more provocative dispute regarding a ban California voters approved on same-sex marriage.

“I’m personally grateful to Speaker Boehner for being willing to defend the law, but it’s clear GOP elites don’t want to talk about it and want to keep it as quiet as possible,” said Maggie Gallagher, a founder of the National Organization for Marriage and a fellow at the conservative American Principles Project. “That’s so obvious, I don’t see any point in pretending otherwise.”

And according to comments left by Gallagher on the Family Scholars site (which is a David Blankenhorn property), she thinks DOMA will be overturned:

"To strike down Prop 8 on 'narrow grounds' proposed by the 9th Circuit is so intellectually dishonest that if that is what the Court wished to do I think they would have refused to hear the case. I think Kennedy will overturn DOMA (perhaps joined by Roberts) and then uphold the right of states to refuse to accept gay marriage (i.e. uphold Prop 8). The victories this November for gay marriage at the polls make that outcome more likely. Justice Kennedy will likely see it as not at all unlikely voters will overturn Prop 8 soon and see that as a much better outcome than constitutionalizing gay marriage."

Adds Jeremy Hooper: "If the legitimacy holds, then this is quite newsworthy. Maggie has been one of DOMA's staunchest defenders (at least in recent years; she initially called it 'timid'). Maggie's beloved National Organization for Marriage has dedicated an entire project to 'defending DOMA.' Regardless of her more hopeful prediction (in her view) on Prop 8—which I, by the way, think is way off the mark both in predicted outcome and in spirit—her concession on this one key agenda item is a pretty major one."


  1. Pete N SFO says

    GOP doesn’t want to talk about DOMA. For 1 thing, it’s over. And for another, it’s the last thing they should focus on while this ‘fiscal cliff’ baloney is in the headlines. It doesn’t take a strategist to figure that one out.

  2. Erik says

    Wow she’s hard to look at. I know that there have been a lot of comments along those lines, but she must cry every day looking in the mirror at the sight of Lizard Lady.

  3. Michaelandfred says

    Maybe even more than marriage, I’m hopeful for a day when we no longer have to see and hear from this hate filled shrew that has hurt so many lives. What a miserable woman. What a sad, pathetic, empty life she leads….

  4. AllBeefPatty says

    “her concession on this one key agenda item is a pretty major one.”

    When you look in the mirror day after day and nothing changes, perhaps she came to the very obvious conclusion that she is simply a hateful toad.

    Think of it this way Maggie, you have spent your life doing nothing.

  5. belo says

    @F Young, this article doesn’t provide enough information about Gallagher’s comments for you to say her predictions make sense. For example, what basis or rationale would the court rely on in overturning DOMA? You have to accurately answer that question before you can say that her prediction on Prop 8 makes sense.

  6. says

    Blankenhorn deleted my comments regarding Maggie on his blog. I pointed out that she had spent decades making money stirring up anti-gay hate. I guess you aren’t supposed to criticize Saint Maggie.

  7. anon says

    Her support for DOMA doesn’t make much sense. It harms couples that are legally married, which would harm their kids. Even if she wishes to rid the world of gay marriage, she should still support any policy that would help a gay marriage raise kids. Her support for DOMA suggests that she doesn’t care about children at all and just maintains a consistent anti-gay animus.

  8. Javier says

    Ya know what, I think Maggie is spot-on correct about the outcome of the court cases. I can’t disagree.

  9. Chris says

    Non-American here, so I have to ask: If the court rules Prop 8 unconstitutional, will that overturn bans across America? Will it legalize Marriage Equality across America? If for the most part the answer is ‘no’, what’s a possible way that the answer could become a ‘yes’?

  10. Bob Hope says

    Unfortunately, Chris, there doesn’t seem to be any real way of predicting what the Supreme Court will do since the politics of getting a majority may mean some compromise from either side of the issue.

    Additionally, the Court has a lot of options on how to handle the case which range from:
    – No marriage equality in the US
    – No marriage equality in the Ninth Circuit
    – No marriage equality in California
    – Marriage equality in California
    – Marriage equality in the Ninth Circuit
    – Marriage equality in the US

    Some people think that we’ll have a better sense of how individual justices feel when oral arguments begin in March because justices can “tip their hands” when they’re asking questions of the attorneys.

    Also, FYI, the Ninth Circuit is the US Court of Appeals that covers Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

  11. bayhuntr says

    Lets be real, her biggest concern is, how is she going to make a living if it isn’t off of demonizing gay people. Poor thing, she has nothing else she’s good at.

  12. Alexander says

    good prediction from the hate mongering lady with a bad haircut. I was thinking the same thing before i got to this article. Scalia should be taken out of decision making on this case however because he is clearly biased and his animus comments about LGBT people are unnacceptable.

  13. Anthony says

    I still don’t think Kennedy will uphold Prop 8, because he knows in 10 or so years it will look like a horrible decision.

  14. Lock says

    WOW!! do you mind putting a warning on before that pops up on the screen? This poisonous little nasty who makes $$$’s out of hate and fear just sees her income dissapearing. No more – No less