Maine Is Now The Eighth State Where Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal


Congratulations to Michael Snell and husband Steven Bridges, the first same-sex couple to marry after marriage equality became legal in Maine after midnight.

From Bangor Daily News:

The first gay couple to be married in the state of Maine took their
vows in a short ceremony in the Portland city clerk’s office at
approximately 12:25 a.m.

"We finally feel equal and happy to live in Maine," said Steven
Bridges, who married Michael Snell less than a half-hour after same sex
marriages became legal in the state.

The hand-holding grooms sported purple carnation corsages, matching
T-shirts printed with the phrase "love is love," and grins so big they
hardly seemed to fit on their faces.

Snell and Bridges, both of Portland, have been together for nine
years and had a commitment ceremony six years ago, but late Friday
night, they were more than ready to make their love legal. The couple
was the first in line to be married beginning at 12:01 a.m. Saturday in
one of the state’s first legal same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Snell, Bridges and all the other couples are just more proof that 2012 was a watershed year for the equality movement, and provide hope that 2013 will be just as bright.

[Image via Gregory Rec at the Portland Press Herald]


  1. Icebloo says

    Take that GRUBS (Gay Republicans) ! – progress is happening despite you and your anti-gay political hate group. We don’t want or need your help or input you losers !

    THANK YOU to all the decent people of Maine who voted for equality. Mainers are LEGENDS !

    Congratulations to all the gays getting married !

    This is wonderful news to end the year.

  2. Merry & Gay says

    “Well the stereotype of well dressed, and body hyper-concious gay males just took a knock-out punch.”

    I remember years ago being in a room full of gay people, mostly men at a college reunion, and thinking how absolutely ordinary everyone looked.

  3. Jerry says

    What a sweet visual. It is inspiring to see same sex couples get married when it is more than symbolic in their state. My partner and I of 42 years would like to say “I do” in Pennsylvania where at this time the message is “you won’t”.


  4. Dave says

    These guys seem fine, but the same article discusses a lesbian couple. One of these women thought it would be a fine time to criticize the institution of marriage and to opine that she was taking part in order to increase acceptance of “alternative lifestyles.” Some of these people who get married in the very first minutes of the very first day are publicity-seekers and, more importantly, idiots.

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Dave: Amen.

    The first to break barriers can be problematic. This has happened when various male-only groups have opened up to women. For example, in 1976 when The Episcopal Church allowed the ordination of women, a national magazine (Atlantic?) had a cover story “Trendier than thou”, which mocked some problematic women who were the first to be canonically ordained. While I thoroughly supported the ordination of women, I think those who were first should have been better vetted. Yes, it’s unfair to hold the first to break barriers to higher standards, but it’s a useful tactic to facilitate acceptance.

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