Mitt Romney Is Sad And Rudderless Post-Election

RomneyAloneThere’s an early Simpsons episode in which Marge becomes the church’s “Listen Lady,” leaving pious Reverend Lovejoy with nothing to do but play with his model trains.

To the toy passengers on these trains, the brokenhearted and bored pastor, playing the conductor, says “If the passengers will look to their right, you will see a sad man. That is all…”

After reading this Washington Post piece, “A detached Romney tends wounds in seclusion after failed White House bid,” I can’t help but imagine failed president candidate Mitt Romney in that Lovejoy role.

An excerpt:

The man who planned to be president wakes up each morning now without a plan.

Gone are the minute-by-minute schedules and the swarm of Secret Service
agents. There’s no aide to make his peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches.
Romney hangs around the house, sometimes alone, pecking away at his iPad
and e-mailing his CEO buddies who have been swooping in and out of La
Jolla to visit. He wrote to one who’s having a liver transplant soon: “I’ll change your bedpan, take you back and forth to treatment.”

In the end of the aforementioned Simpsons episode, Lovejoy saves Ned Flanders from being mauled by baboons after Marge gives him bad advice. The fallen pastor becomes a hero once again. Will Romney pull off a similar comeback? Is he willing to risk his life fighting off rabid baboons to save a fellow American?


  1. JNJ says

    Good riddance. You know, I’ve ignored the first few articles on this site about this idiot after the election, but can we go ahead and drop him off in Africa so it will end? Who cares if he isn’t mentally strong enough to handle his own affairs. Welcome to life.

    THANK GOD he didn’t win.

  2. voet says

    With all his money Romney could make a significant difference for some worthy cause.
    There are many examples. Look at everything Jimmy Carter has done in his “retirement.” Look at what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are doing with their wealth. He might find a renewed purpose in life. Narcisists have a really tough time when it is not all about them anymore.

  3. Gregor says

    I agree with Voet. There’s so much to be done in the world — Haiti, AIDS in Africa, making clean water accessible to people in (pick your continent). Or even here — why not do something related to the Sandy relief efforts. It’s so nice that he wants to help his CEO friends. Why not help some of the 99%?

  4. Michaelandfred says

    Seriously? Dude……you only had the remotest chance in hell of actually ever winning. You were the least worst candidate in a field of absolute electoral clowns, the worst field this country has ever seen and were ALWAYS behind in the poling. At least reality, world based polls.

    Many of us were scared shitless because every once in a while that million to one shot actually happens somewhere, but come on…..

  5. ErnstRoehm's Ghost says

    I’m sure that Romney will get over losing the race. (If not, he was WAY too sensitive to be president!)

    Election 2012 was really BIG!!! It was the last chance for Fox News-Tea Party Republicans to turn-back America to the model of Laissez-faire “some of the wealth will accidentally trickle-down” economics they bellieve in. Because of this election, America will see Obamacare: the first installment of socialized medicine.

  6. Houndentenor says

    While my projects are much less celebrated than Mr Romney’s, I do know what this is. Whenever a show closes (and it’s opera so the runs are always short) and the whirlwind of rehearsals and performances is over, it’s a huge letdown. All that ramped up energy and no where to go. The answer to this dilemma is always to find some new projects, as others have suggested. Mr Romney has the means to do pretty much whatever he wants to. Certainly there are any number of local, national and international projects that could use the money and publicity he could bring to them. And new ones seem to crop up every day. He could do this any number of ways. The question is: what is he interested in doing? And then we will find out if he was running to do something for America and Americans or only for himself.

  7. Jerry says

    He believed his own press, number one mistake of celebrity. Now it’s time to stop talking about him until he does something important for someone other than his cronies.

  8. Kenneth says

    He bragged about being a job creator, his ability to bring America’s workforce form the brink of disaster, so why not do it without the title? Nothing vindicates a loss like proving everyone wrong. Hop to it Mittens, now’s your chance, nothing is stopping you. Oh, I see! your love of this country was all BS to get you the one thing money couldn’t buy you.

  9. ratbastard says

    I wouldn’t worry about Mitt Romney. He’s been a very successful guy in his life, ran for president and lost by a few percentage points to a sitting president, is fabulously well off, no doubt has plenty of constructive and productive things to do.

    Does it occur to anyone how he can also now relax? I’m sure after running a presidential campaign there’s a huge desire and need to chill for a while.

  10. UFFDA says

    Romney has crashed and burned but survived. Unless he wishes to go on now and distinguish himself in the many new ways that are open to him he can lay in the wreckage unseen. Yet a new and genuine sweetness could overtake him, uplift and send him renewed into the world. No man ever had a better chance among legion reasons to reinvent himself. With time he may suprise us all. How welcome that would be.

  11. jamal49 says

    What’s the point of this posting? That any of us should feel pity for Mittens that he lost the election?

    Sorry, but while I am a man of much compassion, I am finding it difficult to muster any sympathy for a privileged white man who ran as the presidential candidate for a political party that has promoted an inimical political agenda against my very existence.

    Suck it up, Mitt. You lost. You might have had a chance to win if you had been true to the type of man you were when you governed Massachusetts or even if you were 1/4 of the man your late father, George Romney, was.

    You lacked character and conviction, Mitt. You were willing to whore yourself without shame to the perceived, controlling faction of your political party and by doing so, you ceased to be your own man and you became a shill for extremism.

    Your campaign was based primarily on insulting and demeaning the American people by accusing them of being “percentage players” with no intelligence who would vote for the other presidential candidate based on their desire “to take and not make” without even one iota of understanding that your corporate supporters were the biggest “takers” of all.

    You also seemed to forget that those very same Americans you demonized might one day have to send their sons and daughters to foreign lands to fight and die in wars of convenience whose only winners would be those very same corporate sponsors who supported you by garnering enormous profits from war profiteering.

    Sorry, Mitt. I don’t feel sorry for you in your post-election funk. Suck it up. Go out and tinker in one of your dozens of garages. Maybe ride one of those garage’s elevator up and down for entertainment. Strap your dog to the top of your car and take a day trip or two.

    You’ll eventually get over your loss. But, the real issue is your character, Mitt, or the lack thereof. Work on that.

  12. John Freeman says

    Can someone explain to me why I should care about this man? He tried to lie and cheat himself into a position of power and he lost – end of story. I’d be happy to never hear about him or see him again – ever.

  13. Soren456 says

    I continue to be surprised (but not astonished) how clearly it is that when it comes to Romney, nothing is there. He’s a husk.

  14. Caliban says

    According to the article, Ann is taking it worse than he is.

    “By all accounts, the past month has been most difficult on Romney’s wife, Ann, who friends said believed up until the end that ascending to the White House was their destiny. They said she has been crying in private and trying to get back to riding her horses.”

    Their “destiny”? That’s part of why voters didn’t like the Romneys, that arrogant air of believing the Presidency was somehow owed to them and no one would dare deny it to them, that like everything else in his life Mitt would just have it handed to him.

    As for Romney going on to do great works, I said it during the election and I’ll say it again. Mitt Romney is a sociopath and you can forget about him doing anything that doesn’t directly benefit Mitt Romney. He didn’t get the national office he was after so my guess is his next goal will be power in the Mormon church.

  15. Chitown Kev says

    Well, I quite sure that Al Gore had some depression in 2000 as well, but he got over and had puh-lenty of stuff do…and he eventually won a Nobel Prize.

    If Romney wanted to make a beginning on doing good things, then go for it…then again (unlike Al Gore) why hadn’t he been doing the right things all along?

  16. john patrick says

    Oh, poor little bully boy. He didn’t get what he wanted. Mommy and daddy couldn’t buy it for him and he couldn’t bully the mean voters to give him what he wanted. What a sad, unhappy little bully boy!

  17. Mike says

    Can not say that I am sad to know that he is glum. Would have been a disaster for our community and America’s stading in the world. No amount of hair gel, fake tans or fake simles will ever warm us non one- percenters to this liar.

  18. Eric says

    I never want to hear his name again, except as a warning to future voters. Besides, he’s much more like Mr. Burns and not Rev. Lovejoy.

  19. TonyJazz says

    Presidential losers rarely have a second chance—particularly someone with no record in Congress or without any particular agenda (etch a sketch).

    We are all blessed that he is done. Maybe he could do a service to the world by resigning the Mormon church and saying that the foundations of the church are as false as the tooth fairy?

  20. jaragon says

    Romney is rich man with powerful connections- he should use both to do some good in the world- perhaps that can be a better legacy than sitting around feeling sorry for himself

  21. Bob says



    The morholes believe God tells them their destiny is to save the USA — thousands of them prayed and fasted, trying to tell God what to do (as I view it). Since they learn from an early age not to take the word of outsiders, Mitt and his zealous convert of a wife, could not imagine losing.

    I hope this crushing defeat causes mormons to take a good look, and move into the 21st Century, but I will bet that they do not take it as a defeat of their philosopy and an impetus to change.

  22. SoLeftImRight says

    He should be busy refiling his tax return to take full advantage of his charitable deduction (which was nothing more than more money to fuel the hate-filled Moron church), and get a few more millions back from the government, after lying about the fact that he would never pay more than he was legally required to.

    My hatred for this man is almost as extreme as my hatred for Paul Ryan, the idiot of the pair that we still have to deal with in office.

    Play with those trains, Mittens. And how about creating some jobs…yeah, right.

  23. andrew says

    I don’t understand why someone, like Mitt, who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and a leader in business where everbody does what he tells them would like to be POTUS. The POTUS earns tops 1/2 million $$$ and is constantly critized by about !/2 the population. Has the weight of the world on his shoulders and ages before his time.

  24. Matt says

    Romney had no place in politics. You didn’t know what he was or what he stood for. But you knew, because you could look at Republicans in general and see what they stood for, therefore what he stood for. Non Republicans didn’t like it, and Republicans didn’t like Romney. How could he have been elected?

    From this election, it’s becoming apparent that Republicans need to change, or they’re doomed. And, much like this fiscal cliff, the only solution I see is the most extreme one. For the fiscal cliff, it’s undesirable, but for Republicans, it has to happen. They have to implode.

  25. jd says

    In other words, I am horribly depressed about not winning the lottery I did not purchase a ticket for last week, because my odds of winning that were about the same as Mitt’s of winning the presidency.

    Am I the only weirded out to now realize that Mitt Romney probably thought he was going to win for religious reasons?

  26. millerbeach says

    Well, while he pouts, I continue to do my happy dance that he lost. Praise the Lord he lost. My prayers were answered by God, not Mitt’s prayers. How does that feel, Mittens? God answered a GAY man’s prayers over yours! HA! Seriously, you never had a chance…someone else stated it so well…from a cast of utter clowns came Mittens, ill-equipped, but well-funded candidate. He had the eyes, ears and pocketbooks of all the “movers & shakers”, but could neither move nor shake them, nor anyone else.

  27. DC Arnold says

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. Why oh why do complete idiots get space here? If he was so smart why is he seeking sympathy instead of trying to pay back those to shoveled money at him. As ABFAB Patsy would say: let him die!!

  28. Danny T says

    Can anyone please explain why this is news? Why does the media force this sorta stuff down our throats? Andy — any insight?

  29. andy234 says

    Sad and rudderless and wallowing in his $250 MIL at his beach house in San Diego driving his new Audi while Ann has to force herself to stop crying and ride her horses again. What pity!

  30. tinkerbelle says

    Thanks Jamal49 for summing up the aftermath (and foremath?) of Romney (his and ours) so perfectly and so eloquently.

    Romney is lost because he didn’t stand for anything to begin with, and he can’t continue because he was not honestly committed to anything other than his own power and glory. That’s why he can’t turn an Al Gore, or a Jimmy Carter statesman thing. What we saw initially was the morally empty shell he truly is, and I don’t expect it to be filling up with anything positive any time soon. Time to retire and just disappear.

  31. tinkerbelle says

    Thanks Jamal49 for summing up the aftermath (and foremath?) of Romney (his and ours) so perfectly and so eloquently.

    Romney is lost because he didn’t stand for anything to begin with, and he can’t continue because he was not honestly committed to anything other than his own power and glory. That’s why he can’t turn an Al Gore, or a Jimmy Carter statesman thing. What we saw initially was the morally empty shell he truly is, and I don’t expect it to be filling up with anything positive any time soon. Time to retire and just disappear.

  32. Jerry6 says

    I suspect that most voters were, frankly, scared out of their wits when they realized that the Mormon Church leadership would have been the real “President of the United States”. The Mormon Cult is far more dangerous than the Pope when it comes to the day-to-day life of the faithful.

  33. ThomT says

    “he wakes up every morning without a plan” … just exactly how is that any different than it was before the election. Had the man had a plan, any plan, it is quite possible that he might be the President elect instead of the President’s lunch guest.

    Romney is the candidate that the party didn’t want, didn’t like and didn’t sufficiently support – because he had no core or principle beliefs beyond. And his pandering and trying to be everything to everybody ultimately made him a loser. it has to be rough to be the man who lost the election that the Republican’s believed they just couldn’t lose.

  34. Diogenes Arktos says

    I hope some day he faces up to the fact that he, Romney, did NOT win the Republican primaries. AnyoneButObama did. AnyoneButObama also got a karmic 47% in the election. Real people with real palns can pick themselves up after a suitable downtime. Please, Andy & al., cut down your coverage of Romney & company.