More Than 50 LGBT Rights and Immigrant Groups Urge Obama to Pause Visa Cases Involving Gay Binational Couples

More than 50 gay rights and immigrant advocacy groups have asked Obama to put on hold visa cases involving gay binational couples until the Supreme Court can rule on DOMA in 2013, the NYT reports:

WhitehouseThe gay and immigration organizations are joining forces on the marriage issue, hoping to capitalize on political momentum they gained from the elections, when gay, Latino and immigrant voters turned out overwhelmingly in support of Mr. Obama.

The groups urged the president to “hold in abeyance” cases currently under consideration by federal immigration authorities of United States citizens who are seeking permanent resident visas, known as green cards, for immigrants of the same sex they legally married. The Supreme Court ruling is expected in June.


  1. Francis says

    Glad to see this joining of forces on such a horrific issue, and let’s all hope Obama does the right thing here and puts all of these cases on hold.

    Exciting to realize that all of this could be over by June.

  2. Icebloo says

    Obama has helped us a lot in the past four years. Hopefully he can help us again with this. It’s time for FULL EQUALITY !

    We have to STAND UP against the organized religions. They are the real reason we have no legal rights. They are funding the Republican Party and controlling the Republican politicians. If they want the religion’s money the Republicans have to do their dirty work !

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