1. says

    Mormons: finding softer and gentler ways to drive their own children to suicide.

    how lovely.

    Mittens have 5 kids, and 18 grandkids. And, apparently, none are gay.

    yeah. right.

    let’s see how that works out.

    you’re a stupid cult and this is no progress at all.

  2. Tom in long beach says

    Wow, this is the same thing the Catholics did when the last Pope was around. Your orientation is not a sin. Just be happy being lonely and celibate. You do not deserve companionship. And I am sure some people will stay with them for these crumbs. Problem is when you have insisted for decades (or centuries) that you have the Divine Truth it is hard to make a reversal based on something shaky like the medical science that orientations do not change.

  3. David says

    Maybe they are losing church members over their positions in the past (Prop 8 in CA for example) and now they feel it in their pocketbooks. Ridiculous position on same sex attraction but it will convince many that the Mormon church embrasses their “less than equal” members.

  4. KP says

    Cue the media and church apologists claiming the Mormon Church is reaching out to the LGBT community. Instead they are just saying what they always say: God might have made you gay but he is sending you to hell if you act on it. Still hateful and hurtful. No thanks.

  5. Jack M says

    Yes, please stay with us so we can brainwash you and make you hate yourself and give us money.

  6. AJ says

    Nothing is going to change them unless their tax exempt status is directly threatened. They didn’t let African Americans in at one point, until the Civil Rights Bill passed and they were facing losing tax exempt status. Suddenly, God spoke to them overnight and said it was okay to let African Americans in after all. Hit them where it hurts: their wallets.

  7. Ben in Oakland says

    Stay with you? Let’s just take a quote from Porgy and Bess?

    Friends with you, low life?
    I fears I must decline.
    I’d sooner cut my own throat.
    Thank call YOU a friend of mine.

  8. Jay says

    Well, if the Romney campaign taught us anything about Mormonism it is that they are happy to lie about anything if it benefits them.

  9. Caliban says

    In the same spirit of “reaching out,” I say FU and the convicted con-man you rode in on.

  10. Bill says

    It probably wasn’t just tax status that encouraged them to let African Americans be full-fledged members (if I remember correctly, they had allowed African Americans to be members but African Americans could not be priests or other religious officials). The civil rights law passed when it did because we reached the point at which a critical threshold of voters believed racial discrimination was wrong. The Mormon’s “revelation” might have been motived by tax issues, but also by its desire to attract new members: the alternative would have been to be able to attract only white supremacists and related nuts, plus their existing members could have decided to bail out as well.

    BTW, one person who deserves credit for civil rights and who is never mentioned is Philo Farnsworth (who coincidentally was a Mormon). Farnsworth invented television, which allowed people like Martin Luther King to reach a large audience, and which made some of the abuses much harder to ignore (the firehoses used against peaceful protesters, for example). There were probably a number of people who would have been effective as Martin Luther King before he became a public figure, but without the communication infrastructure, their influence was limited.

    I suspect we’ll see the same thing again: a Mormon “revelation” accepting gays as the current Mormon policy becomes more and more of an embarrassment to them.

  11. Scott in SF says

    As a former Mormon, all I can say is I’m glad I’m out. It’s cruel to say that the only way you can be religious is to be celibate. Especially for Mormons, because the only way to get to heaven is to be (straight) married. Grr. Plus, I like the same-sex sexual conduct way too much to go back into a life of celibacy and lonliness. Despite what they think or say, same-sex intimacy is much more natural than celibacy.

  12. Michael says

    Yeah, I’m sure the Germans loved the Jews too.. Nothing is so much fun as pitying those you deem less than you are, especially when you deem them to Hell.

  13. mirele says

    I’d love to give a piece of my mind to the leaders of my former church.
    Actually, several pieces. Starting with, “So, it’s OK to be gay, but not to act on it?” And “You’re still encouraging social engineering by posting stories of gay people who have made themselves straight to conform.”

    *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* At least I’m out of that nonsense.

  14. TonyJazz says

    I expect the Mormon Church will come around to supporting their gay children, as this church is a morally rigid as ‘etch-a-sketch’ Romney was.

    Just because this church is malleable doe not make it any more legitimate.

    South Park did the best satire on the roots/beginnings of this cult…. The members may often be ‘good people’, but the church is nuts!

  15. jamal49 says

    Bullsh*t. Utter bullsh*t. The Mormons and their “church” can rot in the farthest depths of Hell.

  16. Disgusted American says

    ..and here in Phila. they’re Building a HUGE God-dammed Mormon Temple at 17th and Vine sts….FU Mormons

  17. says

    “Same sex attraction is not in itself a sin.”

    I’m so relieved I could $hit.
    Isn’t this yet another rehash of the old crap, being homo is OK as long as you don’t practice…. ie as long as you don’t love anyone.

  18. Bob says

    …Just as I predicted awhile back, when the mormon video of the Gay man happily married to the straight woman, living in mormonity for all eternity.
    THIS IS NOT ABOUT MORMONS EVENTUALLY ACCEPTING GAYS AS GAY — it is about a very basic tenet of the cheesey “prosperity scheme” that is their religion. All your family, ancestors, and progeny get to be with you for eternity, when, as a god, you get your own planet.

    THEY RISK LOSING THEIR FAMILIES, THEIR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS, JOBS, ETC., as well as wandering loose for all eternity.
    …. yes, it is a cult

  19. Diogenes Arktos says

    1978 – the year of the great revelation regarding African Americans (I doubt there was *anything* concerning tax-exempt status. I think it was sheer greed to get more non-whites invovled, especially outside the US.)

    Yes, LDS theology has a certain malleability. That’s one reason for “lying for the Lord”: it’s easier to change your beliefs when you make sure you can’t be pinned down. (Sounds like someone we all know!) LDS, however, tries to avoid revelations, because it looks like they are not infallible. Instead, LDS prefers to rely on faulty memory: it hopes problematic beliefs will simply recede into a collective amnesia. That’s why intellectuals are frowned on in LDS as they tend to ask too many questions – especially about history. It was one thing to allow African Americans full rights, because not too much had to change. To accept LGBT people, however, would be too massive a shock to LDS’s extreme heteronormativity. I recently read that an apostle said there were three groups who were the greatest threat to LDS: intellectuals, gays, and lesbians. (While I’m not convinced the quote is authentic, it certainly rings true.)

    I don’t like to dump on someone else’s religious beliefs, but LDS crossed some sort of line for me quite some time ago.

  20. Francis says

    It’s the new agenda of the right-wing. The agenda is no longer to blatantly hate gays. Now they are going to gently tell us that they hate us, and gently send the message we’re sinners and perverted, in a way meant to promote “tolerance” and “understanding”.

    It’s entirely a game meant to bring people to believe the same homophobic crap they do. We cannot allow anyone to fall for this propaganda.

  21. jaragon says

    I’m sure there are gays who would like to remain in their church- for them this is a step in the right direction.

  22. Caliban says

    If it tells you anything, the LDS sometimes decrees certain things not necessarily forbidden but to to be avoided because it’s “not conducive to faith.” One of the things they don’t really want Mormons looking into too deeply? Early Mormon history. That’s right, the Mormon Church, which is known for its vast archives of genealogical data (the better to covert the dead with, my dear), doesn’t want encourage their own faithful to look too deeply into church history.

    Why? Well there’s Joseph Smith’s conviction for scamming money from people by saying he would use a “seer stone” to find hidden Hessian gold on their land. That scam was remarkably similar to his later “finding and translating” the golden tablets the Angel Moroni showed him, the basis for the Book Of Mormon. Then the polygamy, obviously. Then there’s the bloody infighting and various attacks on other settlers.

    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

  23. teeveedub says

    This is a joke, right? I mean, does the Mormon Church really expect that a blatant PR move aimed squarely and solely at fixing its public image will do anything to offset the damage that they have done? The Mormons did everything in their power to influence the Prop 8 vote in the state of California, including dumping millions of dollars into the campaign to support the proposition. They did so in spite of the tax exempt status granted to them because they are supposedly non-political. Then, when folks began to catch on to where all that money was coming from, they did everything in their power to hide the fact of their involvement. And now they’re trying to muster up some compassion? What a crock!

    When the LDS decides they’ll give an amount to LGBT organizations that’s equivalent to what they contributed to the Prop 8 campaign, and throw in the legal costs of the resulting fight to overturn Prop 8 all the way to the Supreme Court, then they might begin to have some credibility. But not until then.

  24. says

    As a gay Mormon I lived for a long time with the cognitive dissonance of knowing myself while trying to believe the Mormon teachings about gay people. It nearly drove me to suicide. I’m out and happy now.

    I think the new website is just a PR attempt to slow the loss of church members who are leaving because of the church’s stand on gays. These are mostly great people whose own experience is in direct conflict with the teachings of their church. They leave to keep their sanity and integrity.

  25. David says

    Any talk of “dialogue” in the Mormon church is a farce. They dialogue about how they are right and gay people are wrong and that is it.

  26. stranded says

    In 1997, I was 19 and I let some missionaries into my life. I became interested in knowing about the church and for a short time they had meetings at my place, where they’d teach me about their book and how theirs was “the one true church”. I was then considered an unbaptized visitor and I was allowed to go with them on trips with them to baptize people. Many of them were friendly, and they are not allowed to befriend people unless they’re also fellow mormons or are people they’re trying to convert.

    I became friendly with many of them, but there was a guy from Utah, 19 years old, blonde, muscular, very sweet, whom I became deeply attached to almost right away. We talked as much as we could because we were in company of other people, but I felt we made a connection. I didn’t understand my feelings back then and neither did he, I guess. When it was time for him to be transferred (missionaries don’t stay in one place longer than three months), we both cried when we said goodbye and the last words he said were “we’ll be together one day”.

    I wrote him a long letter. I was angry, sad, disappointed and very much in love, and I poured out my feelings into that piece of paper. I let one of my friends in the church read it before sending it. She told me that letters to missionaries were “screened”, and she felt that my feelings were a bit “gay”, which was fine with her, but she reminded me that “the guys get freaked out about that stuff”. The incriminatory line was “I love you”.

    She was right; none of the young missionaries from that group would ever use foul language, but they had no qualms about using homophobic slurs, and they did often.

    I refused to change the contents of the letter. I sent it twice; first to the church’s PO box, and the second time I gave it to a church member who promised would deliver it directly to his hands.

    I never got a reply and was depressed for a long time, crying myself to sleep almost every night for a year and a half. It took me that long to get over him and accept that I’d never hear from him again.

    I came to the conclusion that missionaries compete among themselves to convert people. They really didn’t care if you get attached to them, their “mission” was to convert you and exploit your emotional weaknesses, then they move on to another location and never look back. If I was to be remembered, it had to be as one of those faceless people whom they’d think of when they told their family back home about how many they converted to the “true church”.

    That was the last of my disappointments with Christians, and since then I lived a happy and guilt-free life as an atheist.

    That said, I don’t expect for the mormon church to change their views on the LGBT community.

  27. UFFDA says

    What a pathetic hoot. A gay person’s right to enjoy sex and love the way he or she feels it is truly a fundamental God/Nature given right. It is not up for discussion or modification. Why on earth would anyone “stay with you”. What for? A new twist on torment, “It’s OK to have your bo*er, just don’t do anything with it.” FuOff.

  28. MJD says

    I was excommunicated by the Mormons for having sex with a guy I’ve now been with for 19 years. This is just more mormon BS. For those who are gay and still mormons: leave! It’s a better life outside. I’m properly married (living in Belgium!) and have two children and a great husband and a great job. True, genuine happiness which I never see in Mormons – even straight ones.

  29. Mark says

    I kinda get the feeling that this is a “come out come out where ever you are” all is forgiven PR blitz, but it feels more like the big bad wolf calling out to little red riding hood to trust him he won’t hurt her.

    “its not a sin to be attracted” but if you act . . . . uh oh.

    What are they actually saying: show yourselves so we can watch you more closely and then …. There’s obviously an ulterior motive here and its not good.