News: Tagg Romney, Frank Ocean, ‘Toxic’ Row, ‘The Hobbit’

1NewsIcon Tagg Romney on father Mitt's failed presidential run: "He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life… If he could have
found someone else to take his place … he would have been ecstatic to
step aside.

90sDrag1NewsIcon More 90s nostalgia from New York City's Duplex and Fire Island's Drag Invasions.

1NewsIcon Outgoing Rep. Barney Frank won't say yes or no to becoming an interim-Senator should John Kerry become Secretary of State.

1NewsIcon Anti-gay forces in France spent their pre-Christmas weekend protesting plans to pass marriage equality there.

1NewsIcon Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says she supports banning large ammunition magazines like the one used in the Sandy Hook school shooting. "I think we ought to be looking at where the real danger is, like those large clips, I think that does need to be looked at," she said on CBS' Face The Nation. "It’s the semi-automatics and those large magazines that can be fired off very quickly. You do have to pull the trigger each time, but it’s very quick."

Bladerunner1NewsIcon Movie spoilers circa 1982.

1NewsIcon Frank Ocean wrote a song for Django Unchained but it wasn't used, so he posted it online. It's called "Wise Man" and you should check it out.

1NewsIcon The Hobbit topped the weekend box office with about $150 million.

1NewsIcon A look back at Glee's biggest 2012 moments.

1NewsIcon British Prime Minister David Cameron's plan to legal same-sex marriage there has sparked a civil war in his conservative party. "…Cameron was last night battling to contain his party split over gay marriage after a delegation of senior MPs urged him to reconsider the plans – and two Tories had a ‘toxic’ public argument in the Commons over the issue. The confrontation between fiercely anti-gay marriage MP Sir Gerald Howarth and rising star Gavin Barwell took place in front of shocked colleagues in the Commons Tea Room."

Gareththomas1NewsIcon Out rugby and fitness star Gareth Thomas on coming out to his dad: "My family were amazing – once it was taken in, my dad, who is a very tough man, sat me down at home with the family; he opened a bottle of champagne and said 'this is a toast to the rest of your life son.' It was overwhelming, and my family as a whole have been superb."

1NewsIcon Gay singer Matt Gold discusses releasing his new album, Drown Before You Swim, without a label: "A label can help take you to that next level, in terms of visibility. Happily, there are artists out there on labels who are able to maintain
their authenticity and remain true to themselves. That’s one of the
reasons I respect Adele so much. She’s out there, doing her own thing
in her own style, and it’s all about her voice, and people like it.
When I see someone like Adele succeed, it gives me hope that my songs
might be received in the same way."

1NewsIcon Shia LaBeouf steps out with a new lady.

1NewsIcon Hmmm. A study from the University of Melbourne suggests that of LGBT people, lesbians are more likely to be depressed and problem drinkers and then dubiously concludes these women can overcome such problems by having children. Childbearing "builds a woman’s resilience" said the lead researcher, Professor Ruth McNair.


  1. Tarc says

    Dear Tagg (and yes, I already feel silly just typing that): it’s a great thing for the country that you dad, Willard, didn’t win, isn’t it? And what’s up with the helter-skeelter eyes? Please avoid, at all costs, trying to replicate your father’s mistake in taking political office. Mansion is slightly less scary. Love (heh), Me.

  2. Twit Romney says

    Wow. Like father, like son. Same tin ear. Same absolute lack of any sense of the appropriate thing to say. Even if this were true, you don’t say it right now. This is one big Mormon flip-off to all of the people who volunteered and sacrificed their time on behalf of Romney, and to all of the people who donated money.

    Even worse though, no one believes it’s true. It’s the sourest of grapes speaking. That b!tch wanted it. And so did Mitt. And so did all of them. For the glory of Moroni. And they just got shown that all that goofy Mormon theology is false and fake. IN YOUR MORMON FACES!

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    Romney – I’m not going to google it, but I vaguely remember Romney admitting to be hen-pecked into running by his wife.

    On the lesbian study – It sounds like another Regnerus – an anti-feminist woman as principal investigator:(

  4. Stefan says

    Nice to see box office reported, but a quick correction on The Hobbit squib. It didn’t make $150 million in its second weekend (which would have been a HUGE record). It has made $150 million so far, total. That’s $85 million the first weekend, another $30 million or so through Thursday, and then about $35 million this weekend. It’s actually under-performing in the North American box office. Foreign box office grosses have been solid but not stellar.

  5. Charlie says

    I feel insulted (and a little angry) by Tagg Romney’s claim that his father didn’t want to be president. Just how stupid do they think American voters are? Of course, they expected to win, so I guess they are rather stupid.

  6. james says

    Tagg, the majority of American voters knew, instinctively, that your dad didn’t really want to be President. And, because we didn’t want him to be miserable for four years, we didn’t vote for him. We were only thinking of him and his happiness. His campaign was never about us anyway. It was always about him, and we knew it. See how smart we are after all?

  7. woodroad34 says

    Tagg says he didn’t meet anyone who didn’t want to be President more than his dad….Kinda outta touch there, Taggy. 50+% of Americans didn’t want him to be President more than he didn’t want to be President (and those included some Republicans as well). So, dear boy, get out a little more and meet the people from the majority of this country–your eyes might be opened a little and your brain cells increased.

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