1. Larry says

    The CIA’s mad scientist made the HIV/AIDS virus to kill off blacks and gays. Think about it, white Americans are now buying up Africa as well as other countries. It is a plan for population control and they target the minorities. People need to do something about that, not attack each other but work together to stop the real people who are behind this. Fighting each other is what they want you to do, it keeps people confused and busy and so they do not find out who is really behind this.

  2. Randy says

    Wow. Respect to Pepe (actually I thought Pepe called Ssempa a hooligan, but maybe I lost track of who was speaking)

    The interview was bad enough, but after you sit through 10-15 minutes of adverts after it, you get some sportscaster nut talking about how everyone has to be straight, for God.

    Is this typical for Ugandan TV? What a disgrace to have these religious bigots given such a platform.

  3. andrew says

    Larry you need to take off your tin foil hat, it is blocking the CIA’s listening devices and they can’t detect your thought processes. Of course no one else can either.

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Andy: as indicated in the comments above, you got the “hooligan” comment backwards. As someone who would like to trust your write-ups when I don’t want to bother to listen to the clips, please be more careful. (BTW – It’s probably my system, but I could only barely hear the clip.)

    @Andrew and Jamal49: it seems we have a new crop of trolls to replace two I haven’t seen in awhile

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