1. bandanajack says

    hey jose, dumsh*t! its not about whether YOU were offended, its about the example set for fans, especially the young ones. you don’t know which of your mates is gay and hiding it for fear of just such comments. in fact, it isn’t unusual for the one’s flinging the insults to be the gay one, sosa?

  2. Icebloo says

    Neither of them even learned anything from the incident. That’s just how dumb and self absorbed these overpaid and over-privileged sports players are !

    They wouldn’t make racial comments or comments about the disabled but they still think it’s OK to make homophobic comments.

    I’m sure he will appeal and get away with it anyway. He’s rich enough to get a corrupt lawyer.

  3. Kyle says

    The comment is very offensive to gay men. It uses “gay” as exclusive of playing football. I’m sure it didn’t offend the straight guy it was targeted at. But it did offend gay fans and players. It’s unfortunate that the nature of the offense seems to be missed.

  4. George says

    It’s bad enough when kids themselves do this, but it’s really disturbing to see a grown-up modeling a disparaging use of “gay” to kids. That kind of sh*t contributes to suicides – no joke.

  5. Gary says

    Some gays advocate “If it doesn’t fit, force it!” Let’s force everything thing we can for acceptance damn it! What about the kids? We need to get to them early. We can’t have them killing themselves. Why weren’t we so fragile?

  6. MateoM says

    If we had people like Gary leading the charge to advance LGBT rights, sodomy would still be illegal nationwide. Because we wouldn’t want to force the straights to practice tolerance or acceptance, and risk alienating supporters.

  7. Gary says

    Mateom: So you are familiar with the force? Stop tying to police the universe. I don’t “lead charges” You’re the control freak. Now don’t harm yourself. Try living LGBT rather than trying to sell it.