1. Icebloo says

    Why are we going cap in hand to idiots like Donald Trump ? STOP GIVING HIM FREE PUBLICITY ! Who cares if he supports us or not. We are the ones who are giving these power because we are so stupid and weak that we make a big deal about them and their opinion.

    It’s time to boycott Donald Trump. Stop reporting on anything he does. We need a complete media blackout of this racist, sexist & homophobic piece of crap.

    WAKE UP GAYS ! It’s 2012 ! We don’t need Trump’s approval !

  2. Joseph L says

    We don’t need Trump’s approval, of course… but it is always refreshing to see people who are bigoted jerkwads change stances on the marriage issue. Gives people hope that change is possible (not necessarily for Trump, but in general).

  3. MichaelJ says

    I agree with ICEBLOO. Yes, it is nice to see people with prejudicial opinions change their mind, but they should be regular people that people can relate to, not self-important blowhards like Trump.

  4. andrew says

    But George did Donald The Chump tell you what the detectives that he sent to Hawaii to investigate the birth of Obama found out. That a$$hole said on T.V. that they had uncovered “very interesting things” but never said what they were. Is it just pure b*ll s*it like the Fatama Letter? Old Catholics will recognize this bit of religious nonsense.

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